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Tea advice

Hi friends, In last 3 month have lost 15kg, and now im 70 kg, but want to get down till 60kg. Now need advice what tea to chose to get my stomack work better. Last few days after meals i feel that all food blocks in my stomack and it make me feel really uncomfortable. Maybe you can advice few tea's from your experience for body cleaning...
Thanks :)
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I find a peppermint tea helps, but not sure on the science of why. Perhaps some more intelligent people on here can shed some light on the matter.


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Peppermint is very calming on your stomach, but i found that it can be a bit of a strong taste. I love Twinings Green Tea with peppermint, easier to drink and still as calming. I also love Twinings Lemon and Ginger tea, very warming and delicious.

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Well I know that cherry tea is good for your bladder, I'm pretty sure you can find brands that even say so on the box.

I find Jasmin tea to be cleansing and lovely, along with lemon tea, or even verbena.

I'm such a tea geek <3


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I find ginger tea nice and soothing, and also fennel but thats quite an acquired taste.
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I find a peppermint tea helps, but not sure on the science of why. Perhaps some more intelligent people on here can shed some light on the matter.

Peppermint tea can act as a natural laxative if you drink lots of it, maybe that has something to do with it?
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I use Twinings Detox teabags which are really nice or Twinings Cleanse teabags - they are both nice and light, not too strong and taste refreshing. Try going on the Twinings website and you can order some free samples to taste a few different ones and find one you like :)


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i take green tea as a supplement,and i swear by it..and it aids weightloss.

if you can get onto the twinings website at the moment you can sign up to receive 2 different free samples

green tea is by far the tea of choice when it comes to fat loss. there's no better tea that increases your metabolism. have a green tea after every meal if you can and you'll be in the toilet getting rid of what you've eaten lol. if you don't like the taste of green teat, also try Chinese jasmine tea, which is probably just as effective as green tea.

Also shed some light on something else, if you do some sort of exercise, whether it be morning or night, have a short black coffee no sugar, it will increase the calories you burn during exercise if you have it beforehand.

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