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That friday feeling with NO ALCOHOL!! EKK!

Well it's Friday, the sun is shining, all i need know is a nice glass of wine in the garden! OH DEAR no wine flavoured milkshake!!!

NOW what do I do ? I though I was just a food addict not Drink too!

Is everyone else so positive that they don't miss it at the weekend?:eek:
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Its awful isnt it lol but if we want to lose the weight its gotta be sacrificed!! Bank holiday weekend will be a killer for me i keep turning down nights out with mates cause i know i carnt go out and be the only sober one. But just think... in the end we can go out and drink and wear a brand new dress in a lot smaller size :) that thought out weighs the wine right now
i totally miss it but i have enjoyed not having hangovers, i think when im off the diet i will try to just enjoy a glass or two at weekends rather than the bottle!


Absolutely Determined!
I don't miss my Friday night bottle of wine. Same as I don't miss my Sunday morning bacon sandwich. But, that's not because I'm superhuman... it's just because I've decided I want to be slim more. Nobody can make the decision for you hun, but remember it's dangerous to drink when in ketosis. Good luck xx


second time around
Ive been on cd ss for 7 weeks and last week i went to a party and had 3 gin and slim line tonics, got to say i didn't enjoy them and wished i hadn't bothered. I used to love a drink before this diet but now i have gone off alcohol:)
I used to drink a fair bit but have hardly drank this year at all (and being a student I am a rare breed). Sometimes I fancy a glass of wine but even if I have one I feel a bit poop the next day so I haven't really bothered for a while. As soon as I start CD though I doubt I'll even think of alcohol, I'm sure all I'll be thinking about is eating.

When I go out drinking I usually end up looking at my skinny friends and feeling jealous over their figures and nice clothes so it can be quite destructive anyway.

I think a good thing to remember is that alcohol isn't going anywhere, it'll still be around after dieting and I'm sure a gin and full fat tonic water will taste so much better whilst wearing brand new slinky skinny clothes :)
what's wine.........? <giggling> xx
Don't cave in

LOL LO I read your post and you read my mind! I was like that last week and about an hour ago so I downed 2 large glasses of water and had a coffee and the urge went. I know totally what you mean though. But I had a better kick today as I got into a size 12 pair of white trs and a figure hugging top and my Hubby and friend told me how lovely I looked so I am flynig high. Remember the diet is not for ever and stick with no no and think slim!!!! Good luck ;);););)
i know the feeling i have 12 bottles of Asti in my fridge for a bank holiday party in my garden ... i'll be cooking for everyone and serving drinks but i am hoping the lovely comments i hope to get will get me thought it .. !!

however i do intend to drink once at goal but only ever had a glass or two always with a glass of water to avoid the head ache in te morning !!

It's really nice to mix the shakes with lots of ice and have a fab milk shake in the sun !

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