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Temptation approaching! Encouragement needed!!

I am on a training course at the moment (just nipping in here during break) - they do lovely buffets here which I have made the most of in the past, however I have brought a CD bar with me and need encouragement to stay away from the buffet and go for a walk around the shops with my bar *sniff*
Stop me feeling sorry for myself and feeling hard done by.
I will confess all later so hopefully that will deter me from wavering ;)
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Going for Goal!
Just think of the good you are doing for your body. A walk with a cd bar - BONUS!!!

Big hugs I KNOW YOU CAN AVOID THAT EVIL BUFFET - think of every sandwich having a fat adding devil inside !!! Release the angels in the cd bar please!!!

p.s no I haven't been drinking, im this crazy all the time!!!

Hugs x x x
hey :)

stay strong, try and imagine all of your colleagues with sandwiches and sausage rolls stuck to their butts :D and remember that half an hour of good willpower will definitely be rewarded on the scales

While you're walking round the shops with your bar, have a look at all the lovely clothes etc that you can buy when you're slim and look gorgeous in!!!
Just think the buffet is really not worth having to start ketosis all over again for with all the ill feelings :)

Good luck resisting. x
Thanks, you're right - it is only half an hour which isn't worth the time it takes to get back into ketosis. It's also helping that I have on today some trousers that I bought a while back which are now getting quite loose :). When I bought them I looked like an overstuffed sausage in them :eek:
Think new clothes.........new clothes.......mmmmmmm......new clothes


Slimming down the aisle
Is it working? I hope so!! Hoping you manage to resist, I agree it really isn't worth it. Imagine the extra time you'd have to spend on the diet, the extra cost, the pain of getting back into ketosis!


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Don't do what I did! I cheated and am still not back in ketosis..nearly 3 days later!!!
The pleasure of eating from the buffet is nothing compared to the pleasure of losing


Loves life......
Dont dont dont..............you will just kick yourself after. I am in the office and trust me there are all sorts of lovely smells coming from the kitchen but it just goes right over my head....................be strong and watch those lbs/inches fall off....................x
Right - Update (Food mentioned!!)
OK, the buffet arrived and I went and had a look which I quite enjoyed in a strange kind of way (all my faves - samosas, chilli chicken ooooooooo) :drool:
Anyway, I had:

1cm square of cheese - that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D

Now I know that to those doing 100% SS hardcore that would be a falling off the wagon but to me, that is a massive, massive achievement as I WAS IN CONTROL!!:angel09:


I took my CD bar and litre bottle of water and walked around the shops (only ate half the bar so I can eat the rest on the train home).
Even if no-one replies, just seeing this in print gives me a buzz as I can usually go through a buffet like no-one's business (and frequently have done), so to skip it represents a big deal for me.
:thankyou: Thanks to everyone who replied earlier, it really helped


Loves life......
Woo woo well done girl.............you did great and next time it will be even easier.....there will always be hurdles but you just have to rise above it and think about the loss on the scales next weigh in...............well done only eating half a bar..........that now I could not do...........could have a second.......lol...............x


Going for Goal!
well done hunnie :) You're starting to take control now, which is great!

Big hugs x x x

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