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I had my first tattoo last summer at the grand age of 49 a little cat on the back of the shoulder. I have never really liked them in the past but decided to get one done. I have now decided to get some cat paw prints up my back....xx
I have 4 little ones.

The first a little bird on my shoulder..had that done at 18. Second one I got done whilst on holiday in Greece....a chnese symbol (meaning woamn..only small though, thats on the top of my right arm. Third one is my finace's name Mark on my left arm (top) and my last one is my fave..3 mauve flowers on a stalk with green leaves..on my inner wrist! That hurt like hell lol!:D

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:) I love tat's :) But am always of mind about where they are.. as to being able to be hidden if I want :)

So.. I have a unicorn (small) on my upper arm (right) :)
A celtic knot/pentacle on my lower back - that took a while to do as it's intricate.
and a kind of celtic knot that goes across the base of my neck with flowers in it :)

I have thought about getting my unicorn covered with something more intricate - but perhaps still a unicorn :) just bigger and nicer, the design is small was in a bit of a crap tattooist who only wanted to do what was on the board, the face isn't great and annoys me! lol it was a long time ago though and was my first 'tester' :)

I'd love a small design on my inner wrist too :) but am worried over the pain. Have always been fine with the pain but can't help wondering if I'm wise on the hand :) Also whether i'll regret it being visable.

I'd love another tat for sure though :) I watch LA Ink all the time, and London Ink sometimes on sky and love them though some of the tattoo's are not to my taste.

I love pagan/celtic tattoo's :) And don't have a welsh one yet.. we moved to Wales 18 months ago ;) perhaps....

I should say my hubby has quite a few tats, my favourite is his dragon - it's a full top arm piece and has great colouring :)

Most of my friends have tats too so I guess we'll all match when were old n' grey! lol I'm gonna have purple hair when I'm old so god help the old folks home! lol


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I have one on my inner wrist and that didn't really hurt much at all. THe ones of my instep were the ones that hurt the most
i have 2
3 hearts with leaves etc round them on my back near to my right shoulder..i had it done when i was about 34...it was for my 3 boys..but i need to add to it as i have now got a 4th...and on bottom of back i have scroll with hubbies name amd flowers etc round it....i love my tats and have no regrets...but not sure how my 3 hearts will look trying to add a 4th...

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adding to a tattoo can look a bit odd due to ink colouring and style of hand I think.. but perhaps another tattoo to resemble the addition would be good :)

Taz you've got me thinking back on the wrist one now! lol I had pushed it to one side as possibly too painful! :) maybe not! ;)


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I have 2 tattoo's but I want a big one on my back. I saw a great picture of the tree of life and I would love it but I can't find it anywhere now and allthe other pictures I have found of it I son't like.
The tattoo I had on my foot hurt like hell!! lol But the one on the top of my shoulder was fine.
My hubby has had about 30 hours of work done on his back, cost a small fortune but it looks fab and gets lots of comments.
I am obsessed with body modification, not just how they look, but the history behind the different styles, the techniques, all of it. I currently only have 2 tattoos (a flower design thats actually hard to describe that I had done in barcelona, and just a flower on the inside of my upper left forearm), and I have been pierced 18 times, although a currently only wear 5 of them (not including ear lobes). Ready?

1. Tragus (ear)
2. Ear (cartalidge)
3. Helix (ear)
4. Conch (ear)
5. 2 x surface piercings around my navel (rejected)
6. 4 x lobe (2 in each)
7. Other tragus
8. High nostril
9. Normal nostril x 2
10. Sternum (cleavage basically)
11. Vertical labret
12. Left nipple :eek::ashamed0005:

The only ones I still have are nostrils, labret, nipple and sternum. I am getting my first big tattoo for my 21st :D


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Kerrypants, where is high nostril?
My step daughter has loads of piercings too. I am thinking about my sternum and the space between my thumb and finger.
I love the old style tattoos, like the 50's designs. I am now thinking about getting a 50's pin up girl on the side of my claf.
Hi, high nostril is pretty much just a nostril piercing done higher up on your nose, but the bar fell out of mine and it healed almost instantly lol.

If you get your sternum pierced, make sure your piercist uses a staple bar, not the plastic stuff because it WILL reject, and you will be left with a rather unpleasant scar (trust me I know!). And as for the webbing between your thumb and finger, it's a very bad idea. It will reject eventually, and that's if you don't rip it out first getting it caught on something. Either way it will just result in scarring.

We have similar tastes in tattoo's, I love the old school pin ups, sailor jerry style tattooing. I would say that old school and japanese are my two favourite tattooing styles. I really like the idea of your pin up :) hae a look at some of the pin up artists (alberto vargas, gil elvegren) for inspiration :D


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I'm not into peircings at all, I don't even have my ears done! I love my tattoos though and I can't wait to get my next one. It will be quite big, japanese writing down my ribs. Most of mineine have been designed for me or adapted for me by my tattooist, all done by the same artist and all done on a Thursday! I didn't plan it that way, it just worked out like that!
during the summer i will be having two koi designs on my calfs, one to symbolise my little brother, and one for my little sister, and all the adversity they've overcome through their lives so far.
Funny how each tattoo has a meaning for us all. I have a butterfly on my lower back with decoration and 2 baby butterflies each side. It now symbolised my daughter as the big butterfly and my twins as the baby butterflies. I am also interested in having their initals designed on my wrist but being no artist I cant get it right :-(
you should go on bmezine.com, and look at the lettering section of the tattoo website. or you could just go in to a tattoo studio and talk to the artist about what kind of script you are interested in and im sure they'd be happy to help you out with choosing a style :) look at the flash books while you're in there too x

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