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Tesco Points

hiya everyone

Joined WW on saturday morning. I went to tesco for shopping and got a few bits that had the points printed on. How accurate are these??

Wraps had 3 points on them but worked out at 2.5 points.... Does this happen a lot?

Any advice x x

Also looking forward to getting to know you all x x
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How are you working them out? by the slider tracker (paper) or online/WW calculator? sometimes what happens with the paper tracker is because you have to round up or down you will find the points may be different to if you were to use a ww calculator or online one using the exact cals and sat fat, it will only be out by a lil like 0.5! ... what are the cals and sat fat??

just checked online at tesco and if it's the "Tesco 8 Plain Tortilla Wraps " ones

it's 180cals and 1.4 sat fat per one.. this equals 3 points :)

or if it's the "Tesco 8 Light Choices Tortilla Wraps "

then these are 170 cals, 0.6 sat fat .. this equals 2.5 points and in which case if it states 3 points then think of it as a bonus! :) always best to work them out for yourself too like uve done :)


that's the one i use but i know others have different ones too etc


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I have found this too.

TBH I tend to follow what it says unless I find I am really tight for points lol!

I had grated mozzarella from Adsa which I worked out as 3 for 25g, but the book and online says 2pt! As 100g is 8 points so def using it as 2 lol:8855:
I think that this is what the OP wa saying wasn't accurate when worked out with cals and sat fat. Intriguing. I've alwasy just belived them.

I used an electronic calculator and it was the light choices one, deffo worked out at 2.5!!!


woops sorry about capital letters x


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I know places like Sainsburys, M&S, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons do print on the back the WW points for you on their healthy range, but like it's shown today just always check to be on the safe side, i doubt it's going to be a major difference like 1 or 2 points because that would be silly of them lol, but probably like shown here 0.5 point either side etc :)
morrisons eat smart range is the same some les than ww and some points more but it is very handy
I sometimes check again like before depends if Im on a short points day lol,I think maybe its best to check everything gets us to get in the habit to do it always ......
I had those tescos wraps and went with the pack points :OO xx

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