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That dress WILL fit!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by MamaC, 24 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    I'm Cec I'm 27 and I'm determined this year will be the year I lose my weight :)

    Iv got 7st to lose and a target if September to do it in.
    A few years ago I lost 40lbs in 3 months for a girly holiday just by exercise and eating healthier! It crept bk on slowly an I was bk at my starting weight within 2 years, then I got pregnant and put weight on then 5 months later I got pregnant again and put about 3st on :( my kids are now 2 and 1 and it's time I did something about the way I look! I don't want to be the fat mum who can't run around with her kids!
    I started Exante on Saturday and have switched as of today (pack arrived this morning) to slim n save!

    The title lol theres a lovely next dress I bought when I lost the weight a few years ago its a size 12 and I really want to fit in it and wear it to have my youngest christened and refuse to have him christened till it fits lol

    I have my first weigh in this Saturday and I'm dreading seeing zero lost! Hope everyone is doing well !

    This is the start of my journey to the new me :)
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  3. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Hey Cec,
    Good luck with your weight loss on Saturday.
    I also have around 6-7stones to lose, and am on my 3rd week of Slim and Save now. It's really good and you should lose weight well. :D
  4. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Thanks geegee I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed even 2lb would be a bonus :)
    It seems such a daunting task to lose that much but I have to do it!
  5. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Well I'm gonna class this as day 5 even though its my first day on Sns lol

    It's going really well so far I had the Choc crispy shake for breakfast and the toffee for lunch :) I'm liking the flavours so much better!

    Iv had a sneaky peak at the scales today too and Iv lost 8lbs :D I'm so happy I actually cried when I saw it! It's definitely given me the motivation to keep going!

    Just sent the hubby out for some veg and salad stuff to go with my meals!

    Things are starting to look up at last x
  6. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Day 6 :)

    Breakfast- cookies n cream shake
    Lunch- chilli con carne with cucumber and celery

    Not sure what's for tea yet but gonna have a bar if I feel peckish! Which strangely I haven't felt at all today :)
    Still on a high after my loss yesterday which is always a good motivation.
  7. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Well that's day 6 done :) weigh day tomorrow!

    Mac n cheese for tea with broccoli and cauliflower and half a bar! Feeling very full now though.
    So glad Iv made it through week one!
  8. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Day 7

    Weigh in day and woo hoo Iv lost 9lbs :D
    1 week down onto week 2!
  9. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Fantastic, well done!!
  10. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Thanks Caroline :)

    day 7 was a toughie :( the hubby had bought the kids double Choc chunk cookies, and I so wanted a bite or the pack lol I LOVE cookies! Then cooking nice yummy meals for the rest of the family the smell was mouth watering, the OH nearly got his melt in the middle pudding over his head lol thank god for the bars :) I managed to stay 100% though for the full week, so I know I can do this it's just a matter of keeping my eyes on my goals and out the fridge!

    Onto day 8 and week 2 feeling pretty good at the moment.
  11. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    That really good, well done resisting. Did you have a WI?
  12. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Yeah I did :) the hubby said I was only allowed a week to see if it worked think he wa very surprised by a 9lb loss!
  13. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    9lbs is fantastic!!! Well done!! I'm assuming he's happy for you to carry on?
  14. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Yep he's more than happy :) he tried to do it to but after 2 days he had had enough lol
    There is no way I am giving this up its the longest Iv stuck to anything and I'm enjoying it which helps!
  15. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Well done chick, you've done it before, you can do it again! Great being on a fast track though isn't it? I love seeing results so quickly,I think I'd feel disheartened only losing a pound a week.
    Keep it up,it just gets easier and easier!
  16. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Here to follow, I started 100% yesterday but lost 6lbs over the past 3 weeks whilst faffing around.

    Well done on your loss 9lbs is great! :)
  17. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Thanks everyone :) I can't wait for this first stone to come off now! Hubby said I get a prezzie for every stone and my dads gonna give me 100 ponds for every 2 stone! If that's not incentive I don't know what is. Iv got 7 stone 4 to lose by September really hope I can do it

    Cec x
  18. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Wow that's great!! Wish I had someone giving me prezzies or money (mostly money haha) for losing weight, just think of all the fab clothes you can buy for your new body :D
  19. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    I think they are hoping I will fall off the wagon but for the first time I'm really determined to lose the weight not just for me but for my kids too! Though money for new pretty skinny clothes for holiday def helps ;)
  20. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    I'm the same a big part of this is to be fit and healthy for my lil man, to set a good example and to be able to run around like maniac with him!
  21. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    That's what I love about this diet it's easy to do with children! I tried doing work out DVDs but the kids just got in my way or jumped on me :)

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