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Terrified of possibility of gaining weight when I've successfully completed CD


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Right. So.

Ever seen those fat people on tv saying: oh, I never realised I'd gotten so fat... I just didn't see it.

Well, I was always the person sitting on the sofa going; bwahha, as if you don't notice..

Now I'm dieting myself because I did not notice as well. I feel stupid and ignorant for just not seeing it... people around me saw.. they gave me hints and tips but I just didn't see it.. I didn't till I weighed over 100 kilograms (eh? 200 pounds or something?) and stood on the scale crying. I DON'T EVER WANT TO BE FAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER EVER EVER!

But.. what if I let it slip ?

I still have about 4 months of CD diet to go but I'm really quite worried about this already :(

I'm scared I'll go mad if I come off CD.. not foodwise.. no, more like.. non-foodwise.. as in not eating cause I'm so worried about regaining weight. :(

I don't want to regain any of it and I'm really terrified of the thought. I want this to work, I want to do well, I need to do well.

Tips to make me feel less creeped out about it all ? :s

I'll be spamming this forum in 4 months time I'm sure of it.. :x
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It helps to look at how you want to eat once you come off CD. If you can stick within the 1500cal range per day Monday-Friday, then at weekends you can enjoy yourself without worrying too much. I know I'm a carb/sugar addict and so I'm looking at low Gi type foods to keep me on track.

Also if you have a good rapport with your CDC you can keep regular check ins with him/her. I have lots of clients who have successfully lost the weight who come back every so often to be weighed. Some still keep a cambridge meal as part of their maintenance diet. One lady who lives on her own and says milk and bread go off has a tetra a day for breakfast. Another buys a box of bars from me once a month for her lunch - as once she'd lost the weight she started by buying a sandwich - then added a packet of crisps - and then a choc bar as well. So she came back and said she'd rather just have a bar and a coffee for her lunch every day - and she then weighs in once a month and has stayed the same.


Serena's title didn't fit

Thanks for the response. It has some very good idea's! I think I really need someone to keep me in check after I've worked up the CD-steps. I might just keep seeing my CDC after, sounds like a good plan. Or find another way for another person to control me.

I want to lose the weight really bad.. so having a tetra for breakkie might be a nice idea too..

Low GI sounds good too.. I'm glad there's a lot of things I can do but honestly, I'm still real worried about gaining it back :(


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Hi Lostris
I am maintaining after doing LL, fair enough its still early days for me, but I have become an avid calorie counter and use and online food diary. It sure does keep me on track. And yes when I do naughty things I cut down over the next days or I prepare for a meal out by having very low calorie meals during the day.
I can understand your feelings I too stood on the scales in January and went EEEEK I clocked in at 108.8kgs. You can maintain but its going to be a life change too.
Good luck, hang in there and try not to worry too much. Once you start thinking about how you are going to eat once you have lost you will see a solution that will work for you I am sure.
i know a lot of people who have joined slimming world after cd to maintain and it seems to wrk very well as its a very healthy way of eating and doesnt ban anything at all. i have been on slimming world since april and love it


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Thanks for your reactions.

Tange: Thanks for that, I had thought of things like these but I just.. people tell you that when you lose weight with food replacements you gain it back 2x as fast.. I DON'T WANT TO! But I'm so afraid to lose myself in food again.. except the wrong way..

I want to be skinny and gorgeous and everything but I'm just so afraid I'll slip.. It's been creeping up on me these last few weeks and.. it just really worries me. But you've been maintaning and that's wonderful.. go you! :) Im just not sure I could. I can think of all the logic stuff in my head, ya know.. just... worried it'll turn to unlogical-stuff in notime.

Abigail: thanks for the tip, I'll check out the forumpart for slimming world (we have a forumpartfor that right? if not.. I'll google it!) Thanks for the advice!!


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Hiya Lostris, try not to worry too much about maintaining once you get to target. I think I'm going to be okay because I'm going to allow myself to gain no more than 7lbs before I start to do something about it. I have managed to maintain my (albeit fat) weight for 3 years by doing that. I had a trigger point - a certain weight that I did not want to go above and when I got near it I cut down.

I've figured that this principle will work for me once I'm slim too. It allows you a bit of freedom, but doesn't let you go too far.


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Thanks for the response! :) Maintaining for 3 years, wow.. tht's fab!!

I've thought of several things.. I'm going to go to the gym 2x a week (it's next to my school so very easy to go to! and cheap because of it being a ''student sports facility'') I think I'll also get wii fit.. if I have fun working out I'll be more likely to do it on a regular basis (I know myself)

Well.. thats how far I came.. it just scares me. I know it's too early to worry about it but I just can't help it:$

Thanks again

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You can do calorie counting, GI, SW, WW whatever, but remember, it's rare to find a naturally slim person that does any of those things because..........

It's not about the food ;) Well...only a little bit is.

yes, eat too much and you'll gain, but better to find out what drives you to eat too much in the first place and you can then get on happily without having to count anything.:cool:


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Thanks for the response :) I eat a lot when I'm emotional but haven't yet in the 8,5 weeks I've been doing CD. I would like to find out which foods trigger me to eat more too and I guess I can when I reach maintenance .

Thanks for the response KD!

xx Lostris
some really excellent replies - it is a real worry for most of us. We don't want to do all this work only to throw it all away. I have told my hubby and friends that if they see me putting on weight, they need to be frank with me as I would rather sort it out early than wait till I have put on 10 stone or whatever to tackle it.

I think I will definitely be staying on this forum to keep inspired. There are so many inspiring people on here that show it can be done! x
I would like to find out which foods trigger me to eat more too and I guess I can when I reach maintenance .
Or perhaps find out why you think those foods trigger, rather than which ones do :)

I have told my hubby and friends that if they see me putting on weight, they need to be frank with me as I would rather sort it out early than wait till I have put on 10 stone or whatever to tackle it.
What about weighing yourself daily? Most maintainers do that, and I think you'll find your friends might be reluctant (regardless of your wishes), to tell you until the problem is harder to rectify. One heck of a responsibility for them to have.


Wants to be a loser!

I have not posted on minis for an absolute age!!!! But popped on tonight to have a look around and your thread really struck a chord with me.

It is only natural to worry about putting weight back on when you have worked so hard to lose it, particularly if you have lost and regained before. However, don't let the fear consume or control you - you have already shown amazing determination, commitment, strength of character and willpower in your weightloss journey so far. If you can, try to convert the fear into determination, willpower and commitment and channel these in making the and maintaining the necessary changes in your life to ensure you stay healthy, happy and gorgeous inside and out!

This thread has prompted me to spend a couple of hours soul searching about my feelings and experiences during my weight loss/maintenance journey - it has been an interesting and valuable trip down memory lane for me so thank you :)


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Hi KD,

Thanks :) That does sound relevant :)

Hi Ruth,

Uhm.. your welcome I guess! And thank you for your response to this thread! My dad told me I've shown amazing willpower and determination in this CD-journey, willpower he wished I'd had a few times before ;-).

I hope it will not 'end' when I'm at my target weight. I know if it doesn't, I will be able to keep the weight off. :)

Thank you for your post.

I'm with parents during the weekend / vacation and during the eek I'm at a house for students, with 6 other students. Usually we cook 1x a week, so the whole week there's people cooking for the rest. But.. when I saw my new roomie (so to say) cook I was appalled..

They will assume I will eat whatever they make for me (when I'm not cooking) when I've completed my CD journey.. Well, I can tell you. HELL NO. She basically poured 1/2 of the olive oil bottle into the pan.. when I told her it's way too much she said; oh usually I put more..

Oh.. my... god.. Well, that's a bit of another dillema. I told the roomie I'm most comfortable talking to that I will have trouble eating what they make after CD-diet / doing the steps up.. She said she would cook healthily (she usually does!!) and if I cooked 1x a week too I'd at least have 2 healthy meals.

How do I explain to my (sometimes very uncaring / completely ununderstanding and untactful in their comments) roomies that I won't be eating with them everyday and I will cook my own stuff some days without offending them too much?
It's really hard for them to understand this, they won't have to till I'm maintaining (done the steps up etc), but I tried telling them and some don't understand.

We have a house-account, and a list on which we put things like onions, garlic, mayonaise etc for common use. 2 of them couldn't understand why I wouldn't be paying for it during this diet (''I don't eat this and that all the time either!!")

I could do it if not for the following: (ignoring the amazing wonderful roomie who does understand) None of them are fat, even remotely fat or whatever and they can eat bags of crisps all day and not gain anything so for them.. it's REALLY hard to understand my ''worries''. They think it's 'nonsense' that I worry so much and a ''bit'' more olive oil never killed anyone.. :x

Does that make sense? :$

xxx Lostris
yes it does make sense and your room mates should understand more...... but hey, we live in the real world and people are selfish at times, some more than others!!!
I think this would be a good time for you to be a little selfish(in a nice way) and say to your friends that you have explained the situation to them and if they won't understand and help you then you will just have to learn to disagree on this one. It's your life and your future health and if they can't understand and help you I would try and distance yourself from them for a little while. I know that may be difficult all living in the same house but I'm sure once they know you are serious about it they will come round to your way of thinking!!!!
Hope this helps!!
Well done and keep up the hard work 'cos you deserve this!!!!
How much have you lost up to date as I didn't see a ticker on your post?


Serena's title didn't fit

Thanks for the response.

I'm just afraid I'll lash out I guess. Get all '' I never want to be fat again, EVER, none of you were ever fat so you can't understand what it's like but even if you can't you don't have the right to be so untactful all the time; it's hurtful!!'' and afraid I won't be making friends then hehe.. they really aren't bad people.. they just can't always understand my struggles / worries etc.. I told the more understanding roomie that I refuse to eat lettuce all week just so I can eat their greasy food 1x a week hahah. She laughed and said it wouldn't be like that.. but still ! :)

I've lost nearly 40lbs in 2 months and 1 week ( give or take ) and would preferable like to lose about 45-50 more. I know right, long way to go... (don't have ticker coz I think it's a bit of a hassle to have to update it all the time and honestly; I couldn't get it to work :''))

Went to see my CDC Saturday, she tried to reassure me and said I could take as long as I wanted doing the steps up and that she'd be there for me even after I'd completed the diet food / health advice-wise and that we'd make lists of what I eat if it's okay.. she would recommend foods / cookbooks blabla etc. It has assured me a bit..

Despite the initial panic I do realise it is very important to think about how to continue living on a healthy 'diet' when finishing a crash diet (like CD) I just need to make sure I don't feel too scared of the ''nearing end'' of my CD diet (which is still like.. 4 months off or something.)

Thanks again,

xxx Lostris
No worries,
any time you feel a bit poo just get on here and we will give you a slap.....lol. I was 28st 12lb and last summer I got down to 21st. I blinked and now I weigh 25st 7lb (i just haven't been looking after myself) I am a student nurse, have a part time job, going through a crappy divorce(husband decided he had lived a lie for 11 years and is gay) nice!!!!!! and have two gorgeous little girls aged 2 and 4. So as you can imagine, I have a lot of demands on my time and sadly I put myself way down on my list of priorities. I decided today that this had to stop and I needed to take back control of me and my life. My profile pics was taken last summer in the Lakes and I was about 21st 7lb then. Will try and find a more recent one that is a true reflection of my size now so I can look back and feel proud of myself!!!
Keep going hun, your such an inspiration!!!!


Serena's title didn't fit

Thanks for the wonderful compliment!

I think you deserve one back, though. You're holding up despite the circumstances and that deserves a big pat on the back ;-)

I'm sure you can get into it and get through this okay.. Be strong!!!!

(sorry short reply, kinda tired..)

xxx Lostris


A pound at a time
I was just sitting and worrying about the same thing today because I came across a post where someone lost all their weight and put it back on and some more. It terrifies me into thinking that I could end up bigger than when I started. I need a game plan and this thread has given me so many ideas.
Not to worry,
I think everyone has there own stresses in life and different coping mechanisms. I just feel so blessed that I have two happy, healthy children, I'm alive and well (apart from being super morbidly obese) and I have met a new partner who is truely amazing. There is always someone worse off than yourself but sometimes we like to wallow in self pity now and then. After all we are only human!!!! Live for the here and now, get to your goal and worry about regaining weight if and when it happens. We are all here to support you through the good and bad times...........and remember, we are all in the same weight loss boat!! xxxxx

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