The 50 Day Challenge


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Ok - so it is exactly 50 days until we go on holiday again. These are the things I want:

1. To fit in the plan seat comfortably, with the belt done up and the tray table down with room!
2. To not feel so hot and sweaty walking around all the theme parks in Orlando again.
3. To not worry that I wont be able to accompany my children on some of the rides because i am too big
4. To take up less room in the suitcase
5. To not get so tired on holiday and be full of energy to do everything the kids want to do

Here is what I am going to do to achieve this:

1. I am going to do Exante 100% total solution for the next 50 days
2. I am going to increase my activity to 15 minutes per day
3. I am not going to give up

I will write my thoughts down as often as I can to help me on my way.

Anyone fancy a 50 day challenge? :p
im up for it, xxx im a newbie here in a plea of desperation to loose 6st. so im happy to try anything for iv never had any luck with dieting and i really need to do something about it. i like ur reasons and i can totally agree with you on the targets you have set for your self xx
Thanks Ali.

Well I am on my third day,helped enormously by a bout of flu which has decreased my appetite - at least the scales say I am three pounds down which is impressive. Am hoping that today will be a good day.....
Super happy today -which is day 6...the scales are reading 8lbs down so I am a happy lady! Bring on the rest of the week (and of course the next 44 days!)
Okay so another super happy day, I am properly in ketosis now and the scales are another 2lbs down - so far this week thats 10 lbs!

So far this is a piece of cake!
Okay so weigh in day today and I have lost 11lbs and done 7 days of my challenge 100% - I have roped my hubby in as well and he has lost 2 lbs so the Wally household is becomming healthier by the minute! I am challenging myself to 5 lbs this week so here's to a good one
Day 9 today, starting some exercise today, back to rowing! I am an avid rower and love it am hoping it will aid my weight loss but if not it will certainly help tone my arms......Scales were a bit wonky this morning and gave 4 different readings so I am going to skip that bit for the day and assumed I stayed the same - seems a sensible assumption!

Diet is going well I am not hungry and my husband doing his own version is a villa in Orlando today is also spurring me on.

Going to be in a swimsuit by christmas :D
Morning all ... Day 10 and the scaled read another 2 lbs down don't know if that was helped by the rowing yesterday but I hope so. As we are off to Florida and I am currently only having shakes and soups (I am no fan of the exante bars) I am going to have to change to Change diets for when we get there as I don't think I will be eating soup in the middle of Disney land!
Let's hope for another good day today
Another day another weigh :D scales are another 2 lbs down today - thats why i love this diet it never fails to please with immediate results - I am a serial scales addict and weigh everyday without fail. I am aiming for a target of 5lbs off this week so i am on track for that. I have set myself a long term mini target - my little boy has asked to go to Legoland as a treat in March (as a delayed christmas present as there is nothing he really wants) so I want to be 12.7lbs by that point - that is a big ask but I think I can do it and fit on all the rides!
Ok - day 12 nearly over really - very busy today - all day in primary schools with an adorable bunch of kids - didn't notice today at all! I love it when a day goes past like that. Anyway the scales were a pound down this morning (although mu hubby thinks the battery needs changing as you can literally get a reading between a range of 5 lbs on it) so we will do that tonight and see what difference it makes - lets hope tommorow I am not 10lbs heavier! Only 38 days left now.
Hi! wow you are doing great! Keep going like this and I think you may exceed your expectations!!!
Thanks Itoy I set myself two targets: a realistic one and a really optimistic's hoping I have an optimistic run up to Christmas :D The scales were another pound down this morning but no surprise after having been so busy yesterday, let's hope my resolve holds over the the weekend. Day 13 here I come :cool:
Day 13 done and dusted - that was another really easy day - yesterday my husband challenged my on the cost of the diet and was really surprised that it was costing less than what he eats - let alone what we were eating before! But the scale are unbelievably another 2lbs down this morning and I dont know how that happened - must have been luck.....becuase there was little effort apart from walking the dogs in the driving rain and wind and arguning with my 11 year old about what was a cool outdoor jacket to have for the winter! Anyway looks like it is going to be a good weigh in tomorrow so I am looking forward to that.
I promised myself some rewards on the way this time, i promised some material rewards every time I hit a goal weight and then a tattoo on my wrist when I reached my goal date - well when he heard this my husband went loopy - he didn't want me having the tattoo - but I wanted something permanent to remind myself (and to stop myself from going back) so he became inspired and offered me a charm bracelet with a new charm for each stone that I I have 7 stone to lose so that will be a pretty loaded charm bracelet when I finally reach my target - but he has finally ordered the first one and I cannot wait to see what it is - it arrives Monday.......roll on my next stone, heres hoping I can go on holiday with 2 or 3 on my bracelet!
Morning all,

Well this is my second official weigh in and this week I have lost 8lbs - which takes the 2 weekly total up to 19lbs - I am thrilled to bits with this and cannot contain my excitement. I worked out yesterday that if I can lose 5lbs a week every week until christmas I will meet my *over expectation* I am going to work really hard to do that. As I set myself some little rewards along the way I am expecting two parcels this morning, a footstool for my 1 stone award (a little cheesy I know but I have been wanting one for ages and just haven't got around to it) and my husband choose the 1 stone charm for my bracelet so I am waiting for the postman.

Lets hope the the next week is filled with as much determination and ease as this week :character00238:
Well done, you're doing absolutely brilliantly and you've got some really nice little goals to work towards.

Also, I absolutely love the charm bracelet idea, I think this is wonderful :) x
Week 3 is well under way and not proving to be a good one. The scales are moving in the right direction but painfully slowly due to it being the week before my totm and even though I am a rational human being I can't really accept this. Also my hubby is away and I rely on him so much for support ( I hope he never reads this) I am afraid to say that as a modern working 21st century woman I am a little lost without him :( To add fuel to the fire I am having a massive disagreement with my PhD supervisor which has turned rather unpleasant .......normally I would have reached for the biscuits by now but I am staying strong. I am off to see a primary school full of kids this morning who no doubt will cheer me up and take my mind off everything cause none of this stuff bothers them!
Let's hope for a better day today only another 37 days to .
Ok so its day 18 today and it has been a totally awful week, by now I would have had a massive binge - but I haven't I have stuck 100% to the plan and haven't really even considered cheating (although did really really want a toasted cheese sandwich last night -so bad). Nothing ever gets any easier - but eating bad food doesn't make it go away - it just makes my waistline bigger, so I am sticking at it. The scales are another 1lb down today so it is slow going this week but in the right direction. I am waiting for a slim and save delivery today because I needed some bars and cannot stand the Exante ones, so I am waiting to tuck into some spag bol tonight....lush and possibly a lemo bar for lunch! Could life get any better?
Day 19 and its going to be the first real test today - I am off to London, something I do very regularly for a meeting. I am due to leave the house at about 7am to catch the train, get to London at about 9am and then be literally lavished with food all day. I am feeling very strong and will be taking a lemon and yoghurt bar with me and make and excuse not to go to lunch (something not uncommon) but still not something ideal in the circumstances. I am not due to get home until about 7pm tonight at the earliest - but the very worst is that I have to dodge the cornish pasty stand at Kings Cross....this is major weakness for me and I am guessing its not allowed on the diet (?) and Leons....(the porridge of the gods is lush). So the scales are another pound down today, if I stand on them a certain way and I am geared up to meet my target weight loss this week of 4lbs even though it is the week before my totm. So here brings to an end a rather awful week - I intend to celebrate tonight with a glass of white wine water flavouring in front of the tv and cuddle with hubby......roll on the weekend :cool:
This is officially day 22 and the start of week four, I have to say week three was really tough......arguments,hormones,hunger(not real hunger but the type where you look at the food channel and drool!) And a loss of motivation. But I have made it this far and I am not giving up. I am really pleased with my weight loss and I want to continue. I have got 28 days to go to the end of my challenge and I think I am going to make it!
Day 23 and it was really really tough going yesterday, despite all my best tactics I think I must have had the hardest day yet, I was hungry, moody and difficult. Yet I defied the temptation - mainly by going to bed at 8pm and stayed on plan and was nicely rewarded this morning with another pound off which took my into the next stone bracket down which really made everything feel worthwhile and reminded me why I was doing it - although I did feel really sorry for hubby as he had to eat his dinner all alone and was ignored all night!
The new SnS plan has helped a little bit, the meals are lovely and the bars make a little bit of a difference but maybe this is a little bit like the wall in the marathon and I just need to get through it - I feel a lot better today and more motivated - although I do have to steam my christmas pudding today so will have to resist the awesome smells.......27 more days to go and hopefully many more pounds lost :eek: