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Tetra pak girls and girls on the go....NEWS!


Slowly but surely x
I know Tetras a great for on the go and at work when mixers and liquidisers are a pain in the ass.

I find tetras expensive and limiting so when I had a day away on Sunday, there was no way I was suffering a flavour I didnt like but miss out on my plan.

Then lo and behold - I had a brainwave. I present to you the 99p cappucino wizzer that mixes shakes a treat with NO LUMPS! Discreet enough to fit in your bag and sneaky enough to wizz about in the works canteen or at your desk with nobody suspecting a thing!

I showed my CDC it today and she said that its going to save a few of her customers a lot of pennies on the Tetras!

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Slowly but surely x
oh bum, thought id discovered this secwet! lol
I love mine to death :)
Thanks for that Rumbly. I currently walk around with my handblender in my bag! LOL. The whizzer will definitely be much lighter. Will it definitely have the same affect, though?
Oh, and by the way - you can most definitely tell a difference in your first and last pics! Well done. :)


Slowly but surely x
hey lovely, yes - it works a treat. My tip is to pour it into to half of your water first and stir first, then wizz from the bottom and slowly up the glass then add the rest of your water. Allow the wizzer to froth the shake at the very top and thus squishing the powder into shakey lushness and voila, frikkin amazing jobs!
Thanks Hon, I'll give that a try. :D


Slowly but surely x
99p in Ikea, babes. I think or £1.99.....not sure.
Well done rumbles on a fantastic weightloss, your piccies are fab,,,,,,and that wizzy thing looks great. Unfortunatley i am a sales rep and live in my car so am looking for the ultimate way whilst on the go. At present i do not buy the tetras, i just starve!! I have a shake before work then wait until i get home for my next one, which can be anywhere between 6 and midnight :rolleyes:
Dolly x


Slowly but surely x
I did it in my car tonight, waiting for my daughter after a school meeting and before I went shopping! You just need bottle water handy, a glass and a wizzer!
Dolly - Id be a wreck if I had to wait so long between meals......well done you xx


My husband = My hero
Fab idea! thanks sweet, going to get my mummy dearest one for when shes at work!

may i just say as well BLOODY NORA!! what a diference a week makes is certainly right! you look fantastic!!

im the same sort of shape as you, im all round the middle and my god your middle hasnt half shifted!!



please try again
ya know cambridge have thier own little battery powered whizzer?

i have one of those cappochino whizzers, ive never found them very good, mine still end up lumpy

i just keep a shaker in the car now for if i get caught out and about


hoping for a good loss
I have a little silver hand whisk which I use for my porridge, not tried it on the shakes though - might try at work Friday night
Rumbly-tums well done on the loss, you can see a big differrence alright, i'm in ireland and not been the ikea down here yet, must try make a trip over, as the thing i'm using for mixing mine is only uitable for home use, far too big to bring out anywhere, is it battery operated???


Slowly but surely x
it battery operated!
I dont mind buying you one and posting it at cost.... I wont make on the offer ;)

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