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TeePee's diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by TeePee, 25 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Hello anybody who maybe visiting :)

    A little about me..... I am 28 and live in lovely Somerset with my BF and cats.
    I have just come back from 2 weeks abroad and weighed myself in at 11st 13.5. This time last year I was 10 2.5, so have put on almost 2 stone! I did slimming world to get to that weight so here I am again!

    My goal is 9 st 13, as an adult I have never been less than 10 stone. Nearly made it last year, but went on holiday and it was all downhill from there!

    I am doing sw from home and will be weighing on a Friday morning. I am joining the gym 2mo with my mum. She lost 5 stone a couple of years ago, not with sw just eating good and exercise. She has put a bit on again, so she is back to being good also.

    Just need to remeber to post on here now to keep track.

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  3. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Day 1 looks like so:


    B - branflakes, muller yog and grapes.
    L - salad leaves, half a tin of tuna, cucumber, radish, a boiled egg and some new potato. No sauce, i quite like just salt and pepper.
    D - baked potato, the rest of my tuna, my hex of cheese, 2 syns low fat salad cream and some more salady stuff.
    S - banana, apple, pops crisps (4 syns) and a fudge bar (6)

    feeling good so far, pleased to be back on it.

    we went to the pub today at lunch, normally id have bottle of bulmers, but i was good and had a diet pepsi sat in the sun
  4. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Just had breakfast branflakes, yog and banana.
    Just waiting for my mum to get up and then we are off to the gym to sign up.

    Bf has gone out cycling today. He is a cycling freak and is very slim and can eat what ever he wants. He always says to me, you dont need to do slimming world, just eat healthy! I keep trying to tell him thats what slimming world is, but he remain sceptical. He doesnt under stand that i need the guidlines of SW to keep me on the right track.
  5. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Food for the day (red)

    B -branflakes, yog, banana
    L - branflakes again with milk ( was in a rush)
    D - am going to have gammon, eggs and salad. Will have a couple syns of salad cream.

    have snacked on grapes, apple and a cereal bar (6)

    have joined the gym, have my induction booked for fri, am not allowed to use the actual gym room until then. We have booked a badminton game for tues night though.
    went shopping and got a new sports bra, and some proper fitness clothes, so i am ready to go!
  6. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Was still hungry after dinner so had a carrot!
    I dont really have any snacky type food in the house, if i have it here i will eat it all. Can easily demolish a tube of pringles in one go!
    I keep my synful food at work, and have a treaty thing with my lunch, this also means i dont have to share my yummy food with BF! Lol
  7. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Just used my other A to have some milk with 2 syns of choc milk shake powder. So thats 8 for the day
  8. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    Hey Teepee, I am also doing SW from home and weighing myself on a Friday morning! I don't really understand what green/red day means, so I'm just doing EE x
  9. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Good luck fellow friday weigher. Red days are low carb, so less pasta, rice potato etc. green is less meat, so can have as many carbs but only a limited amount of meat. You get 2 of each hex though.
  10. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    Hmmm, think I will stick to EE while I still get my head around things again! :) x
  11. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    It can be bit daunting at first!
    I like the odd red day thrown in. I think it helps my weightloss.

    EE today though

    branflakes and milk and a banana so far (am synning the milk as only have a dash just enough to make the cereal moist!) 2syns

    frittata - egg, bacon, mushroom, potato, broc, spring onion and my hex of cheese. Also a side salad amd 2 syns of salad cream

    blognese with pasta, loads of sf, see my later post.

    2 fondant fancies 10 syns

    have snacked on fruit a couple of times today
    Last edited: 27 July 2014
  12. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    I'm trying to psyche myself up to get back into the 0-5k running timetable x
  13. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Ive always wished i could run. I look a bit like phoebe from friends when i do! I might leave it a while and attempt couch to 5k. Im so unfit i dont want to jump in at the deep end just yet, slow and steady! Lol
    im off out in a bit to look for some new trainers for my fitness sessions that i am starting. Mine are a bit naff now. I think if i have all new stuff i will want to go more to make the most of my money spent! And my membership cost of course.
  14. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Just posed in my bra and pants for my before pics! Hopefully there will be a difference in the after ones! :eek:
  15. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    Hahaha I have yet to do the pose before and after, but ******... i did not like what I saw as I stretched my running gear on this morning! I am useless at running also, but found myself at a loss as to what to do... the thought of joining a gym around here terrifies me, and I don't drive so I'm quite limited. Why don't you have a look at the 0-5k and 5-10k timetables on the Bupa website. I'm amazed that even taking a week out, I have just finished Sunday on week 3 so hopefully things will get easier! x
  16. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Well, i am all set. Have some nice new black and pink nile trainers.
    Well done on getting back out there! I am hoping to see results of improved fitness over the next few weeks/months.
    I used to go the gym a few years ago, but i got disheartend as i didnt really see results, due to the fact i was still smoking and not really eating right! I also only ever went the the gym bit and on my own. This time i have joined with my mum and we have premier member ship so we are going to make use of the fitness classes and other stuff on offer.
  17. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    That sounds brilliant, wish I had someone to go to the gym with! x
  18. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    My mum is starting a new job soon and is going to be doing some crazy shifts, but once ive been a couple of times ill be fine to go on my own.

    just put dinner in the slow cooker, doing bolognese. So there is el mince, onion, red & yellow pepper, mushroom, passata and tinned toms. Loads of sf veg! My brother is coming to tea, he is bring fondant fancies, i have checked and i will have enough syns spare to indulge in a couple. I love them
  19. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    Hurrah! Ive got an avatar!
  20. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    I get my meat from a butchers delivered (family friend, so discounted rates - thankfully!) every 3 months or so. I usually only order chicken, gammon, the odd pork steak or beef steak... majority comes with marinades on but I don't syn this as I wouldn't know where to begin :confused: but this weekend I'm ordering my meat to be delivered on Wednesday and I have ordered 2lb of extra lean beef mince... strugged to find extra lean in the supermarkets. Planning on deviding this into smaller portions to freeze the rest and then have a few spaghetti dishes myself! I really need to start cooking and freezing meals too, but I don't know where to start!

    Haha I also have an avatar now... doing what I love doing best :rolleyes: x
  21. TeePee

    TeePee Full Member

    I dont normally make enough to freeze, but i normally have lunch sorted for work the next day

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