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Terrible headache

Morning all. I'm on day 14 and have been reasonably ok till this morning I have woken up with the worst headache, I'm quite sure its because I havent been to the loo. As anyone ever taken a laxative in the morning? just wondered if it would have the same effect ,you know take it at night go in the morning, wondered if I took one now if I'd go tonight? thankyou and I have been drinking all my water so its not that.
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If you are not going then I think you should take one hunny. Are you drinking enough water as too little will cause both the headaches and constipation. I know you said you drink enough but are you exercising and drinking more to compensate.

We are all different and maybe your body needs more than you are currently drinking.

I hope you feel better soon but if not contact your pharmacy for advice xxx


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Hi been constipated is one of the draw backs to this kind of diet (I did CD ).I used to mix one of my shakes with pysillium husks makes a kind of porridge .It is just a fibre so had no effect on my diet but helped to provide bulk to my diet it wont give you instant relife tho.You can take laxitives there will be threads on here on best ones to use while on LT but most will do the job. Good luck on your journey dont let this small set back stop u it is easy to put right stick to it xx


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Awww I am also on day 14 and have a headache today too......though have had a lot going on the last few days.....I am making an effort to drink more water but not helped yet so will take paracetamol soon....

As for the bowels I would ask the pharmacist about what you can take without affecting ketosis....hope you get it sorted soon xx
Hi Kellie,

I'd take a laxative if I was you and had access to a toilet all day, don't let it go to long without going. If the headache is bad and you are certain you are drinking enough water maybe take a paracetemol, you are allowed but make sure you drink plenty of water (also drinking lots of water will help you with your toilet situation) xx
hey hun... hope you're ok and the headache has gone. Take care xx
Thanks everyone, I did take some paracetamol and made sure i had plenty of water and the headache eased over the day. It was strange because it was lingering all afternoon one of those, I could have headache if I think about it, times. So think I will wait while tomorrow and see how things are regarding the other. Heres to day 15.

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