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Team 14 - Open to new members!


Getting there slowly ...
Hi Coley - Can I join please - I am on week 5 of CD and only recently joined this site. I would love to be part of a group - but don't really know much about how it all works.


Doing Slimming World
Me please too - if that's ok?


Creating my life
Hi Nelli and Cassie, Yes you are both very welcome. I think we just report our weight losses every week and hopefully support each other while we are doing it. I'll find out and explain the plan.
Claire x


Doing Slimming World
Thank you - I am completely new to the whole team thing, but have been doing CD since August so not new at CD!

Each team posts the weeks results at the end of the week (cut off is sunday) the team who lost the most % wins!

This spreadsheet i did should help you; just fill out your teams details and it does the % etc for you! You just need their start weight and then each week you put in their new weight (all in lb's) and it works out lb's lost and %!

Good luck!



Just making sure I'm still in the team as I was part of the old one lol.

Hi Claire our new trusted leader!

And hey all the newbies welcome to the winners team!!!

We never even chose a name for our old team in the end, so we still need to think of a name.

My idea was 'Scream if ya wanna go faster'?

I would love to join - keep me on the straight and narrow. Today is my day 3 of restart. Can I join?



Creating my life
Hi Sarah and Minnie. I think it's 6 to a team...so on a first come first served basis I'm afraid Sarah's pipped you at the post Minnie. Sorry! I'm sure there are other teams searching for members. Good luck!

Right am gonna start our official Scream if you wanna go faster thread! See you over there...

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