Thank you ... and good night !


Got a life thank you!
I haven't updated in a few days over on DH and decided to pick up and continue my diary here.

I had a 2lb loss on Monday night (day 49) which was disappointing, but, it was TOTM and I had cheated again over the weekend.

I quite rightly was brought to task a bit by my LLC, in reality it was quite mild, I would have been a lot tougher on me!

The past three days though have been great, 100% abstinence and 5 plus litres of water a day.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was in a training course for the two days and lunch was quite difficult - it was a formal sit down steak dinner with all 15 of us sat round a big table, so there was no hiding from the fact that I was on foodpacks. The steaks looked amazing though and my mouth was watering.

I promise myself it will be one of the first things I have when we start to reintroduce food.

Yesterday I looked great (if I say so myself), my weight loss was very apparent - mainly down to what I was wearing.

I took pictures and compared them to a month ago and the result is unbelievable!

Today has been fine, water through the day more difficult because we were locked in the meeting room following through the training of the last few days and I was totally engrossed with what I was doing but I have made up for it tonight.

I have actually found drinking the water warm with flavourings helpful. I have been quite cold (probably the fat burn process) and have found that drinking the water warm actually helps me get it down.


This is my first diary entry from DH forum:-

Having read a lot of the other diaries on here, I have decided to start my own, mainly for my own benefit as I like talking to myself but also I am hoping that others will help and encourage me as I go.

Firstly so that I don't lose focus on why I am doing this, here are my hopes/aims:-

* I want to be able to fit into size 14 per una or next clothes.

* I want to go back after the school holidays and be the best part of three stone lighter - I can't wait to see the look on the faces of the other mums who just see me as the "blob". I am definately the fatest mum in both kids classes and that is one of my main motivators.

* I want to live - I know there are no guarantees that I won't get cancer but being this over weight will not be helping. I don't want to spend any more time worrying at night that I am going to get a blood clot in my leg because of inactivity.

* My legs got very chapped during the recent hot spell. I desparately hate that feeling and can't wait until the don't chaff.

* I am sure that I will be taken more seriously as a business woman without the blubber - I know people see the fat when I walk into a room rather than the person inside the fat. It is time that changed.
Well done on the 2lbs loss!! I think I'll rather have lost something than gained! Keep up the good work and don't let any slip ups make you think you can't go on.. which of course is not the case for you!! Well done again :)
Thanks Zareena, I am seriously back to plan, I want to lose a minimum of a further stone and a half by the end of the 100 days so really need to pull my finger out to get that loss.
Hi Flopster, well done on resisting that steak, it sounded yummy. 2lbs off is 2lbs off, I am really chuffed if I achieve that in a week so don't be too down. I bet next week will be a belter! Love
Thanks Barb, I was disappointed because I stayed the same last week. I know I am in for a loss (providing I can keep it up this weekend), I have abstained all week and drunk like a fish.
Thanks Zareena, I am seriously back to plan, I want to lose a minimum of a further stone and a half by the end of the 100 days so really need to pull my finger out to get that loss.

You will do it!!:D
Another Friday night gone (without incidence), I managed to survive the big roast dinner without picking (I started picking at the left over chicken in secret last Friday - only one tiny bit but it was food and I didn't want it to enter my mouth).

I still find Friday nights hard to cope with but there aren't that many left.

I went for my week 8 weigh in today and the nurse was dead pleased with me. I have been disappointed with my loss since I was last there (half a stone) - I last got weighed on the 28th July but I suppose it is only 21 days ago (wonder how that worked out I thought it should have been four weeks in between - wierd!) so I guess in 21 days 7 lbs isn't horrendous (it isn't great though but that is two bad weeks for you).

But it means I have less than 1lb left before I have lost 2 stone and if I can just loose another 2lbs I am then 12 stone something.

God I have a lot of work to do to get down. The weather is fairly rubbishy so the long walk in the lake district tomorrow probably won't happen.

Wonder what else we can do instead?
You will do it!!:D

Thanks Zareena, providing I can keep my head in the right place, you are right I should be able to do it.

Having said that and knowing I am desparate to go mooching, I am heading for bed now :rolleyes:
Having said that and knowing I am desparate to go mooching, I am heading for bed now :rolleyes:

Good girl!! Thats your best bet.. I'm probably going to go to bed myself. I'm bored,suffering from water rentention.. I have a feeling its TOTM soon :(.. infact it IS TOTM soon!
I am just coming out of TOTM but know what you mean - it is such a danger time, that is why I let it go last week and why I feel more in control this week.

Good night, see you tomorrow no doubt!
Morning Flopster!

I have been reading your thread and think that you are doing fantastically! The weight is coming off steadily and you are 100% commited. I wish I could follow your superb example!!
Here's to the start of another good day

P.S. I think 'Flopster' shoud now be something else - 'winner' perhaps!!!:) :) :) :)
Thanks Donna, but, I did have a couple of bits of cheating, it is amazing what TOTM does isn't it? I am back on it now and drinking for England - that is so the key to success isn't it? Thank you for the compliment anyway, you have just made my day :)
Urgh I am so very tired, I got woken up by a gang of kids hanging round outside my bedroom window at 1.45 - and they finally went at 3.45 having knocked down lots of bins on their way. I can never sleep when I know there are people outside.

I am suffering today for it though :-(
((((HUGS))).. that can be soo annoying!! That happens to me every night, there's always one drunken person or another yelling when I'm trying to sleep at night:mad:
Thanks Zareena - I have just spent an idilic hour and a half in the bath with my bad day bath salts (scrummy), bubble bath from Lush and detox soap! I feel like a new person - maybe even someone who is going to cope with the kids having a chinese takeaway tonight (a promised treat for me being such a grump the last few days with stuff going on at work).
Proud of me, the rest of the family ate their promised chinese takeaway and I coped very well, not a nibble or a lick. I have 100% abstained this week and my scales are showing a good loss, I just hope that my LLC's scales show a good loss on Monday!!!

I have been guzzling water like crazy as well, it definately helps to warm it and drink at luke-warm with flavourings, I have refilled the kettle five times today from empty and the kettle takes 1.6 litres - not sure how many litres that is because I am too tired to work it out but it feels good anyway!
Well done both of you for resisting, I bet it was really hard at the time but feels great now!
OMG 8 litres I will be up weeing all night! Well done on resisting the Indian - hubby had one the other night (I couldn't be bothered making dinner for the first time in weeks as it had been a long and stressful day), although the Chinese hurt me more as that is my absolute favourite food in the whole world, I could have literally eaten for dinner every night!