Tattoos - how do they look when we shrink???!!


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Weird question but can anyone tell me how their tattoos have looked having lost weight?

I have four, but the ones I am most wondering about are the one on my tummy and the one at the base of my spine (near my muffin top!!).

Do they look kind of skewed after or do they shrink with us???

(BTW I had them done when I was 4 stone lighter than now)

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sorry hun i have tattoos to, but mines are at the top of my neck, shoulder blade foot and ankle, so not much fat hangs about those areas for me, im sure someone will come and give you advice but i dont think they will skrew up or anything hun i think they will just go with the skin back to its rightful slim self!


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I would love to know the answer to this to as i've got a session booked for 2 weeks time. My other tattoo are on my foot and ankle so as i loose weight don't think they will be affected.

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I have a Tattoo on me muffin top! I had a great big skull with a pink bow done there when I was at my biggest (proves my frame of mind!!!) it was quite quite large... Since losing 6 stonish, it's now tiny and perfectly formed!
Mine have all totally shrunk with me. However I did have most of them done when I was bigger. The one I have on my hip which I had done when I was tiny tiny, stretched with me and went back, but it wasn't a very big or complex tattoo.
I don't reckon they'll look too bad. My skull with it's pink bow is better now, colours look nicer.
You'll have to let us know! x x


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Mines on my shoulder and I dont think much will change there - sorry bout that


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I had my first tattoo done when I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago! Not bad for an old girl at the ripe old age of 58, eh?

I love it! Those who know the story of my husband will know that he always bought me flowers but had no idea what they were so always called them petunias! The arrangement I had made to go on his coffin was made entirely of petunias - my final joke with him! So it was only fitting that I've had a petunia tattooed on the top of my arm/shoulder, with KEN subtly written amongst the stamens in the middle. I'm really pleased with it.

I was assured by the excellent tattooist that as I only have a couple more stone to lose, it won't make any difference as its on a less fatty part of my body.

Great time in Florida, by the way, and although I did take some bars and shakes with me, I ate healthily most of the time and came back after 15 days having put on only 4lbs, which I've got off already! Feeling very pleased with myself!

I even left all my summer clothes in Florida to go to help the people of Haiti who have been left absolutely devastated by the hurricanes. I bought so much for the grandchildren - all Osh Kosh designer stuff that was so cheap out there despite the appalling exchange rate - that there was no room in my suitcases for them and, as they were big on me anyway, I won't be needing them again!



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Oh Chris - good for you!! What a lovely story, which will make your tattoo even more special and part of you! I am a writer and have written a few articles on the things women do when they reach a 'certain age', you are certainly living proof of exactly what I tend to write!

Glad you had a good time away in Florida, haven't been but when we do I don't think I'll be able to decide what to do first!

So, looks like we've got nothing to worry about on the tattoo shrinking front, that's a relief!