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Team Butterfly


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Oh and to copy the flashing butterfly picture, left click and run your mouse over the picture so it goes blue, then right click on the picture and select copy, go to your signature and right click then select paste
I put on 1lb yesterday :( so i'm going to set my target at 9lbs, anymore and i'll be a very happy bunny or should that be butterfly lol.


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Im sure you can do it sparklebug!!

Is starting weight same as your ticker seasons?

Im setting mine for 14lbs while im still a super fatty the weight should come off a bit easier hehe
Hi team!!

I'm just starting dieting again, so i'm aiming for a stone this month. Going to do lots of walking, so hopefully it'll be achievable.
we can do this team butterfly, jen good luck with your weight loss ♥
Hello Team Butterfly.

i tried sending a Pm with my start weight but it didnt work I dont think, but i dont mind telling you on here. my start weight is 12 stone 10.4lbs.

I would like to lose the 10lbs. xx


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So as a team, we are aiming to lose 57lbs (just over 4 stone!) by the 2nd of July.

Good luck ladies!
Thanks chris, good luck to you too, i know we can all get to our target weight :cross:
thought i'd better let you know my real name, it's theresa

wow this is getting exciting.. i hope to break my weight loss duck an get things going again :) x
For me joining this challenge is one of the best things i've done concerning my weightloss, it's really great to have team members to talk to and share my ups and downs, downs being i've stayed the same weight for 2 days now and it's the bliddy 1lb i put on! I've also got to stop weighing myself everyday, a very bad habit.
sparklebug, i also weigh myself dailey, its such a hard habit to break, but we'll get there..

Ive just broken a 3 month plateu, but im so scared that it will go back up again, im at my lighest that I can ever rememeber being in my adult life so everything feels so wierd to me. I know my weight loss may well be slow, but im determined to get the rest of the weight off, and help myself, and team butterfly win!! :)
well done kirsty, your weight loss is amazing, i think i'm going to have to start doing the wii fit again, i've become very slack at exercising and any excuse not to will do.

As you're eating healthily and exercising i don't think you will put the weight back on, you've lost it the sensible way and i think you'll continue to lose and then maintain the same way ♥
Thankyou hun, Im sure you'll reach all your goals too.

I used to do the wii fit, now I do the Wii fit now an again and an intensive hour long Biggest Loser DvD Dailey. ive upped the workout I do, but adding an extra element to it and not by adding the weight off the dumbells I use.
im also having to walk a lot more, so have just bought some new trainers as im training to walk a half marathon in September :)


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I just read this on another website, as I am also weigh myself daily! Thought it might help explain things a bit better.

Can I Gain Weight Overnight?

Dear Dr. Katz:
I weigh myself every morning at the exact same time, before I have consumed anything. Some days I'm two to three pounds heavier than the previous day. Is it possible that I can gain this much weight in one day?

The answer depends entirely on what you mean by weight. Sure, you can fluctuate by two or three pounds from day to day, but not because you've gained or lost that much body fat.

To gain a pound of fat requires taking in 3,500 to 4,000 calories (and to lose a pound requires a deficit of the same magnitude). The only way you could put on three pounds of fat in one day would be to eat roughly 12,000 more calories than you need, which is usually enough food for an entire week. The pounds that appear and disappear so quickly on the scale are due to factors like water weight, which goes up and down constantly depending on how hydrated you are, and the amount of food in your GI tract at any one time.

So don't rely on a daily weighing. Focus instead on healthful living, and look to the scale only once a month (once a week if you're trying to lose weight) for the occasional reality check.

Dr. David L. Katz, M.D.
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Q: I have been stuck at the same exact weight for a week now (I go up a pound one day and back down the next day) and I'm not sure why. I'm really frustrated, because I started lifting weights on Monday; I've been walking on all the days and I've really been trying to watch what and how much I'm eating. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

A: Do not worry about daily weight when you first start muscle building. You will accumulate water in these newly worked muscles—it takes time to get rid of this new water. So weight gain (or lack of loss) is water that will go away with time. It is the opposite of weight loss when you go on a low-carb diet where you'll get rid of water in your muscles. Water loss in muscles will come back like an unwanted boyfriend when you eat carbs again. So your steady weight now is actually progress.
Well even though I know I shouldn't, I hopped on the scales this morning and it seemed to indicate things are going in the right direction weight wise.

I also noticed we also seem to be similar BMI's, with the exception of Kirsty, who's further ahead in the weight loss journey!

I need to start excercising!


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Oh yeah :)

Im going to be brave and post pictures after every stone thats lost to see if that inspires any of you haha Ive got pic from the day before I started and after the first half a stone gone and all I notice is the mirror needs a clean lol

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