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The Bad Boy Of Minis Diary


The Minis Bad Boy
Hi Folks,

So I am back. Decided that after being a bad boy and imposing a ban on myself for a year I am back.

Same old Sulley. Sick of being fat.

Difference is this time I am a bit more motivated. Basically long story short I fell for a girl who I thought was falling for me only to turn out my weight was a major issue for her.

Was gutted and as I do not believe in fate, I can't stop thinking about how different it would have been if I had been a few stone lighter. Fate is an excuse to sit back and wait for **** to happen for us.

So I am going to proactively go out and do Exante to try and shed these rolls of disgusting fat. I know I am sorta good looking and I do have a warming personality. I am the type of person who can walk into a room of strangers and come out with a string of friend requests on Facebook. In fact I only did that last week. But anyway. I feel as though my weight is holing me back in many ways. At nearly 25 stone and 5ft 11 it is very noticeable.

I am sick of being the nice funny fat guy that though is sweet and charming owns a fecking mansion in friendzone.

Reason I am doing a diary is because I have done a VLCD before and well..... lets just say it is very interesting.

I am an emtional person and I have demons in my head which can be amusing at times but mostly strange. In this diary, if kept up to date and correct each day, you may well see my actual trials and tribulations of becoming a fitter healtheir me.

Now by that I am not talking about "OMG I ate a scone, im so fat, its going to make me put on 24 stone." I mean stuff like "Stood in front of the fridge today. Spent 15 minutes staring at a carrot before punching a wall and crying for no reason."

I'll also try my best to post a thought of the day and a couple of pictures a month. I guestimate itll take most of the year. I honestly don't think I'll last that long. But to be under 20st (5st loss) before I go Glastonbury would be epic.
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I've posted on your other bit but you can do it, ignore that pesky carrot that stares at you, Six months of this and you'll be all skinny, only problem is then, will all the ladies be after you for your bod or your brain????? Oh well, you'll be able to choose. I did ten stones in six months so it is very possible, I'm dropping baby weight now, I gave in to cravings which sadly were not saladx


The Minis Bad Boy
No I know what they are going for. I have a strict agenda and it misses out the silly girls.
Good luck - you sound like you have the right attitude.

I can't imagine what it's like to be faced with losing that much weight, so I wont pretend to understand, but I think with the support of this forum, anything is possible.
Hiya Sulley, nice to see you here :D

I can totally sympathise. Int is horrible when people cant see past your weight? Cos even the people that are "right"for you can be so shallow! I get this ALL the time....we are more than just a body, we are people. And will still be the same person inside wether were thin or fat. Its an absolute hate of mine!!

You'll get there this time if u keep ur mind focussed (get those naughty carrots in the bin haha)

Will look forward to seeing how u get on mr xxx
Best of luck Sulley. I started exante today, 7 stone to shift. I was quite pleased to chuck my mouldy carrots away out of the fridge and give up the pretence of buying them and never eating the things and then felling guilty about that too, let alone the junk i cram in!!


The Minis Bad Boy
So. Hello hungrer my old friend. I've come to talk with you again.

I started this morning with a strawberry shake. God I didn't miss that taste. Got away coming up to my first litre of water too.

Feeling peckish. But not hungry at the moment. Not looking massively forward to it. But on the last go I didnt achieve a day without picking at something. That is the plan for today. 100% all the way.


The Minis Bad Boy
So on Day 1, comes Test 1.

One of the guys in the department brought in a Battenberg cake and cut it into 4 pieces for us all.

Battenberg is my all time favourite cake.

I refused politely saying that I didnt like it. The cake is currently sitting about a yard behind me uneaten. And it shall stay that one until one of them gets peckish.

On a down note though I have already had 2 sachets today with only 1 left for the next 9 hours. Hmmm itll be tough but hunger is my friend.
Well done!

I had to make some cup cakes the other night for my hubby to take into work for his birthday - it was hell, but I felt great for not giving in!

I've just had my second pack aswell - I don't normally have my 3rd one until about 9pm. I have found that a sweet coffee is great for keeping the cravings away, or try some boullion if you fancy something savoury.


Gotta Make A Change
Sulley good to see you back bud
i am pretty sure you will kick ass on this diet, exante is quality and the people here are lovely, and on another note, the girl who comes into your life is the one who will love you for you :) some girls can be abit snobby, maybe you'll find love @ glastonbury :)



The Minis Bad Boy
Hey yeh ken long time no speak. hows things?

I always find love at Glastonbury. Its a lovely place. Just never found THAT sort of love. Maybe this year aye.


Gotta Make A Change
everything cool Sul :)
just chilling trying to lose these last few lbs :) getting ready for dam :)

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