Thanks for inspiring me!


I have been reading through some of your posts and i am feeling ready to get back on the cambridge wagon with you all, you are all doing so well!
I first started cambridge mid october and lost 2 stone 10lb in 7 weeks, then christmas was coming and my resolve leaving!
I have managed to put 1 stone 3lb on in 4 weeks and feel annoyed with myself. but im restarting cd tommorow and have nothing to stop me now.i still have 8 stone to lose so will be around for quite some i hope to chat with you all at some point in the future. thanks becky.
Welcome back Beckitee

You will get to goal by the end of 2007 if you stick to it this year!!! Imagine starting Jan 2008 as a new slim you!!

Great motivation to be had here and most questions answered promptly!!
Glad you joined our gang. Look forward to seeing how you get on the next few weeks.

Success is there for the taking!

Dizzy x
good luck!

dont beat urself up about the gain. just think, u r doing something about it and thats what matters.

i know i can do it and im feeling good at the moment. its day one again today and im not looking forward to days 4, 5 ,6, they were the worst for me last time! but after that i know it gets loads easier, so onwards and downwards on the scales hopefully!
Thing is Beckitee you still have a long way to go - BUT not as far as you did have. Ok, you put a bit back but not all of it. So be pleased about that and start now feeling that you have a real head start- turn that gain into a positive by realising that it could have been so much worse.

Good luck and come on here whenever you need support!

Love Barb xx
Best of luck, honey - I'm on day 2 of a re-start and am still kicking myself for putting some weight back on - BUT easy on, easy off!

The point is you are trying to do something about it ... and you will get there and you can come on here and post as often as you like - we'll all help, encourage, support, motivate and kick a*** if needs be!!!

Glad to see you're back!
thankyou everyone for your kind words and i wish you all luck with your journeys too.
im going to the cinema tonight with my 4 year old daughter so major willpower required! mmmmmmm popcorn!!!!
maybe i should put that as a new shake flavour on the new flavours thread? (on second thoughts maybe not).
been to see night at the museum. it was very good, and i survived it with just water, had a shake before i went.