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That's It!! No More Fa**ying Around and No More Miss Nice Guy

Although I am still poorly (cough cough) I need to get back on track 200%.. So that's it no more fannying around and this time I mean it.. I have bought so much fruit and have a freezer full of ready prepared quorn meals!! No excuses.

Also in another thread there has been mention of how we are all allowing each other these episodes of sliding off track.. well no more I say.. GET BACK ON PLAN all of you!!! lets be slim .. lets wear those knee high boots and those size 12 dresses ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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Wow, you sound very motivated!

Theresa reporting for duty Sir, YES SIR!!

Theresa x
Im on board too!

I Rainbow do hereby pledge to be one mean ass ***** when it comes to my SW buddies, oh and I pledge to stick to SW (until I attempt CD) xxx


I ate my willpower!
I gave myself a kick up the ass tonight. I have been lacking in energy lately and I was so close to picking up the phone and ordering a takeaway.

Instead I made some SW chips and just before they were ready, I cracked 2 eggs into the chips, put them back in the oven until they were cooked just right, then served the egg and chips with quorn sausages, beans and a HEXB of bacon! Yum :D
well done SA! I actually put the b word in my pledge and some ones *ed it, does a mod do that? x


I ate my willpower!
I must admit, I am really proud of myself for not giving in. And I really did enjoy my dinner. I also had a packet of Limbo's as well. They are really nice and not bad for only 3 syns a pack.
First day back on track ....

Today I am feeling slightly less poorly so started the day with a kings breakfast..
3 egg fritata with small tin of new potatoes fried off in frylight and black pepper, cherry tomatoes and a quorn sausage. All free woop woop.. also had 3 slices WW danish toasted.

I had a few grapes, a sliced apple and a mandarin.

Then lunch quorn spag bol .. see recipe thread for contents.. but again all free.. pudding was SW rice pudding with a chopped banana.. but to be honest was so stuffed I only ate half.

Dinner will be ryvitas and LC lights with marmite, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce I think:D

Hope you are all on plan from today.. this weight has got to go.. I tried THE dress on again today and I so need to lose at least 7lbs in the next 5 weeks


Is so very nearly there!
Yep I have said what I eaten earlier so all good! Heres hoping a lb or 2 goes this week1 x


Silver Member
Ems - well done, back on track with a vengeance I see! Not much longer until the London trip and we will be having to tell the personal Shopper what size clothing to pick out for us to try on - so onwards and downwards I say, both scales and tape measure that is! XX
We are staying at the St Giles.. and we are planning to go to Bravissimo then on to Debenhams to be personally shopped .. and then ... who knows.. we can be as free and easy
Hey all

have changed my weigh in day to saturdays so if I wanna go off track for the evening its a cool day to do it (you know x factor and all that woop woop)

So there I was this morning.. butt naked... luckily in the privacy of my bathroom and not in the middle of Boots where I used to WI and the scales have told me 12 stone 6 lbs .. so again woop woop as this means a loss of 4lbs.. so thats the 2 I put back on well and truly gone!!!

I am back on the red days and this definately works for me.. dont seem to have the same craving for the sweet stuff on these days either.

Have had such a good day today.. went to Tesco with my friend, she spent nearly 100 quid :D on clothes boots etc.. me? I spent under £6 and that was on two packets of sanitary towels (* week ish .. not sure whats going on there) a bottle of mouthwash and the SW magazine.. then we went to Marks and Spencer.. lots of yummy party dresses and shoes.. (look out London) and my friend was hungry.. she had a big mac meal .. me? I waited till I got home and had scrambled egg and ham in a whole meal roll ..

so yay me !!!:D

Hope everyone is well and having a fab weekend. xxx

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