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The 14st Curse: Ellie's journey

Well I guess that I should finally admit that 'calorie counting' is my 'diet' for good, I've flitted round LL, diet chef and now this for long enough.. I've been doing it about 6 weeks now and lost about half a stone overall (though wasn't entirely focused for about 3 weeks so just maintained). So now that I'm admitting that this is my 'diet', I'm starting a diary to keep track of how I'm doing

Anyway I'm about 4lb away from being the pre-glycogen weight that I was when I finished LL. It's good. I had a bath tonight and it feels good these days cos whereas before my tummy would float above the water line now it sits well below the surface, and whereas before I took up most of the width apart from about 2inches if I squished over to one side, now there's acres of room! :D if ever there's a reminder of how well I'm doing it's that.

I'm taking the view of " I'll sort my diet out and do my best with it, exercise, and the weight will come off as & when it's ready". So whenever really I'm happy with a slow weight loss because I'm actually not entirely unhappy with where I am now I'd just like to lose a bit more to get rid of those unsightly lumps.. It's sort of a bonus losing the weight lol. Had a bit of a difficult day today though, "lady problems" shall we say. And I just wanted to eat chocolate ALL day. Gaah.

So here I am. :)
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Ok just a little :D:D:D :wee: from me.

I fitted back into my size 14 jeans! I was comfortably in them when I finished LL, then put some weight on.

Now I'm back into them :D


Was born to shop
Well done on the jeans :D

The good thing about cal couting is nothing is off limits or forbidden.

Good luck x
:) Thanks maria

Well I jumped on those scales this morning, and another lb is gone :) all in the right direction, means I'm 200lb exactly now! So here's to getting to 195lb (and under 14st!).

three and a half weeks til my hol!! :D


i really don't know life
hello miss,

yay for the loss!! my motto is 'slow and steady wins the race' you're waaay more likely to keep the weight off if you lose it slowly. calorie counting is the best way to train your body into knowing how much it needs. when i have my calories right i'm virtually never hungry. when i do get peckish or feel a rumbly in my tumbly, i ask myself 'am i going to die if i dont eat for another hour or so? answer: of course not' then i try and ignore the rumbly and get on with things.

you're doing so well lovely, it feels great when your head's in the right place, doesn't it??

keep it up petal x
:) thanks rhuba! :)

Maria, I'm going to New Zealand! My OH lives out there (long story) and I'm going to see him/for a holiday for a month! :D


i really don't know life
*is very jealous*

NZ is one of the places i loooong to visit! it's like britain would be if everyone had stopped having babies about a thousand years ago! i've been to oz, but i reeeally wana go to NZ. have fun! you'll have a grand time.

twill be loverly to see your oh as well i imagine? i'm lucky enough to have mine living with me. sometimes i wish he was in New Zealand lol!

take care and have a great time - do something crazy like a sky dive, so you'll remember it forever!

Haha! Everyone says what a lovely place NZ is, I just can't wait. It'll be winter there but my bet is that it'll be warmer than english summer anyway ;) Yeah long distance sucks sometimes, but you gotta look on the bright side at least I get a great holiday out of it :) and I've done a (solo static line) sky dive actually, in south africa.. But we are going on a hot air balloon ride which should be memorable enough :D
Ok about time I did a diary entry I think.

I weighed in today: one day before my 'weekly' weigh in. I haven't lost since monday's lb. But I think there's probably a couple of reasons for that so I'm not worried: I've stuck to the diet well. ToTM is gracing me at the mo, and also I'm in need of a no.2 :eek: sorry if that's TMI! I get this particular feeling in my body when I'm losing (everything feels smaller! and no it's not just in my head.), so I can tell I am shrinking even if it's not showing on the scales yet.

I'm feeling really good, 2 days running I've been eating less calories throughout the day and leaving more for the evening. It's working so far! So I'll keep going and see how it works out.

All in all I'm feeling really positive and confident I can lose another 2st by end of summer. When I have my summer job I'm on my feet and pretty active all day, plus I cycle in to work which is 45mins each way/90mins total. I worked out that means I should burn about 3000 cals a day. No wonder last summer I felt like I was always needing food and yet didn't put a thing on! Seriously last summer I was packing away breakfast plus 2 course lunch (soup & main meal), then a snack before cycling home, then often a meal in the evenings, and I'd be hungry for every meal! So, over 2 months I reckon I can easily pull off losing over a stone. If I could lose at least a stone before I start properly (august), that would be fab :). I have an incentive, at my summer job they hold a staff ball towards the end of the summer. I've got a stunning & a bit daring size 10 dress that I'd like to wear, it's a bit stretchy (I can wear it now!) but I reckon by the time I lose 2st it'll look amaaaazing! :D

What's that cliche? Oh yeah onwards and downwards :)


i really don't know life
yeah! go PB!

i know what you mean about the 'feeling smaller' i get that as well. i know when i've definitely lost, or when i don't that somehting is happening and i'll lose the following week. and a lb's a lb! without losing one lb, you'll never lose the next and you won't get anywhere!

your positive attitude is shining through. i think 2st is a very achievable goal (esp with all that cycling!!) and once it's gone you'll look even more fabulous in that spangly dress!m (i had a nosy in your photys miss - v. lovely!)
Woo Still on a roll! My 'official' weigh in today, and I dropped 1.5lb from yesterday's weigh, yyyyyyyiiiiiiiiipppppppeeeeeee!
Suddenly that goal of getting under 14st is looking closer: I'm now 14stone 2 3/4lb.... Yaaaaaaaaay! 2lb loss from last week as well but to be honest I'm just happy the weight is shifting and going down however much it is.. So happy :)

Oh I tried ready brek this morning lol cos everyone says what a good breakfast porridge makes. I don't like pure porridge so thought I'd try chocolate ready brek. Was very nice actually! And only 105cals which is much less than granola breakfast (300cal). Filled me up too.


Here for the Journey
Hey - you're doing SO well. Friday weigh in huh? You should join us Friday Girls x
Something I missed, Gemstone? Where's that?


Here for the Journey
Just a little group of us (Silence, Frigg, Clarri, Mommy B and I at the moment) with the Friday Girls Rock Fine in '09 on our siggy and supporting each other for the Friday weigh in - the more the merrier - a bit of group identity and loadsa support x


Anything But Ordinary
Hey PB :)

Awesome job on the losses! Under 200lbs now, feels great to get a milestone like that, don't it?

You're doing so well, it's so inspiring to read!

Oo, a friday weigher! I weigh fridays too, might have to boogie on with you to the friday weigh group.

Keep at it :D

Wow bronski, that's a fantastic weight loss you got going there! 70lb! How long you been doing it for? Inspiring indeed!!

Yeah feels good to get on the right side of 200lb :) 170lb seems closer than when I was above 200lb! hehe crazy head games.

Gemstone, is there like a specific thread you got going where you all report your weight losses on fridays?! Yeah I'd love to join the friday weighers!


Anything But Ordinary
Thanks :D I've been going since summer 2006, next month'll be the three year anniversery! Not sure if a cake to celebrate would quite be the point though ;)

It's fab to be in the 100s! Know what you mean about how reachable it all feels, use that to your advantage and you'll be seeing the 170s sooner than you think :)

Gemstone: if you could direct us to the thread, that'd be ace!



Here for the Journey
Wow bronski, that's a fantastic weight loss you got going there! 70lb! How long you been doing it for? Inspiring indeed!!

Yeah feels good to get on the right side of 200lb :) 170lb seems closer than when I was above 200lb! hehe crazy head games.

Gemstone, is there like a specific thread you got going where you all report your weight losses on fridays?! Yeah I'd love to join the friday weighers!
No specific thread as yet but it could be done - we usually just visit each others diaries.

You will be most welcome too Bronski x


Here for the Journey