Thank you ... and good night !

I am having a lot of problems with some Australian's (long story and can't say on here as it involves legal fights taking place on three fronts) and I desparately want to comfort myself with a huge bar (or six) of Cadbury's but can't (and won't).

It is very hard to cope with these issues without hiding behind and seeking comfort from food. I have found in the past that when I am particularly stressed food helps me relax down a bit but being abstenent has meant that I have to find other coping strategies - tonights I think is going to be a long hot soak in some bad day bath salts to see if that lifts my mood. Failing that, I may just hop on that plane and go blow their heads off, that would solve some problems.

On a higher note though we took the kids to knowlsey safari park today, we had a fab time, although David's car ended up with several hundred pounds of damage - the monkeys pulled out the water squirters and broke one of his windscreen wipers! The kids had a ball and David's car is very old and knackered anyway.

Highlight of my day though - buying a stunning top from per una! It is a tad tight over the boobs but I know it will be perfect in two weeks time. It was size 18 - the boobs just aren't shrinking at all but my trousers are a good 16 now and definately heading towards a 14 which is amazing.

I am so going to be the best dressed person on the planet, it is amazing have a choice of clothes and not having to look through for the 22/24s (per una don't go there anyway). It is amazing having a choice of clothes.

Oh joy the kids are bickering upstairs, best go sort them out
Good for you Flopster for not eating during this very stressful period.

If you can resist now and learn new ways of coping it will serve you well in the future.

I am relearning new ways myself as I too would seek out crap during stressful times and like that I am trying to put in place new healthy habits.

I do dream of having a my own private masseuse to come in and give me a massage...I would need to win the lotto or something:rolleyes:

Well that monkey will go down in history in your family...expensive day out, but so glad you all enjoyed it.

I got a top last week and I have not worn it or got the chance and I am thinking now I will have to leave it back as it will be far too big next week:D :D :D It is a size 18!!!

I am not complaining...just forgot how quickly the weight falls off on SSing and the inches:D

Congrats' on getting this far, it is some achievement:) :) :)

Love Mini xxx
Wow Mini, that is brilliant about the top!

I just had a hot bath and feel much better.
Sorry to hear things are a bit stressful at the mo. Good on you for staying strong.
I love knowsley safari park - the monkeys are well... little monkeys arent they? :D

Take care
Lol Helen, yes they are - in fact I do think I used exactly that phrase yesterday!
Hi Flopster,

Hope today was a bit better for you and that things are getting sorted.

Do hope your diet is going well?

Love Mini xxx
Oooh I'm all excited - I go to see Robbie next week and was panicking about how I was going to get there and meet up with my friends who are coming from all over the country - it has literally been keeping me up all night for the past four nights - I hate motorway driving and no way could I see myself doing the drive over the moors at gone midnight.

Anyhooo, I have just booked a coach ticket, it is going to be a very late night as the coach home isn't until 12.15am arriving at 1.15am and it is a long time since I have done that.

The only problem is that we aren't allowed to take any food at all into the concert so I am wondering how I will survive lol. I may just make up two packs of crisps and take those in in a plain bag (I know you shouldn't but needs must). I am also hoping I can take in water, if not I will have to buy there.

Definately excited now!

The only other notable thing of today is that I am going to miss Monday night's LL meeting as I have to travel to London on Monday night to see my solicitors on Tuesday morning - and there is nothing at all I can do to avoid seeing them at that time and day.

I am sure I will surive though!
Hi Flopster,

Hope today was a bit better for you and that things are getting sorted.

Do hope your diet is going well?

Love Mini xxx

Hi Mini

We must have been posting at the same time, the diet is going fine, absolutely no nibbles or cheats, although I have struggled a bit with the water this week due to being in so many meetings and of course stuck in a car all day yesterday at the zoo.

Thanks for asking. How are you doing? I must go and read your thread.
Hi Flopster,

I do love Robbie:D :D :D

What about the flapjacks???

Just make sure you drink lots of water with them.

How long is the concert for ? Just wondering could you have a pack before or after it?

Love Mini xxx
I haven't made flapjacks before??

The concert starts 6ish and finishes probably after 10.30 so I actually am going to struggle making a pack up, although I may just make a pack in my friends car when she picks me up.

And talking of water, I need to go get some, I am getting a headache!
I gave in and got my hair cut and coloured today! I was desparately trying to eek it out for another couple of weeks as we have an exhibition in Germany in mid-September but I just couldn't stand my hair any more. I last had it cut and coloured the day before I started LL.

It looks lovely and I feel much better now. I have to go to London to see my legal team on Tuesday and was feeling very self conscious about my out of style and huge roots hair!

I also went to next and bought a lovely pair of 3/4 brown trousers and shoes from Next BUT I couldn't find anything to go with them as my top half is still too big. When I got them home nobody was quite sure about them - they will look fab with boots but it is a bit early in the year for boots so I may just take them back.

I think I may end up going to M&S instead and seeing what I can get. None of my work suits fit any more and the meeting is too important to turn up looking like something the cat dragged in.

I also finally got round to buying some bio-oil today - I hope it works!!

Finally the diet is still going well, I am still in abstenance although I think I am probably in for a slow loss again this week - seems par for the course with me - every other week I have a good loss followed by a poor loss, which is actually quite frustrating!
I bet your hair looks lovely - i'm trying to wait until another stone has melted away and then treat myself. Dont know whether i'll be able to hold out though. What colour do you have it?

I have heard bio-oil mentioned before - what is it and what does it do?

Well done on staying strong, I am crossing everything that you get a good loss. If your not going to your LL meeting are you going to weigh at home?

Very jealous you get to see robbie - i lurrrve him!!! :D
Thanks Helen, I am really looking forward to seeing Robbie now I have sorted out the coach tickets.

I am going tomorrow to get my LL packs, I don't know if she will weigh me, according to my scales I have lost about 2lbs so far this week.

For some reason I have a big loss followed by a small loss followed by a big loss etc so am not expecting great things this week.

If I get the 2lbs as I am hoping for it means I have lost half a stone in two weeks which I am happy with.

My hair is a copper colour at the bottom and blond on top (two toned) and it is very choppy at the sides and back. I have been growing it so it is about shoulder length.

Bio oil is supposed to get rid of stretch marks and scars but it also says it helps saggy skins so thought I would give it a whirl and have a try.

How are you doing?
oooh - i might get myself some bio-oil then. I have terrible stretch marks from the kids and of course the saggy belly!! :)

Thats funny about your weight loss :confused: i generally lose 3 -4lbs every week when I SS which all adds up I suppose.

I am doing ok a bit fed up to be honest. I know i have to deal with my weight and put the effort in but I would love to wake up tomorrow at my goal weight!!
I am doing ok a bit fed up to be honest. I know i have to deal with my weight and put the effort in but I would love to wake up tomorrow at my goal weight!!

Wouldn't we all? I keep driving myself nuts that I don't wake up each morning thin but then I have to tell myself how far I have come - and 30 plus lbs is a heck of an achievement in such a short space of time!

It is an effort but just think we can go into 2007 as half the person we were before and that is an amazing thought!
I need to get some bio-oil to.
Your hair sounds lovely flopster. It must be about day 60 as well for me. I can't keep up with the day counting lol.
I am happy to carry on as long as the weight is staying off. I just wish I was showing as good an improvement in my figure as you are Flopster. I just feel like i am still gonna look fat even when I am at my goal.
You won't Lisa I promise, I am very small and was very round and looked like a big ball with arms and feet sticking out. My bum was huge. too.

Have you seen my blog? It has pictures on there but is generally the same as here - I am happy to send you the link. Look at my before photo you will see how round I was.
Just been to see my LLC and ....

I have lost another 3lbs! That is since Monday - wooooohoooooo I am so excited and made up!

I can't go on Monday night as I have to go down to London so went to pick up my packs today. I am well chuffed at that, I probably would have lost another one or two by Monday so not a bad week at all.

I just went shopping as well to a little boutique near where we live as I needed an outfit to go to London in on Tuesday and have absolutely no business outfits that fit.

I bought the most gorgeous skirt (size 16) and a little twin set BUT I also put away for the Jewish new year another amazing skirt and two gorgeous jumpers - I didn't buy as I need to make sure they fit so will go back in a couple of weeks to get them as I don't want to leave it too late in case they are too big and I can't find anything else.

It was so amazing to walk into this shop and have the pick of everything in there - normally she keeps a few of the "bigger" sizes in stock but not many.

Another great thing is that one of my friend's mums came in whilst we were there and she just said "bloody hell - look at you" - now I saw her on the last day of school so it is only 4 weeks since I saw her but she was just shocked at the change in me.

I think people are noticing because I am not looking like such a round ball any more - obviously I am only half way to where I want to be but I have lost a lot of the bloatedness.

It is so exciting, this whole journey - I have to write that down and come back to it when I am feeling down and fed up with it all.
Hey Flopster, it's really working for you isn't it? It is such a boost when people notice and say something, it really makes the changes real. I am seeing some friends tonight that I have not seen since i started my 'campaign' 7 weeks ago. I am 16lbs less than then so I can wear something a bit more fitted than I could. I know I still have a long way to go but I know I am getting there and it is a real buzz.

Have a good evening, love