Tesco shakes anyone?


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Hey guys,

I have started tesco shakes today, but boy are they sweet!!

As soon as i get out i am going to buy some slim fast shakes, and slimfast soups..

The reason why i am giving this a go is i am fed up of weighing food, working out points and calories etc. But i still got to work out how many calories i am having for my dinner and and snacks? :(

2 tesco shakes a day are 215 cal each, 430 cal in total., So How many calories can we have a day?

Can i just cook a healthy dinner and not bother with weighing, and working out? Like tonight i cooking extra lean mince, potaotes and veg, i will have a small portion ofcourse.. Can't be that many calories? And for pudding a muller light banana custard ? And instead of having a slim fast bar can i just have a bag of quavers for 80 cal?

Thanks in advance
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I gave up on WW for the same reason.

Your dinner should be about 600 cals so you have to think about that. The snacks get pretty easy after a few days as you find your feet; check out the 100 cal snacks post for ideas.

It does get easier and soon the only thing you have to think of is what to have for dinner though of course as you start hitting goal you'll need to work out healthy breakfasts and lunches to switch over to.

Good luck :)


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The soups r awful and not sure they do them nemore!


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they dont do the soups anymore...

i dont weigh anything anymore. just roughly work out in my head what everything is, and make sure i dont go stupidly over!!