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Ten stone Challenge

Hi Everyone. I’m on day three of total solution. It’s a challenge sitting watching my husband and 4 year old son tuck into food but I’ve stuck to plan. Even with two birthday cakes in the house! I only had enough packs for a week so I’m about to place an order. Shakes and bars are my fav so far.

My first goal is 15st7 by 11th August. We have our first family holiday (first holiday since 2013!) a cruise in the Med. So excited but I know my weight limits me doing activities with my boy. I’m also so tired all the time. I’m an emotional eater.

An extra incentive for me is that I’m a paraplegic Wheelchair user. I want my hips to fit back in my chair! It would be nice not to have so much to push around, I’m sure my arms and elbows won’t cope forever.

Sooooo, time to make the most positive change I can to my life right now and shift these pounds. 140 to go and counting!
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Well done Whizaway, you are doing great. I am on day 17 and am finding that shakes and bars are definitely the way forward for me. I have tried some savoury products and the apple crumble but even things I liked initially, I no longer like. My fave shake is the almond vanilla one, I find some of the others have a bit of a strange taste but are drinkable.
A cruise in the med sounds like great motivation 😎
Hi GJ thanks for the encouragement. I’ll make sure I don’t order too much initially if tastes change. Apple crumble sounds yum but I can’t find it on the list. Will def try the almond one thanks for the tip. Well done for getting well into it. I’m so excited to be on this journey!
Oh I’m so happy to have company. We can do it Darcy! 18lbs in such a short time is amazing and a major boost to me. Today hasn’t been easy. Tips welcome! When is your weigh day?


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Oh I’m so happy to have company. We can do it Darcy! 18lbs in such a short time is amazing and a major boost to me. Today hasn’t been easy. Tips welcome! When is your weigh day?
I weigh on Sunday :classic_smile:

The first few days are absolutely the worst.......but then it does get much easier, honestly.

I’m actually off on a cruise tomorrow......to the Caribbean :classic_cool:

While I do not expect to lose while away, my plan is to be very sensible around food and at least come home without gaining!
Hols tomorrow how wonderful. Enjoy! I've 200 days until my cruise. I've printed an A4 sheet with the weeks and days so I can tick off. I thought it might help to track tricky days too so I can expect them if there's a pattern. My fav pack so far is hot mint choc. Very comforting. I've just placed an order with quite a mix, some only one of a pack to try. The best news is I'm 5lbs down already. Fluid I know but I can't wait for the next stone bracket. Early night to prevent picking.
OMG :eek: I’m 21st13 this morning that’s an 8lb loss since Monday. Just 3 full days on Exante. Next stone bracket whooohoooo!!! Roll on 20’s. Have a great day everyone.
I’ve just taken my 4 year old for his inoculations. He was brilliant but I still want to dive into the nearest food and eat myself sick.
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Started the day with banana shake (lovely). My order arrived and I tried the maple syrup flapjack for lunch and I’m Glad I only ordered one!

I’m drinking water, black coffee (I will get used to it), peppermint tea, sparkling water and berry tea. The hunger has subsided. Now it’s just the mental battle. I do feel a bit spacey though. Hope everyone’s had a good day.
Had a delicious shake for dinner, vanilla I think. Hubby made it for me while I sorted my boy out. Nice that he’s done that despite buying my favourite icecreams and eating them in front of me. Arrrgghh. Food is very much on my mind yet I’m not actually hungry. I like the simplicity of this diet. It’s freeing not having food in the equation, except for cooking for hubby and son. I’m going to work out an award for every stone I lose. What does everyone else do? One lady gets a charm for a bracelet for each stone lost.

I’m so chuffed to be a stone bracket down already. Roll on 20’s.
Well done on your loss so far - that's great. It is a boost to get into the next stone down isn't it.
I don't treat myself for every stone lost so I can't help there! Maybe i should!


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Here to follow! Hope you reach your August goal. How long do you think you’ll follow exante for?
Hi SPE. I'm going to follow Exante as long as possible. I tried to start SW at New Year but I think my relationship with food needs reset. My appetite too! I'm doing 3 shakes but will have a fourth or a protein meal if i'm struggling. I'm certainly feeling more alert.
My August goal is quite a challenge but i'm going to do my best. I've a month of packs now so can't waste those. It'll help with the family budget if i'm only spending 75 quid on food a month thats for sure.

This forum is really helping. i've just had to sit through hubby having dinner next to me! Have a good evening.


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I have a completely disordered way of eating too. I‘m an emotional eater and don’t really know how to cope with that.
Emotional eating is so hard to control. I think the support on this forum is going to be my lifeline. I know I shouldn’t weigh every day but I’m so excited. 21st10.5 this morning! Down from 22st7lb on Monday, that’s 10.5lbs :). It’s an incentive that’s for sure. I know it’ll slow down a lot but I already feel less bloated.
Bananananana shake for breaky. Yum. Have a good day everyone.
Out and about with hubby today getting clothes for my boy and looking at cars for hubby. Ours is 12years old and on its last legs. I stayed on track with a strawberry bar which was nice but I was hungry this afternoon. I think I need to carry water with me. I’m out tonight at a play with my friends and have to leave in an hour. I’m driving so I don’t drink. I just had macaroni cheese. I had to put Worcester sauce and pepper in it to just get it down. Not having that again for a while that’s for sure.

Today may be a four pack day. I’d hope to hold out for a while longer but that taste isn’t going away. Hope everyone else is having a good day.
How proud am I 😇. Friday night out with friends. Black coffee and water only. I even managed to stick to just the three packs again today. I said no Thankyou to crisps, ice cream and wine. It felt great not to worry about offending others. I did have to explain as they thought I was unwell refusing a choc ice in particular 😀. One of my friends has given me a knitting set for Christmas. I guess that will help keep from nibbling. Now I have to learn to knit! Night all.
Right. Daily weighing can stop now as I’m the same as yesterday! So excited because it means that from here everything I lose is pure fat. 10.5st in 5 days if fluid gone and I feel brighter and lighter 😀. Porridge and coffee for Breaky. Have a great weekend.

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