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**Thank Crunchie It's Friday - Hour by Hour**


Going for Goal!
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Good Morning everyone

Well at last Friday is here.

Had some sad news this morning - My HB Nan died at 4am - she has been suffering from cancer, and was given 3 months to live a year ago, so she has been a little fighter, bless her.

In a way, I'm pleased she is no longer suffering.

HB was in a foul mood last night :cry::cry: He ran a bath, went into the bathroom and I heard a one almighty yelp - he has stood on a piece of china (looks like a chip from a cup or something - how it got in the bathroom I have no idea) But of course, it was all my fault, as these things always are :sigh:

Then the news this morning set him right off.

Oh what a glorious weekend it's going to be. :cry::cry::cry:

Sorry for the rant and moan.

Well today I am having my hair trimmed, then I'm back on the case looking for a summer job (I get bored in the 6 weeks holidays)

Hope you all have a fabulous day :D

Hugs x x x
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Emma, I'm really sorry for you HB loss. She sounds like she fought it well! x


Going for Goal!
G: 13st0lb
Yeah she did - but the last 2 months she was very tearful and depressed, and frightened too - I think she knew her time had come.

She kept telling everyone "I hope I go in my sleep" and she did, so she got her wish.

It's going to be so odd not seeing her again, I loved her like she was my own Nan :cry::cry::cry:

Sorry, this hourly thread is not really designed for my sad state. :eek:

Have a good day people, hope you manage to have a good 100% day :)

HUgs x x x


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Aww Emma, sorry for your husband's loss :(

I have a stressful weekend ahead with my hubby finishing the bathroom tiling. He has already sworn 687,234 times and it's only 8.40!


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Hey Emma,
Really sorry for the loss of your HB Nan xx

Good luck with the tiling Guru, it's definitely stressful.

I haven't got much planned for today, I'm going to the shops to get a Highway code book as I've started taking driving lessons. I absolutely love them and have progressed well so far. Hopefully I'll be slimmer and driving by 2010 ;) Hope everyone has a 100% day x


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Morning all,

Sorry to hear about Simon's nan Emma. No matter how much you expect it, or how much better off they are, it's always hard. Good luck finding a job! I still need to do that, though it'll be especially difficult without my car now. Hmmm.

Ooh, how are your driving lessons going Shaz? How many have you had? I used to love my driving lessons! Apart from roundabouts, London roundabouts terrified me! Even after passing my test I would plan routes to avoid them!! lol


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Hey Caroline :)
This was my 2nd driving lesson, although I had an introduction one the week before, but didn't get to drive that much! I've been doing start and stops! Lots of turning corners and driving down quiet roads. Really enjoying it! I'm dreading the dual carriage way and round abouts and u turns and everything!


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Morning All !

Emma - so sorry to hear about HB Nan, I am sure HB is just feeling really upset and we always take it out on those we love. Good Luck with finding a summer job, fingers crossed x

Guru - hehe at hubby's swearing ! Tell him less swearing more tiling !

Sbridge, good luck with the driving, I can recommend the one that comes with the discs for the theory test, think it's £10.00?

I passed last year and had 62 lessons in 5 months, I was not and am not a natural driver, I still only go to the shops, work and school and passed 2nd time last september. The rain was a bit scary driving this morning ! GOOD LUCK ! I would say keep that confidence and you will be fine. I wish I had of had some as I would love to visit my sister 50 miles away but I am scared of the other cars ! I know it is silly but I can't seem to get over my phobia.

Hope everyone has a good day.

I am going to be mostly ebaying, my sister brought loads of stuff round for me to sell to make some cash for summer, there are about 100 things !!!! Agggh !

In Laws have girls tonight so we may go to see Bruno at the pics (keeping my bar for then so I have something to nibble on) !

Love Vx


Shut up Ethel
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Morning all
Emma sorry to hear about HB's nan. He's going to need a lot of hugs this weekend (as are you, I think).

I'm sooooo glad its Friday. Its been a very long week for some reason. Feeling a bit poo but nothing to do with the diet, which is going well - I resisted the munchies last night but was almost sobbing at the Asda advert where she makes the pizza (but then ruins it with sweetcorn!). Got a bit of a throat thing going on and have horrible nasal spray to try to fix me. Seems to work, a bit, but is horrible to use.

Lots of work to do and meetings and sh(t today to get through, so won't be around much, have a good day everyone.



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Ah Charley! I saw Bruno last week! Brace yourself for some of the most shocking things you will ever see! I would appreciate it if you could recommend me the discs for the theory test as I think I should start practising soon :) I know what you mean, but that's an amazing achievement especially in 5 months! I know what you mean, even when I pass, I think I'll be avoiding motorways :\ They scare me so much, as do those huge lorries xxx


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Hi Sbridge, I got mine from whsmith and it was the actual DSA one Book and disc, this on I think is the best, I had a few others but the questions are worded differently, the DSA ones are the actual questions to practice.

Don't know if you have been to this site, but it is fantastic for learning to drive.2Pass.co.uk • Index page

I still visit now as it helps answer questions and all about tests, after you have passed etc.

There is a really good book called 'The Girl's Guide to Losing your L Plates' by Maria Mccarthy, she is actually on the forum and I loved it, really helpful and only a few pounds on amazon.


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Thanks so much Charley! I really appreciate it; I think I'll head to WhSmith next week and purchase it! Thanks again, I'm just about to look at that website xx


Slimming down the aisle
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Mmmm bars, I want bars!!!

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