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The Apprentice !!!


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I love it! double bill tonite, dont miss it guys:D used to feel sorry for Lorraine but getting miffed about her constant instinct speeches, dont like the others, would like James to win but he's too much of a softy and a bit dippy, lol!


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i think Yasmina or Kate will win. Debra is awful but she is so thick skinned and is such a good salesperson that she has a chance too!

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Tonight is interview night, gonna be awesome. I think Yasmina is going to win


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I adore it!!!!! anyone but Lorraine to win!. :p x
I actually feel for Lorraine, I think she is often mis-understood. However, I do have to say I don't always like how she handles her 'disapproval' on tasks, but the majority of the time she is right! :)

I personally hope that either Yasmina or Kate win.

I hope Debra doesn't win, I think she can really dig her claws in when she wants to, and upset a lot of people. Not a good person to work with I don't think. :sigh:

James makes me laugh though, but I can't see Alan Sugar finding his wise cracks all that humorous! :D

It's on at 8pm today btw for 2 hours! - we get a showdown of all the remaining candidates before the actual show begins! :clap:

Enjoy! :p

Hugs x x x


Going for Goal!
p.s - I'm so glad Ben has gone - what an arrogant swine!!!!
I love The Apprentice-can't wait for tonight's episode!:D


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H2b and I are MASSIVE Apprentice fans, we normally snuggle down in bed with our laptops and play along with the online predictor game. Can't believe it'll all be over by Sunday :( Kate or Yasmina to win- I love James to pieces, he is really funny but I think he'd be more suited to a career in Midwifery ;) Can't stand Debra- can you believe she is only 23? Sour faced b*tch!
I am also a massive fan. I wantYasmina to win. I detest Debra AKA ***** on wheels.


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I love James but I don't think he will win, Yasmina seems the most down to earth female...Kate is up her own bum a bit...but Deborah??? Blurghhhhhhh don't get me started on that bitter moo.


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lol, lisa you're so right, James and midwifery so go together, he was hilarious in that birthing pool.
I agree with everyone, Yasmina has a chance but dont like Kate so hope she doesnt win, Debra is soooooo aaaargh I wanna pull her hair!

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I'm sticking with Yasmina to win!

How tough were those interviews though!! :eek:


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I think Kate will win; Yasmina has a business and so Sir Alan is weary of her intentions. Although both are strong contenders, I believe Kate will win as she has eradicated the previous preconceptions held of her and shown herself to be a strong candidate.

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I think Kate is an amazing contender, I just think she may be a bit too 'Straight' for AMS.

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