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Tequila's diary

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Tequila1, 22 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Hello all. Just starting here after an incredibly successful 4weeks on lipotrim where I've lost 2 stone. However the £45/week just can't be justified any more so I've come here for a few weeks to see if it suits me. This morning I had a taste revelation with a cookies and cream shake....there are no words to describe the pleasure it gave me. If you'd spent a month on lipotrim shakes, you'd also be blown away by the loveliness of the s and s shake! Also I'm excited to have 4 things a day instead of 3, just not expecting the same sort of losses on this plan but we'll see.
    I'll use this page to share my journey and hopefully it'll be inspiring to someone out there. I've certainly enjoyed reading about other people and their highs and lows.
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  3. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    So today, I woke up bright and early. I'm already in ketosis so there's none of those early fatigue & keto flu symptoms. Sneakily weighed today because I felt totally high yesterday about this new plan...and was convinced I'd done damage to the diet. I just can't believe these shakes are so much nicer & there's 4 of them too. (Although I have noticed a saccharine-y after taste - its not enough to put me off them) So I weighed this morning & was nearly a whole kilogram down from what I was yesterday - so obviously I haven't come out of ketosis & am still in the zone. I had ordered the trial pack and have a full range of meals/shakes to try so I'm pleasantly excited and looking forward to each one. Tonight I'm going to try a shepherds pie for tea - its nice to be able to sit down with the family and have more than a glass of water. I have found the meal planner useful and I like the indicators telling me how many carbs I've had in total. Also I'm finding their facebook page really useful - lots of people on it & lots of inspiring stories too.
  4. Tamzy1989

    Tamzy1989 Gold Member

    Hi hun, welcome to sns, im currently maintaining my weight but last year i was on lipotrim for just under a month and lost 24lbs i couldnt stand the shakes, i kept missing shakes cos it tasted vile to me, i then switched to sns, like u i thought it would knock me out of ketosis and i also thought lipotrim gave better losses but after a week i lost 6lbs and from then on i knew it worked, its so gd to know u can have a hot meal and still lose weight lol. Good luck with sns, its a truly amazing diet, great selection of food and way cheaper than lipo. Will be following your progress. Xxx

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  5. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Thanks for your words Tamzy. Good to hear another positive S and S story. And lovely that you're in the maintenance bit now. Must be great!
    So today I have decided that if there's gonna be any problem with this plan, its that I'm tempted to eat more and more of the packs! I had a dark choc truffa bar for lunch and I swear it was the same as those Riesen chocolate sweets. Had a curry for tea...I'm a bit of a curry fan so I wasn't expecting much but wow - really tasty. Shame there was only about a quarter of my 'usual' portion! Anyway I enjoyed it while it lasted. Have had plenty of energy - took the kids swimming earlier & walked the dog - so these little bits of exercise might help the weight loss along.
    Also - and this is THE most exciting part of today - I found a pile of clothes at the bottom of my wardrobe which I'd obviously stashed away because they were all too small. And I tried them on and they're all fine now. And I was thrilled because in amongst the pile was an almost new (I think I've worn it once) linen shift dress which is perfect for summer. When I stood in front of the mirror my daughter was watching and she was so pleased for me. We had a little dance together. It's almost too big actually, but I'm gonna wear it all through the next few weeks to get my moneys worth. There's another stash of clothes in the garage but I'm pretty sure they're all 14s so I'm not gonna tempt fate yet - I'll leave those for another day (-also, they're underneath a bike/drum kit/gardening tools/old records - so I'm not prepared to move all that junk to get at them until I'm pretty sure I'll fit in them!)...
  6. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    oh dear - today I've not enjoyed the packs :( I had a mushroom pasta which was actually revolting. And earlier I had an oatmeal. I think I used up the most popular flavours earlier... and I can't for the life of me understand how other people are saying that these packs are filling. I mean, they are meals which is nice to have solid food, but the amount you get is just like 3 tablespoons! Really not enough to be filling.
    Having said that, I'm still drinking tonnes of water & not really hungry so its not the end of the world. I've been gardening for a few hours today & walked the dog so am able to be as active as normal.
    Tomorrow I'm going to put my order in for 4 weeks worth of packs. I've persuaded my sis in law to do it too - so we can get the big savings by ordering a months worth of packs, but split them between us. I've bought coke zero in as I know we're allowed that but something in me is telling me to just stay with water - I think its just a purer drink (albeit filtered & treated by the water company) compared to fizz.
    I'll weigh tomorrow & am hoping to see a difference on the scales - its half way to my official weigh day which is Thurs but I'm hoping to see some movement.
  7. Tamzy1989

    Tamzy1989 Gold Member

    No prob hun, yea it feels great but also stressful when i think im going wrong lol.

    Ogosh your not the only one, i find that i was making the packs a bit wrong, if u soak it in hot boiling water for 20 mins it expands quite a but and thicken up, as it thickens i add more water and i get quite a normal portion out of it. With the mushroom pasta if u pick out the pasta and soak it in hor water for 10 mins it gets really big likd normal pasta which is more filling, for me it took weeks to feel full up on the meal packs, also bulking out slim rice/ nooodles ir your veg allowance does help.

    Sounds like u enjoyed your little outing with the kids, i get hungry after a swim so i dont bother lol.

    Such an acheivement trying on old clothes that fits isnt it? Bet u feel well proud. Hopefully in a few weeks u can try out the size 14s.


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  8. Tamzy1989

    Tamzy1989 Gold Member

    Lol i know what u mean, i didnt like packs at first, well i hated cheesy pasta but now i love it, hated the curry but theyve improved if now. I love the oatmeal with a bit of grated cinnamon or nutmeg and extra sweetener. Or why not try making it into a pancake if on a lifestyle day? Or make it into a cupcake by adding sparkling water for it to rise. If having pasta meals make sure to soak the pasta seperately then make up the sauce and pour over veg.

    Unfortunately water doesnt stay in the body, it passes right through so the hunger comes back. I find a milky tea more filling lol. So nice youve got your sis in law for support and coming together getting the big order is a great idea.

    Coke zero is gd when at cinema with a bar but it tends to make me hungry and crave, happens to quite a few people so be careful, though it may not happen to u.

    Goodluck with weigh in, i no it will be a gd 1 xxx

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  9. Slim-Kat

    Slim-Kat Full Member

    Hi there :)

    Your tastes might change as you go on. I however still don't like any of the pasta ones and haven't even tried the porridge as I heard it was sweet. My favourite packs are the cottage pie and the oatmeal, which I agree is an acquired taste lol. I think some of the bars are similarly an acquired taste. You might be surprised how filling you do find them once you add some veg. I find them ok. My favourites are the shakes (except chocolate and banana!)
    Some people swear by the slim rice/noodle type things. Personally I cannot stomach them :yuk:

    You sound like you're having a good switch over to s&s. You'll soon be digging out those size 14s.

    It's great that you've got your sister in law doing it with you too, support is a great thing to have.
  10. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Hi there. Thanks for the encouragement guys and the tips about stretching the packs.
    I've been to a bbq today and all the food there was from M & S - it all looked beautiful! But I was good with my fizzy water and avoided all food. I did manage to weigh in today and disappointingly it was still the same as when I weighed on Thurs & Friday last week. Maybe I didn't drink enough water yesterday - and maybe its my hormones being all weird. This might be TMI for some but in the last 5 weeks I've bled 3 times! I know that losing weight has a dramatic influence on one's hormone profile, but I hadn't expected this. So I'm finding an excuse for the plateau (don't want it to be this plan) and have just ordered my next batch of shakes & bars. I've decided to just stick to shakes and bars as the meals largely haven't been to my taste. So I've made sure I've had a lot of water today & we'll see if that helps with the weight loss.
    Got a few busy days in front of me so I prob won't post now until the end of the week, when hopefully I'll have more to report.
  11. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Well done for bein gd at the bbq n resisting hun :) some brill will power n like the others have sed think its brill tht ur sis in law wil n doin it with u and having the support from her as well as us :)....the meal pax i find tastes do change over time on the plan bt u shud stik to what u r comfortable with as thats hw u will get the best results :)....u will see a whoosh hun soon n those 14s will b urs :) have a gd day hun xx
  12. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Just found time to write a brief update: really really disappointed that I am the same weight as I was last Friday. Sticking with the s and s plan though; I've decided to give it another week. It isn't hard to stick to it, just gutted that the weight loss isn't happening. Sure its because I switched plan but we'll see. Im not having the optional veg/milk or coke zero so there's no reason for the plateau. :(
  13. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Hello. Just think it's important to log this so here goes...
    I've found myself listening to my body more while on this vlcd. I assume this is because I've had the space in my mind to do so; instead of reaching for chocolate or biscuits, I've had no choice but to ponder things. Anyway, I feel a strange feeling which I suspect is pmt! It's not pain, but a feeling of fullness...is this what normal people call bloat? I think I was permanently bloated before so never noticed this...but the next week will prove if I'm right or not.
    Anyhow, i up taking Wednesday as a lipotrim day as I had a few leftover packs. I felt hungry in the evening which indicates to me that I possibly wasn't in ketosis on the s and s plan. Anyway, I'm not going to overthink it and go back to lipotrim...like I said, I am giving this one another week or two at least.
    Today I was rewarded with a couple of pounds loss on the scales which has improved my mood no end. Obviously this could be due to me using the lipotrim shakes, OR pmt, or neither....haha...who knows? But I'm a happier bunny today, that's for sure.
    (Heaven help me if it is pmt because it'll be the third or fourth time in 5 weeks, what's going on??? My poor husband thinks it's just an excuse not to do anything-lol)
  14. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    So - weight loss is DEFINITELY slower on this plan, but its still happening so I'm not grumbling. I'm going to do 2 - 3 lbs a week I think, although my BMI is around 28 now so I know that's only to be expected. I've said it before but here goes - the main problem with this plan is that the bars & shakes are so delicious that I'm finding myself really looking forward to the next ones...slightly obsessing over them...not sure that's good, but at least I'm enjoying them more than lipotrim.
    I'm in my old jeans at last. I went to the garage 2 days ago and decided to get them out to see how far off them I was, and lo and behold, they did up really comfortably. And there's a few T-shirts in there which I haven't been in for years too.
    My history is that about 5-6 yrs ago I lost nearly 3 stone at slimming world, and bought all these fab 14s which lasted about 6 months and then I started getting all comfortable with my eating habits again & managed to put it all on again over the next few years. I'm quite resolved this time to manage my weight before it creeps up again, because my habit is to avoid all weighing so I can avoid feeling guilty - therefore not really having any idea of how much damage I'm actually doing. I can't tell you how good it feels to have these jeans on & to feel like a more normal size. I'm tall & I know I carry weight well so I feel relatively slim at the moment, but I've got a few celebrations coming up at the end of June that I want to shine at - and that's enough motivation for now. I might even treat myself to some more new clothes (ooh get me, all showy and glam!).
  15. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    One other side effect of losing weight is that I'm hypercritical of the people around me. My DH is overweight, but he is a builder so does need lots of energy for work...any my DS is a solid lad. He's only 7 and incredibly active so that's not a problem but I'm concerned that both of them eat the way I used to-they shovel food in so fast, do they even taste it? I've decided to cook slimming world meals for them but interestingly DS asked for bread with his, (I said no) and 5mins after he was looking for something in the fridge, which kind of proves to me that he's a little carb addict. Like me. My DD is able to self regulate and has an appetite for fresh fruit and salads...sometimes I wonder if she's actually mine!
    I saw a mini loss on the scales today so v happy with that. I'm weighing twice a week at the mo. Went out with a close friend last night and she's motivated to lose weight by my losses. She's also doing a TFR but her DH reckons she'll give herself cancer by following such a strict plan. Talk about unhelpful!!! But she's determined, we've set ourselves a mini challenge for June. Good to have inspired someone I guess.
  16. Kayroo

    Kayroo Silver Member

    Hi tequila!

    We are doing a June challenge on the main slim and save page, you should join in!

    Well done on your losses so far. I am also an ex lipotrimmer... Lost 3.5st last year but put nearly all of it back on. So far I think slim and save gives me more variety so I don't feel like I am missing out which is nice!

    Keep up the good work, subscribing!! X
  17. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Thank you Kayroo...I'll take a look at the challenge. I think tho that there's nothing more that I can actually do except trust the plan! I mean, I'm not cheating or under eating, so it's got to work right??
    anyhow...so TOTM again!!! I can hardly believe it, so unfair. Although will explain the patchy losses. I've found myself recently really tempted to cheat. I have resisted so far but just logging the temptation. Could all be hormone related I guess.
    I opened up My jewellery box yesterday to see if my rings fit again and tragically my wedding ring wasn't there. I'm gutted...I've no idea what I've done with it, maybe it's lost forever?
    On a positive note, 2 of my other precious rings did fit! Took kids out today and for the first time in ages I agreed to some photos with them, I used to hate having my picture taken, but now there was no fear that it'd be a bad shot! That felt good. Onwards and downwards, I'll check in again soon. Ooh I'm weighing tomorrow, if it's good I'll log it here.
  18. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Woohoo! Another kg off (is that 2 this week? Can't remember!). Feeling good.
  19. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Hello all...I'm still on track and having a financial crisis. Need to order more packs but sis in law has pulled out so I'm on my own and £125 seems an awful lot in one go to spend on myself. I know it's probably cheaper than food but DH will question it...ah well I guess I just have to be honest with him and that's what it costs to have a more attractive wife! Yesterday I overheard him telling someone that he feels like he's got an 18yr old wife...haha (I'm gonna be 40 this month!)...so he's obviously in favour of the diet, I just know that money is tight (we've lots of random extra outgoings at the mo) and am so used to being careful.
    so I've lost 4lb and 4lb in the last 2weeks of this plan. Really am determined to get another half a stone off before my 40th party at end of June.
  20. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Aww hun ima sure u can do this...i kno money is tight for me as well its horribel...im hopin wil lose nuf with the current pax tht iv gt atm coz of being jobless as well....sux bt hopin u can do this...:) soo happy uv stuk it out ne resson ur sis in law bailed? Its a gd plan n it does wrk even tho i first had doubt n was. Temptdf to cheat so mny times b sumtimes i did lol bt soo glad stuk it out witht he support of evry oen here.....hope ur k hun n mayb ur hubby may b able to chip in go halves on the pack? I know what u mesn iv nt been able to buy much more maself lol n iv still got some way to go....hope ur avin a lovely day awww bless at the comment by ur huby 18yr old lol tis a gd thing haha.....xxx
  21. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    It's definitely cheaper if you tot up all we were having but I appreciate the initial outgoing is big. They sometimes have ebay offers and that way you can buy a few as the postage is free.

    It's hard at this stage when we only have a few pounds to go. Would be easy to go back to food for the final bit but I think it's easier to get it off quickly with the packs and then put everything into maintenance.

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