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Tell me,Because im nosey


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If you take a look in the the 'food diaries' thread above, you will see lot's of food diaries there to help you, and maybe you would like to start one yourself, they really are very useful to your weight loss.

I haven't quite decided dinner yet, but it will be weetabix for brekkie and cottage cheese for lunch.
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I'm having poached eggs on toasts for breakfast in a minute, lunch will be home made courgette soup and dinner is a new recipe for me to try, bolognaise base with a topping of pasta mixed with eggs, quark, grated cheese and seasoning then baked in the oven until it goes crispy, served with a big salad. I can't wait!


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Breakfast: Cerial bar (3.5 syns) - i got up late and didnt have time to make anything :( and fruit.
Lunch: Spicey meat balls
Dinner: Steak with SW chips and salad.


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(Green day)
B - 3WW Brown Danish (HEXB)
2syns spread

Snack - 2Alpen light bars (HEXB)

L - Bowl berries, apple, Muller light

Snack - 4syns special K bar

D - Pasta. Homemade sauce, roasted veg. 42g mozarella (HEXA)
B: 2 fried eggs on toast with marmite

L: probably chicken liver pate and crudites (if tesco man arrives in time for me to make it!

D: shepherd's pie made with pork mince topped with squash/swede mash served with sprouts

Snacks: various fruit

Pudding: raspberries & strawberries drowning in fromage frais/white choc options; plus whatever HEXs I have left by end of day, if any.

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Ummm EE day for me as going to the gym later:

Breakfast: 4 Rivita with cottage cheese and ham
Banana, Muller lite yoghurt
Lunch: Syn free lamb burgers with pasta and salad topped with extra light mayo followed by tons of ss fruit!
Tea: Syn free chicken tikka masala from the SW website served with rice


I can do this............
i am having...

Breakfast 42g weetabix crunchy bran(hex b)
milk (hexa)
bowl of strawberries
lunch Ham salad sandwich (hexb)
stawberries and yoghurt
dinner reggae reggae chicken chargrills 4 syns
salad, peppers stuffed with onion courgettes and quark with
melted cheese on top (hexa)
More strawberries with melon and yougurt!
Oh dear, how disorganised I am. I never really make a meal plan. I just decide as I go along. However, I love the thought of the Sheperds pie Stacey's having tonight, I haven't done that in ages!

K xx
Mine will be-
brekkie-2 weetabix
lunch-scrambled eggs,scan bran and fruit
dinner-diet coke chicken,s w chips,salad and a muller

never done the chicken before but i am going to try it

Mrs V

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Lucylupin I can recommend the diet coke chicken! Make sure that it is diet coke that you use though, not anything else.


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B 42g crunchy bran (heb) run out! must get some more! and a fat free activia yoghurt

L Frittata with 2 eggs, cold potato (frylighted with sliced onions and garlic) and a large salad, plus a rather large nectarine.

D beef stirfry with lots of veg, and rice, using good old frylight again, and using some syns on a stir fry sauce , not sure which yet.

PS you must have breakfast to speed your metabolism!
Breakfast - Chocolate & Orange HiFi Bar (HEX B), 1 Plum and a Clemtine
Lunch - Beans (Free) on Toast (HEX B) with melted cheese on (HEX A). some Melon (yummy)
Snacks - Fruit
Dinner - Leek and Broccoli Bake (3.5 syns) with Syn Free Chips. Muller Light for pudding
Drinks - Maybe a couple of cheeky Malibu's after a hard day at work lol! x
breakfast was 3 slices ww danish (hexB), a mass of bacon
then for lunch i think i'll have egg salad (made with light salad cream 4 syns) and dinner is the lamb biryani from the new mag, and i might do a veggie curry for on the side, and some mint raitha (total 0% with mint sauce and cucumber)

Hard boiled egg on 2 slices bread (1 HEX B) Tomato.

Couscous, stir fried veg, 42g feta cheese crumbled on top (1 HEX A). Muller Light.

Chicken Curry (1 HEX B), potato wedges, salad.

I have some quorn cocktail sausages and a couple of apples to snack on if I get peckish.
Brekkie: Watermelon and Mullerlight
Lunch: Omelette (bacon, red onion, tomatoes and basil HEA cheese)
Dinner: SW Recipe Lamb Biryani.....

HIFI Bar for snack tonight

Just made some ice lollies (watermelon, blueberry and banana)
Have also frozen a mandarin mullerlight

Going to drink Green Tea with Mango most of the day


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oooh i want one of them regae regae chicken can i come to tea please,also its really interesting seeing what others do with there hex and at what times they have it,i always tend to have mine either lunch time or a hifi at night and i nearly always have my syns on a night for goodies unless ive used them in my meals.

i really need to do that diet coke chicken too
I love to see what people are eating..

i've had two really bad days in a row so today i'm trying to be extra good!! WI is Monday so i'm hoping if i'm extra good i could at least STS!

Green day!

B- Fruit salad
L- Tomato and Herb Mugshot and a plum
D-Omlette with cheese (hexa) and ham (hexb) SW chips too!! Yummy

plus my hexb for snacks later on

xx :)

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