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Team 30 **The Meltaways**


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Am trying to think of a good name, will look at all the others to make sure I'm not copying any before I make any suggestions...

So, anyway, I'm Lisa, I'm 29 and am on day 4 of CD. I 'did' Lighterlife a few years ago, but couldn't complete the whole 100 day abstinence period, despite repeated attempts. I did lose about 2 stone, which stayed off for a fair while. I've recently lost about 2 stone through general diet and exercise, but feel that I need a boost to get the final three off so hence starting CD!

I'm doing SS+ - four packs a day (because of my height) plus a tiny bit of skimmed milk in coffee/tea etc. My counsellor is away for next week (I made her start me anyway) so I'm not being weighed until Monday week. Hoping for a good initial weight loss though.

So what about you other ladies?? Where are you on CD? Everyone going OK?

Lisa xx


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Oh, and Rhiana - I think you'd make a great team leader if you fancied it! You got the team going after all! x
Hi Lisa,

Nice to see you.

I should have done my introduction earlier oops!

I'm Rhiana, I'm 30 and married. I'm losing weight for my health and because OH and I would like to start a family soon.

I've been doing CD for 12 weeks now and have a lost just under 3 stones. This is my first time doing CD and have had 1 serious blip where it was OH's birthday but am back on track now.

I'm SS'ing currently and finding it ok.

Hoping to lose as much as I can before December when we start TTC.

Ideas for team names

Extreme Makeover - Booty Edition
The Meltaways
Sano Senioritas (healthy girls)


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Hi Rhiana,

Wow, three stone already!! That's amazing!! Have you had any blips or are you completely in the zone? I suppose that losing weight to conceive is an incredibly motivating factor though! Well done, I hope that I can show the same willpower....

I'm trying to lose weight as it just seems to have crept on these last two years. My brother is getting married in November and I'm being a bridesmaid. The other two bridesmaids are teeny tiny so I don't really want to look like a complete megatron next to them!

I'm working a night shift tonight. Those are normally the times when I get tempted to eat all kinds of naughties, so keeping my fingers crossed that I am good. Although feeling pretty motivated. :)

Lisa xx


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Oh, and I like the names you suggested. My favourite is probably The Meltaways, but like them all. The ones that I came up with are:

Sole (Source) Survivors
The Ketonics


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Hi Clare!! As far as I know, nobody else is in the group yet!

So how long have you been on CD? All going OK?

Any ideas for a group name...?

Lisa x

Been doing CD for 3 weeks now at SS+. Seems to be going ok so far, few blips in the last week cos of work, but i'm on school hols now so I can be more in control.

How are you getting on?

I'll have a think about names, nothing comes to mind at the mo.
Hi Claire,

I'm having the same sort of problem - my job goes from August-August so there are lots of leaving do's - always based around food or drink :-( Am trying not to be antisocial but is difficult to be there with all that temptation when you've just started! But I didn't want to put off starting CD as there's always 'something' that gets in the way so I figured will just have to get through it! I've been caught out by being out longer than I realised so I think when I next see my CDC I'll buy some more of the pre-mixed jobbies (Tetra-packs?!).

Anyway, hope that you are enjoying the school holidays!

Lisa x

PS Well done on your great weight loss so far!
We certainly do - welcome Claire and Becky :)

Once we've heard from Thinfor30 and Mrs Heffalump we have our 6 :)

What do we all think of The Meltaways?
I'm definitely voting for The Meltaways!

How is everyone doing? I have to confess that I was really naughty last night. :cry:

I was doing a night shift and got 'caught short' with not having enough pre-made shakes. Ended up really hungry at about midnight and had a cheese toastie (one of the only things available). Then thought 'ah, I've broken it' and so had a bowl of frosties.

Feeling very guilty now, but at least I didn't use it as an excuse to go on a post nights binge (what I normally do) and got back onto SS as soon as I got home this morning. Just suppose that the next few days are going to be a bit grim again.

Does anyone know whether having a mega gym session post being naughty will put me into ketosis again more quickly?

Hope all you other meltaways (possibly, if that's the name we're going with!) are doing better than me!

L xx
Hi Lisa,

Don't feel guilty hun, what's done is done and tomorrow is another day. At least you knew where to draw the line and was able to.

I must admit last night I could have killed for a choccy swiss roll which we have in our fridge. If it hadn't have been for hubby dragging me out of the kitchen I probably would have had one!

Don't know whats wrong with me lately, just seem to be struggling a bit.

So Meltaways is looking promising. I'll PM a mod tomorrow about getting the name changed :)

Hi all!

Don't feel guilty Lisa, i've done exactly the same thing today and been naughty. We had an INSET day at school today with lunch provided. I hadn't taken my soup with me cos I didn't realise we were eating at school. Tried to give an excuse for not joining in but the head was having none of it so ended up having bread and cheese! Awful! Then had some chocolate cos I thought now i've broken it might as well carry on! I'm so annoyed as i'd been so good all weekend, despite lots of temptations. But will be back on it again tomorrow!

Hope everyone else is having a better day!

Claire x
Hi Everyone,

Im looking forward to getting to know you all. A little introduction- Im 26 and am a Medical Student, im currently off uni for the summer break. :D I go back and start 3rd year on 1st Sept. As you can see at the bottom of my post I have been doing CD for a little while now but I still have a way to go.

At my heaviest I was 15st 2lb, I went to slimming world and lost the first bit then started the CD when I was 13st 7lb (I just felt I needed to do something that would give me faster results). I had done Slimming world so many times I wasnt really following it 100%. I hope to go back to slimming world when I am near to my traget as my boyfirend Adam lost 3 st 7lb with them and is a target member, I do like their diet and feel it would be good if we could support each other.

I really wouldnt worry about your little slip ups, just try to forget about it otherwise it will get you down and as you say give you the feeling of oh well ive blown it what does it matter feeling. When you really havent.

Last Saturday was my brothers wedding reception, I ate and drank all day and with a full week of CDing managed to lose 4lb. So it can be done even when you are really bad! My recent holiday was for my brothers wedding in Cyprus and what urged me to do this!

So enough of me going on.lol! How does this work then, do we have to register our weigh ins? When does everyone get weighed, mine is generally a Saturday.

I hope you are all keeping well and stay positive. xx

PS. The name is great. x
Hi everyone!

Oh so sorry I am late coming over, I haven't been online at all over the weekend.

Love the name by the way!! :D

Okay I have to dash, but I will be back tonight and read back and then introduce myself properly.

Back later.