Thank you & I Officially joined the CD journey tonight!


Finally...Life begins
Weighing in at 19st and half a pound! Argh! little heavier than I had thought but hey, its just more to say I have lost! (At least thats what i keep telling myself)

I have been amazed at the results that you lot have had on here, and would like to thank you for the inspiration you have provided, without having ever read Mike's (Icemoose) blog and being shown to these forums I would have never joined the CD.

Met my counsellor and came home with all my packs for the next week.

Will need all the support i can get. I know I can do, and I will, but need to be on here instead of the fridge or alcohol cabinet!!:eek:

Thanks again everyone for making me feel so welcome here.
Angela, take some photos of yourself NOW!! Because you're gonna need them for your magazine shoot when you hit goal!! ;)
Yes do take some, 12 days ago I took mine and I darent look at them!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for the day when I reach goal and compare!

I'm a newbie too, have never done anything like this before and Mike was my inspiration too.

All the luck ever in the universe for you, get your tracker and and lets watch the weight fall off.

Just shout if you need anything hun, I found there is always someone to help.

Good Luck, and I look forward to your posts.


Good luck with your CD journey Angela ... before you know it, the pounds will just melt away and the new you will emerge!

Although I was 21st 12lb at my heaviest, I started CD on March 24th (18 weeks ago) weighing 18st 13lb - so just about the same as you. Last Thursday I was 14st 2lb so it really does work if you just put blinkers on and get stuck in!

Keep us posted on your progress!

Debbie x
Here's a link to my photobox if you want to see how I'm doing so far: I've still got over 4st to go but I'm feeling 100% better already!
Hi Angela - and welcome to the wonderful world of CD :D . Taking photos now is a great idea - I did it and it's weird to look back at my 'before' pictures now .. and they were only taken just over 5 months ago :eek:

Anything you want to know, just ask and someone will be along to give you great advice.

Good luck and look forward to being slim!
Hi hun - best of luck for your exciting CD journey - and don't forget to measure yourself too - bust, waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. Some weeks, the scales might stick but the inches will still be coming off.
I know a lady who's lost 44" of fat in 9 weeks (almost 4 stone!) - how amazing is that! lol
I agree, take your before shots and for once don't be shy of the camera. ;)

I then take updates every month and when I get a down day, I look at the start shots and then the lastest months shots and belieive me that strengthens my resolve. :D

Take weird measurements too as well as the obvious like largest bit of your thigh and bicep oh and your wrist. I knew my wrist but didn't do the others. One of my happiest moments was knowing that I would fit a standard women's bracelette without having to get a tape measure out.

One measurement I would have love to have had was a drop measurement from my bra to my pubic hair (sorry!) but as I shrunk all I could see and still can see is all the fat, I didn't realise that my tummy had auctually shrunk because I have stayed roughly in proportion so had nothing to compare with.

You will loads of support on here from those of us who are in the same boat as you so you will never befar from an understanding ear. My friends and family have been great but they don't really understand what I am going through like my forum friends do :p
Welcome to the wonderful world of CD Angela.

It looks like the good ladies have given all the best advice - they always do.

From me, in my opinion, you have probably made one of the most important and life changing decisions you could have. These diets quite seriously do change lives.

Stick with it babe, keep your focus and if at any time you feel like you might be struggling - well, that what this place is for - just shout and somebody will be here for you.

Best wishes and good luck for your start.
Hiya Ajax

Well done for joining this mad diet!

Just be super strong in the first week, focus on that first weigh in and let nothing and nobody stand in your way of getting to it.

Just remember to drink loads of water this week and not to dwell on the hunger as once you drop into ketosis it will be the duvet of hunger protection you need to get you through the diet.

Enjoy the ride to slimdom and keep posting on here so we can see you disappear.

Hi Angela and a big welcome from me too. Looking forward to reading about your achievements and watching you shrink!

Omg I can't believe how many replies I have! It nearly made me cry!! thank you thank you thank you all for the support. I know with you lot all behind me I can do this and will. How mad is that. Having all these people I have never met, but you already mean so much.

Woke up on my first day, and last night I had a dream they someone invented loads of new flavour crisps and I was gutted I couldn't have any! How mad is that! Especially as I dont eat that many crisps now! lol How the mind works eh!

My stomach was rumbling 45 miniutes after I got up, god knows why as I dont usually eat until about 11am most days! So have drunk 1 and a half pints of water already! Going to aim for the 4 litres.

Just finishing making a note of my measurements fortunately I just fitted into a standard measuring tape, so that was my first acheivement!

Too nervous to post my before pics but sure as hell will once you can see a difference!

Thanks again everyone
Morning, honey! Bet you're well excited! Just think - you are never going to weigh this number again - you're on your way to skinnyville!

Water, water and more water will keep you comfortable -but in this weather, make sure you have lots of hot cuppa peppermint teas! lol I'm freezing and you will be too once you're in ketosis!!!

Keep checking in and reporting your status lol!

Hi Angela
Well done for sticking with it - it DOES get easier I promise!

It's really normal to think about food a lot in the first week or so. Not only is your body going through a physical 'de-tox' but a mental one too ... this is where we learn not to use food as a crutch for every situation.

I remember in my first week, I also dreamed about food. The most vivid was where hubby and me paid £50 EACH for a roast beef dinner and it wasn't even very nice but I ate it anyway. It was so realistic that I woke up convinced I'd blown the diet!! Now how mad is THAT?? lol

Now I rarely dream about food - in fact the other night I dreamed I opened my drawer and it was full of sexy lingerie! What does that tell you about my changing state of mind?

Being on CD is much like being a little child on a bike with stabilisers ... food has been such a central part of our lives for so long that, whilst we WANT to change our attitude to it and lose weight, we've depended on it for so long it's hard to let go. It's also hard to believe we'll be ABLE to let go.

Well, much like those parents who run along behind the bike holding onto the saddle, we're all here to cheer you along and tell you that you CAN do it and although things might be a bit wobbly at first, once you learn to believe in yourself, you'll soon be flying along and full of confidence! (You'll have to excuse me - I'm one of those nutters who uses a lot of analogies!)

Anyway, stay strong: looking forward to hearing about your first weigh-in! :)

Debbie x
I remember in my first week dreaming I ate lasagne and when I woke up I felt so guilty!

Then again any food eaten during a dream doesn't affect ketosis so enjoy!!
OMG, I dreamed I ate a digestive biscuit and woke up in a cold sweat.

I mean - how pathetic is that?? To subconsiously break yer diet for a BISCUIT!

I don't even like them that much!!!!!

OH and Debbie - get yourself down to one of those special shops to fill up yer drawers hehehe.

I'm loving the bike with stabilizers analogy - very appropriate! I shall steal that one and pass it off as my own Muhahahahahahahahahahahahah

Feeling hungry/emotional in the first week is entirely normal, honey - we've all been there and know just what you're going through. As everyone else has said, the first week really is the hardest - but once you get through it and see the fantastic loss at your first weigh-in you'll be thrilled to bits and really start to believe you CAN be slim!

I measured myself when I began and nearly cried when the tape measure almost didn't go around my backside - *whispers quietly* my hips were 58" when I started CD :( - but now, just over 5 months later, they are 42" and I've dropped from a size 24 trousers to size 16s :D

Don't worry about posting your 'before' pictures .. they're really just for you to refer back to and compare to the ones you'll take along the way (I did mine monthly). When I look at mine I almost don't even recognise the person I see in the 'before' pictures.

All it takes is a real determination to 'do it this time' and know that if you stick to the diet you really WILL be slim!

Have a great day - and keep posting!!