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tetra mousse?


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Hey guys!

I'm off camping for a few days tomorrow with work- taking my class to the Isles of Scilly for 5 days- gonna be fab!

Anyway, I was just wanting to know, firstly, if anyone has had experience of camping while doing SS (think I got it covered) and whether anyone has tried making a mousse from a tetra?

Got no clothes in my suitcase, just lots and lots of CD food!

On a side note, just been to see my Dad and Nan, who haven't seen me since starting CD- they were so shocked! I know it's only a short while, but they were amazed at how much slimmer I looked!

Well if that doesn't put a smile on my face, you have full permission to beat me with a haddock!!

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I've done SS whilst camping and it was fine - I did take an aerolatte (we didn't have hook up, so no power) and tried to mix up a shake, but it failed miserably. Survived the rest of the time on tetras and bars and lots and lots of water. I am camping over the aug bank hol, and this time we have hook up so I will be able to use my blender - no excuses at all!

It does require a lot of strength of mind, though. There's nothing like the smell of bacon drifting across a site first thing in the morning, or the smell of many many bbqs all going strong in the evening, to weaken one's resolve! Not to mention the red wine round the fire....

oh dear. Think I need to have a stern word with myself.


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What about a shaker? I think you will need extra water for the m.a.m.

wow siccilly, great!!! Wish I was going with you


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I've just done a quick search and found the following:

I get 150ml of freezing cold water from fridge. Place in a jug. Then choose your shake flavour. You can use a tetra or a packet. I get a heaped ish spoon of mix a mousse and tip it into the packet. I give it a stir then pour the whole lot into the water and whizz up for about a minute or so (I use a hand blender) then I just usually it out of the jug. I place the jug in the fridge to let it set.

If you are using a tetra. Pour the whole thing in a jug then tip your heaped spoon of mousse powder into it in the centre and then whizz away. With a tetra it goes to three times its size for me. I dont like the banana as a mousse though it tastes like metal but each to their own.

Hope this answers your question - I can't remember who posted it but thank you to them!

Have a great holiday, I've always fancied the Scillys. It looked beautiful on that tv series about a vicar!

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