The 50 Day Challenge

Day 24 and 25 are set to be the hardest yet, I have to go to one of my favourite hotels overnight for a meeting. The upside is that they have the most awesome geothermal spa which I can make the most of, the downside is managing with the diet. I can take my blender and shakes/soups with me and I am sure I will manage but it will be quite tough. Anyway scales stayed the same today which is good and steamed my christmas pud for 8 hours and it looks all is well. So I will enjoy the spa and hopefully sweat off a few pounds!!!
Okay, day 25 and I am back from an awesome overnight stay at the Spa. Numerous temptations along the way - a box of chocolates in my room on arrival (took those home for Hubby) and then food like you wouldn't believe the day after - for lunch they served up - mini cottage pies, ceasar salad, greek salad, wraps, crudities and chocolate sponge and custard. Then they brought during the day, pastries and croissants to start the day with, then home made cookies at coffee and then in the afternoon lemon and walnut cake.
I am pleased to announce I had a SnS bar and was angelic- although I was craving one of the wraps so badly!
Scales are another pound down today so all my hard work has been paying off.
Day 28 well and truly conquered, yesterday I cooked a whole sunday roast for the family, visited relatives who feed all the family relentlessly and didn't cave in to any temptations and although I am a little disappointed with the 3lbs at least it is coming off and not going on (which it would have done if I had eaten everything I had been offered this weekend. So I am nearing the 2 stone mark (which in a month is pretty good going) and heading along towards christmas feeling really positive and happy. My aim is to shift the next 11lbs before christmas day and make it into the next stone down which would be the bet present ever!
So here we go into week 5, raring to go and hoping for a bit of a whoosh this week as the water retention from TOTM has been awful!
Ohh day 30 is proving to be a very hard one - firstly the scales are looking a bit sticky this week and are refusing the is a little frustrating, secondly because the scales are not moving I feel like I want to cheat - I'm not hungry just frustrated. So I have been saved by a delivery from SnS and a tub of mulled wine water flavouring - which is lush and is proving to be a lifeline at the moment. At the moment I am just hoping I can make it through this week :angeldevil:
Well, I am at 33 now and this week has been difficult - the scales didn't move all week and then suddenly dropped 2lbs overnight. I'm really motivated to continue now. I was at a meeting yesterday and we were provided with the most enormous buffet, it smelt and looked really good - but i didn't even think of having any so i am happy I managed to resist that one. Only 2 weigh ins til christmas so I am raring to get as much off as possible!
Brilliant here I am at the end of week 5 with a measly 2lbs weight loss - but I am still loosing and feeling great about that. Only a few weeks to go now before my Holiday and Christmas is becoming a major temptation but so far so good - no blips, no cheats and still motivated.
Hiya, congrats on the losses so far!

Just stick at it - even though you feel that you're only loosing a small 2lbs, that's still 2lbs lighter than you were before and 2lbs that you're NEVER going to see again :)

Also, gorgeous dog :p Is it a Saluki?