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Was so tempted last night. First the ice cream van came and my little boy had an ice cream....2 licks and he didnt want it, argh, was so close bt it went in the bin. Then following that i was tempted the whole night, maltesers, crisps, biscuits...i swear they all got together and started calling my name haha....but resisted, went to bed with a pint of water. What a hard night lol. Still tho, i didnt cheat, and im so bloody happy wi myself....cos a few weeks ago i wouldnt have had the willpower to do that! xx
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Oh god honestly, the icey van still came when we had snow on the ground!! Mad world! But suppose she has to make a living, and hey kids dont care if its cold lol. My wee boy has GOT to have a cone every night haha! xx


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I was going to ask the same, ice cream van brrrr :gen125:.
But bloody well done you what amazing willpower you have x


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well done chicky! thats good work. ice cream van at this time of year bloody hell where do you live spain!? hehe x
haha, thought the same!

well done for resisting! was temped to nick a handful of cheerious from my girls breakfirst, but quickly made a chock shake instead!!


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oh yees!! but we need to stay strong! still longing for a nutella sandwich haha


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Well done! After the weekend (because it is technically still Christmas according to my hubby) my whole family are on a health kick, including the kids!! Sensible meals and puddings of fruit and yogurt, sweets and chocolate only a couple of times a week - after the indulgence of the festivities, my DH will hate it!!


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Babystar I am proud :D you are good girl, one temptation behind you and the next one will be a little easier. There will come a day when this stuff wont even register on your radar. Well done.
Thanks everyone!

Im quite lucky cos apart from his ice cream at night my wee boy generally eats healthy so the house is stocked up with fruit, raisins, yoghurts etc, all the things he likes....and nothing id really be tempted to cheat for :)


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Babystar thats great that you avoided temptation, onwards and downwards. Can't wait for your first week result :D


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My kids treats this week consist of raisins, rice cakes snackajacks and maccaroons, namely stuff that I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. I cooked lamb for the family tonight, on the basis that I never eat it, and I intend to continue in that vein. Everyone in this house is going to be eating stuff I dislike for the forseeable future. Even OH has been told that he must drink beer and not wine, cos I don't drink beer lol!


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Like your style Slinky, i made the family cottage pie tonight and i was just about drooling. Think i'll stick to stuff i don't like in the future :8855:
Well done - amazing willpower


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