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Tetras, how long do they take to freeze?


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I think it's about 30 minutes but don't quote me on that as I don't have them.


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I live on frozen tetras! absolutely love them!! I find a few hrs (3-4) in the freezer turns them into a nice ice-creamy mush! depends how icy u like them... I tend to leave mine in the freezer overnight and then take them out and leave them in the fridge in the morning to let them defrost a little (couple of hrs) before eating one for brekkie and one for lunch! the more icy they are the longer they take to eat as you kind of scrape/shave bits off with the spoon as you go! Very tasty though and highly recommended! :) xxx
I usually put them in the freezer as soon as I get them from my CDC. As the harder the are, they longer they take to eat.

miss jelly tot

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I leave mine in over night. I always put it in the microwave to derost for 30 seconds before eating. They are just like prop ice cream then....yummy

miss jelly tot

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Does any one else find that when they are really hard, you use more calories chasing the thing around the bowl, than the 100 odd calories thats in it!


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Mine's been in since about 7.30ish and it's still not frozen. Oh well, I'll leave it for tomorrow. I'm actually not hungry anyway.


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I find 3 hours is about right. The inside is still quite mushy but the outside nicely frozen.

I guess it would vary a bit from freezer to freezer though.


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Yup 3 hours gives a frozen "shell" & a semi frozen yummy middle in my freezer too. Snip off the top & dive in with a spoon *drools*
I had my very first frozen banana tetra tonight....
It took abotu 3hrs but was rock hard.... so I shaved the 'icecream' off before eating it!
It was very yummy and something i would have again!



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When can you have tetras? Is it after week 2?

You're all driving me mad with this ice-cream talk haha!


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No, you can have tetras from Day 1. :D


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Unfrozen, are the chocolate ones as nice as the chocolate shake?
Personally, I think the tetras are nicer! Haven't tried them frozen though, but am about to go put one in the freezer right now!
The Tetras are much 'smoother' and silkier, and I think a lot sweeter. I like both the chocolate shake and Tetra, but I think they are quite different to each other.

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