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The Bars...undecided!!

Hey guys just wondering on your take of the bars

iv had three this week...chocolate orange, peanut crunch, and toffee. have to say i didnt particularly like any of them!! in fact they all had a very strong soya type taste!!

they are however very filling...have been cutting into little bits and freezing them (appart from peanut bar which i took to the cinema....so was ok with a black coffee) but i find their no where near as tasty as the shakes..but twice as filling!!

so any suggestions as to how to possibly make them tastier??

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Laugh in the face of food
No suggestions to make them tastier I'm afraid. I love the peanut one, but you're right there's def a strong soya taste. I also like the choc orange. I try not to have them too often, and I generally prefer to have the shakes, but the bars are nice for a change sometimes.


hoping for a good loss
The cranberry one is wonderful and is probably my fav at the moment. Quite like the choc orange too, but undecided about the others.

Have no idea on how to make them better either, but keep trying them as tastes do change.

Charlie xx


Laugh in the face of food
but keep trying them as tastes do change.

Charlie xx
That's def true, I used to hate the peanut ones but I love them now and they totally satisfy my peanut butter addiction.;)


hoping for a good loss
Mmmmmm peanut butter!!!!!!!! Now I am droolling


Laugh in the face of food
I know.....miss it..... I'm totally addicted to Reese's Peanut Buttercups from the US, they're gorgeous. Not the big massive ones you get over here tho, tiny ones. Sorry this is distracting isn't it. Back to the bars. I'm also partial to the caramel bars, they're not bad tasting.


hoping for a good loss
Still thinking of peanut butter on hot toast lol. Nothing can distract me from that thought now

Ooops hehehe


Laugh in the face of food
Ooooops Sooorrrrrryyyy


minimims stalker
yuk yuk yuk had caramel, choc and choc orange and hated them all lol reminded me of chewing a dirty sock not that ive ever chewed one of course lol.the choc layer is nice but then the middle is sooo chewy it eventually makes me gag lol :(O
I like the choc orange one - but only if it's rock hard just come out of the fridge, I also like the cranberry one - thats currently my favourite but I couldn't stand it when I first tried it. I agree they fill you up I have yet to finish a full one in a single sitting


Size 14 here i come!
God i must be just greedy then,lol i can eat a full bar in one sitting no prob and i love them! Don't find them that filling either, shame, so i have them as a treat with a cuppa rather than as a meal.
i don't find them particularly filling and can't stop once i've popped the wrapper lol. i like them with black coffee. took the cranberry one to the cinema with me but it was very strange and tasted like strawberry bubblegum like bubbalicious pink one. so i think i might just have put myself of it. i like the peanut one and the choc orange but i think that i'll try a choc one this week as i know they're very sweet and i feel the need for something mega sweet!
well totally changed my mind now!! had the cranberry bar tonight!!

oh my god i loved every single bite!! also gave chocolate orange another shot when it ws frozen into little bits. my new idea though is to cut the chocolate and chocolate orange together. freeze half of each together in tiny little bits which gives it a bit more variety!!

x x x
The toffee one reminds me a bit of a cadburys finger of fudge! I love the peanut and the cranberry ones have never tried the choc orange would want it to taste like a terrys chocolate orange and know I'd be disappointed lol.
I love the bars, all of them apart from the 'chocolate' one as its not that chocolaty..
My fav is chocolate orange one, very chewy though.


This is the last time!!
I had a cranberry crunch yesterday as a 'treat' for my good weigh in. Really enjoyed it. Last time I always cut my bars into thin slithers so I did it again yesterday and munched on it over a period of an hour or so at work.
Terrible terrible wind yesterday afternoon tho!!! :eek::eek:

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