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Team 11 stone buddies :-) x x


Isthere is anyone else out there at aiming at 11stone?

I am currently 13,06 so got a bit to go yet but i will get there this year! Anyway i thought to ease the pain i could get some people in the same vote as me and we could kick eachother butts to get us there!

I have already lost a stone so only 2.6 to go.. I only picked 11 stone as it kind of seemed a bit easier to look at than 10 plus i can't see myself a 10 haha! x x:eek:
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Hey that seems like an ideal weight for me at the moment! I havent put my stats up yet but will do when I have figured out how! Like you I can start thinking about 10 once I've hit 11! x
Hello Miss 82 :)

I know i was like that, i am on week 11 coming to week 12 tomoz but had a 4 week gap due to christmas! So i need kick my bum into gear!
How are u doing on it? I've just started running i'm not doing so well, it's harder than i thought it would be dnt think my knees like me much at the minute! :-( haha x x

I want to be an 11-stoner!!!!!!
wowow welcome to the group!!

Aghhh i can't even get off 13 stone at the min it's bugging me like mad! hahaha How's u getting on? x x
I've been in the 12's since october 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i know how you feel.
am now back at the lower end at 12 3.2 - I MUST get into the 11's sometime in feb.
can i join you? im starting sw tomorrow and gonna use my old books and will weigh tomorrow . id like to be about 11.2ish give or take lol

h x
Hello ladies, yeh chick your welcome join, I cant seem get off 13 stone at the min. Well have keep eachother motivated. I Me joining the gym monday so Im pumping away from then. Wish me luck xxx
I have not been in the elevens for about 6 years...currently 12st 6 down from 13st 9. Hope to get there soon!!! I have signed up for the race for life so have started to run too, finding it a bit tough tho. X
ive signed up to do a swiss ball class thursday - i'll let you know how that goes!
Hi girls

Sorry for the late reply. I have not been in the 11s for about 1-2 years (I stopped weighing myself around that time).
I am currently about 12 3/4 stones and know that I looked my best at around 11. My ideal weight is 10 and a half but I will be more than happy to get to 11!

Lets try and do this!
CAn I join. I weighed in at 11st 11lb today. I haven't been in the 11s for many years. Hoping to keep in the 11s after a birthday weekend away. I am going to try hard to choose my food well and and not overdo the alcohol.
sorry I haven't updated in such a long time. since I last posted I've been in the 11's, pigged out back to the high 12's. and today back to the mid-12s - 12 7.6 this morning.
seeing some photo graphs today which have really made me realise I need to sort this now
3 days away and despite trying to be good the scales say I havent been. Wednesday is weigh in and I am fed up
Don't give up, your weight varies from day to day so just keep focused on Wednesday and keep on the plan.

Cat x
Good advice and it worked. Thanks for the kind words they helped me to stay super good and at weigh in I had lost 2 1/2 lbs. I got my club 10 and just couldnf believe it. I had way too many syns this weekend but it was mainly low in carbs. Gin and vodka have very little. :) I think the running has finally helped too :)
I'm aiming for 11st too, started at 14.6 WI tonight and lost 2lb taking me to 11.12&1/2. For past 8wks I've bobbed up and down between 12st & 12.5 so well chuffed to finally get into the 11's :)
I've got 14wks till I go on holiday
Hey, can I join you guys? I started slimming world a couple of weeks ago and am waiting for my second weigh in on Tuesday. It would be really nice to have friends on here :D


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