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Has anyone else noticed their tesco has dropped their stock in the light choices meals today? mine used to have a whole fridge of them (so about 4 or 5 shelves full) and i went in there today and they had moved them and now there is only 1 and a half shelves of them .... and 1 and a half of WW meals which used to be 2 or 3 shelves:( .... i hope they get some more in again but there was no space for anything else where they are now :(

the web site still shows all choices but when i was in there they only had:
mash potato
baked potato with cheese
tomato and cheese pasta bake
sausage and mash
spaghetti and meatballs
tomato and basil chicken

...... no chicken and broccoli pie, no cottage pie, no chicken and gravy pie, no braised beef and mash.....

the website still shows over 35 light choices chilled meals! so i hope they do bring them back into store, as if ordered online for delivery there is no way you'd get them and if you'd already planned your weeks meals around them you'd have no food !! ..... so hope nobody near me has ordered any to be delivered today as they wouldn't have got them !

...... yet i did notice next to them they have now brought out a new range of high calorie food !! :(
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Is it a smaller Tesco's? I went this sat and there was a full fridge of light choices and 2 shelves of ww in the next fridge. I don't think sainsburys do many but we only have a small one. Hope they sort your Tesco out and give u back the full range, you would think they push the foods more because of their own Tesco diets!
no mines a big store. they have been doing work on the store for a few weeks now .... new toilets , new cafe, new freezers, and changing stuff around so you can't find what you go in there for ....

so i'm really hoping that its only while they decide how they are going to change the chilled section around as i know their value meals have been in a different place every few days for the last few weeks..... but it is really frustrating when you are on a diet and can't get healthy meals to help you with it :(


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Our Tesco has moved around aswell and most the ready meals have gone! They have freezers and freezers of different types of chicken nuggets though!
lol that's a great help, isn't it, lol :) ... last time i looked they had a good selection of frozen meals but that was a few weeks ago as i only have a small freezer at the top of my fridge so can only fit in about 3 or 4 meals and a small box of ice creams or other frozen dessert. :(


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I tend to shop in Morrisons and the store I got to isn't that large but they always have a good range of weight watcher meals chilled and frozen and the same with there own Eat Smart range again chilled and frozen. Plus Morrisons have the chilled meals down to £1.18!

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Was in tesco this morning and realised there lighter choices have pro points on them!! So much cheaper than the ww's meals!! Is there any where else that does this?
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Great thanks! Surprised weight watchers went for that, cause it makes me less likely to buy there meals!
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I know but think of how many people are still online and attending meetings, it probably doesn't make much difference to them x

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Went into my Tesco's last night and they had 4 choices only in the chiller section - Lasagne, Chicken & Broccoli Pie, Mince Beef & Spuds and Spaghetti & Meatballs.

They normally have at least double that. Shocking - not happy at all. I feel a complaint coming on. I'm not keen on the frozen meals so rely on the chilled ones every week. Bah!!


I think its because they had pointed the meals wrong! I found this out when i got some the other week thought i would double check just to be safe and most were between 1-3 points more than wt the box said, thy are probably recalculating everything x
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Do double check. As on Friday in our meeting she brought in a marks and spensers meal. It had propoint of 6, she had it 3 times for lunch during the week the leader checked and it was actually 10 pp.
If you read the small print on the back of these packets ( morrisons, tescos and m&s ) it does actully state that these are only a guide and are not confirmed by weightwatchers. They havent teamed up with ww. Some are correct but double check


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The M&S count on us range is starting to switch to displaying pro points too.
Indeed, and very tasty they are too. The range is much more varied too, I think. Tesco's ones seem to be mainly pasta-based, but it's nice that there's risotto and things in M&S's lot. It's very nice!

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