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  1. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Hi all

    I'm finding it extremely hard to find much support for anyone not doing SS/SS+/810. It's so quiet on this part of the board, so thought I'd start a new diary here, which is also a good way of me keeping a food diary each day. This may well bore you to tears, but looking through this board it has helped me find a few recipe ideas etc.

    So, I have been on 810 for 9 weeks, lost 2 stone, and now moved up to step 3 for the last two weeks because I just couldn't do it anymore. I needed to feel like a real person again, and wanted to start going to the gym seriously, and get a personal trainer etc. I can't tell you how much happier I have been in the last two weeks being able to eat real food! Still have 1 stone to lose, but I'm happy to do that more slowly, as I can get back in all my pre-pregnancy clothes, I just need to tone up all my tummy area which means being in the gym more (I hate exercise but I know that's the only way I maintain weight loss and can tone)

    So plan for today:

    Breakfast: CD porridge with skimmed milk 200
    Snack: Banana 120
    Lunch: Tetra + low fat yoghurt 240
    Snack: Costa skinny latte 90
    Dinner: CD recipe for pasta with broccoli and sun blushed tomatoes 345

    Total - 995! :)
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  3. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Hey Tbag!

    Glad you're finding the 1000 plan is going well for you.

    Good luck my lovely and i look forward to reading your diary! xxx
  4. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Hi Cam! Hope all is going well for you on 810?

    So I sacked off the banana and had 3x malted milk biscuits instead. Other than that, all good and still came in at 1050

    Got another PT session in the morning, so will probably have about 1200 cals tomorrow. I'm always hungrier on gym days!
  5. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Well scales say I've put on 1lb so think I'll do PT AND stick to 1000 cals today.

    Dinner will be steamed fish and veg, no carbs today.
  6. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Ok so didn't quite go to plan:

    1 banana 120
    CD porridge with skimmed milk 200
    1/4 my sons plain ham sandwich 50
    1x snack o jack rice cakes 110
    Tetra 150
    Options hot choc 40
    Hairy bikers salmon 250
    Chinese greens stir fry 85
    Options hot choc again 40
    5 x weathers original sugar free

    Total 1100 ish

    Lets see what scales say tomorrow
  7. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Still 12st 11lb (which is 12st 12lb on CDC scales) which is still 1lb on since wednesday...

    Right, gym this morning and NO SNACKS, NO CARBS (apart from banana before the gym)

    Aim is to have lost 3 lbs for next weigh in which is in 11 days time as CDC is away this wednesday.

    BTW, if anyone has just bought the hairy bikers new diet cookbook, the ginger salmon is AMAZING! 250 cals per portion for just the fish, and recommends a small portion of rice, but instead I did stir fry chinese greens (Pak Choi and chinese cabbage) cooked in some CD golden vegetable broth with chilli and garlic. So good!
  8. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member


    Scales say another 1lb on!?! Have stuck within my calorie allowance, but just got TOTM, so hoping that's all it is and I'll see a shift in the next few days

    Think I might do 810 for the next couple of days
  9. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    So was super good yesterday:

    B: CD porridge + Skimmed milk 200
    L: Tetra 150
    S: Yoghurt 90
    Hot choc 40
    D: Fritatta 250
    Hot choc 40
    5 x werthers sugar free 40

    Total 850

    Scales say down to 12st 10.6 (which would be 12st 11.5 on CDC) which is only 0.5lb on. Hopefully that will be off again tomorrow

    Last week weigh in I was 12st 10 so as long as I am that again by wednesday morning, all good

    Got PT this afternoon too, so will burn an extra 300 calls
  10. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    So today was a good day too...

    CD porridge + skimmed milk + banana 320
    Tetra 150
    Yoghurt 90
    Malted milk x2 85
    Thai green curry from cd book with 100g whole grain rice 450
    Hot choc x2 80

    1175 total

    But did 15 min run, then 1hr with PT so minimum 300 cals burnt.

    Naughty biscuits though!
  11. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Unofficial weigh in today (CDC is away) puts me at 12st 9.4 which would put me at around 12st 10.5 on CDC scales so only -0.5lb this week. But that's OK as it's TOTM

    Aim for 2lb next week.
  12. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Well done Tbag..... keep on going!!! xxx
  13. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Right I think I must be eating too much food, as scales just aren't moving. That would mean that to maintain I need to eat 1000-1200 calories a day which seems insane.

    Although granted it doesn't feel like I'm on a diet anymore, as enjoying skinny latte's, a full meal every evening etc.

    The hairy bikers diet cookbook is great by the way, but think I need to keep it simple with just protein and veg, very simply cooked etc and see whether the scales shift down again. Only 2.5 weeks until I go to US and I wanted to be 4lb lighter at official weigh in of 12.7st.
  14. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Hi myself (no one ever on this part of the forum anyway)

    Much better on the food front, definitely keeping within daily limit, and not cooking extravagant meals, so scales are finally shifting down again. This morning read 12st 8.4, so hopefully I can get to 12st 8 by weigh in on weds, which would put me at 12st 9 on CDC scales.

    The last two days food looks like:

    Breakfast: CDC porridge 200
    Lunch: Cuppa soup, banana 150
    3pm ish: Tetra 150
    Snack: Latte 90, cashew nuts 120
    Dinner: Omlette 200, Hot choc 40
  15. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Also, forgot to mention that I've been having a few problems with my back, so the osteopath has said I need to reduce exercise massively and only concentrate on core work. Which means PT has to change, no body pump, no boxing, no swimming, no aerobics! Basically all she thinks I should be doing is flipping pilates!! Just as I'm starting to get my figure back (as much as you can after 2 x babies!) I get told to slow down! Grrr!
  16. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Well saturday night ended up being a right off, ate over 1600 cals as I drank an unplanned 1/2 bottle of red wine! Scales yesterday said 12st 9.4 again - arggghhhhhh!!

    Yesterday was good all day, and fortunately scales are back to 12st 8.2 this morning.

    Aim to be 12st 7.8 by wednesday weigh in, that way I can guarantee 12st 9 on CDC scales which means 10 days to lose 2lbs! But that includes 3 nights out!

    At this rate I'll never see 12st 7 before USA... grrrrr
  17. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Woop woop - another good day yesterday:

    Skinny Latte + tiny wafer biscuit: 130
    Tetra: 150
    Yoghurt: 90
    Nuts: 160
    Salmon: 255
    Cabbage: 80
    hot chic x 2: 80

    945 total

    Scales this morning say 12st 7.2!! Weigh in tomorrow, need to be super good today and fingers crossed scales say 12st 7 tomorrow!
  18. Heidi.M

    Heidi.M Full Member

    Hi TBag, I'd never ventured to this part of the forum as I am way off maintaining. You are doing really well, but prove how strict I'll have to be when I get to my goal weight and come of SS+. What effect do you think exercise has on weight +/-, I have heard mixed reviews so stayed away upto now (6 weeks in).

    Fingers crossed you get to your goal for US!

  19. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member


    Weigh in with CDC today and I've lost 3lbs!!! :D

    Going up to 1200 calories now in preparation for USA. I'd like to get to 12st 6 before I leave, but I have a three of nights out in the next 10 days.

    Anyway, will just keep powering on...
  20. Tbag

    Tbag Full Member

    Heidi - I would wait to do proper exercise until you're working your way up the steps. 810 is just not enough calories for full on exercise. Walking or pilates or yoga would be fine at the moment...
  21. rach6288

    rach6288 Full Member

    Hey Tbag, you are doing so well! I'm about to start moving up the steps, my last week of ss this next week yay!!! So will be stalking your diary!


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