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The beginning of the journey where i walk off weight!

hello to all the minimins out there :p

im Scott, age 21.

starting weight: 16st 7lb / 231lb

The plan i have is to change the way and what i eat, im going to eat smaller portions but of the right stuff and cooked a healthier way.

only drink water - all i drink anyways except when going out.

also i've just currently started walking 2 mile in a morning and 2 mile at night with the terror of the house!

wish me luck :) i will be reporting back and weigh ins will be on a monday!
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Welcome Scott :welcome2:

Good luck on your weight loss and fitness journey and I am sure your little 'Terror' who looks adorable will be a good support to you:chores016:
thank you very much :) she's adorable really... she loves the walks more than i do i know that for sure :) although it takes me some will power to get up and outside for a 2mile walk at 4:30AM! sadly i work 40 mile round trip from work so have to leave for 6am and then dont return home from work somedays till 11pm...
thank you very much, yes she certainly is adorable! however she is growing by the minute lol.

day 3 now and all is going well i must say,


B- all bran with sliced banana and strawberrys
L- salad with small serving of pasta & tomatoe basil
D- i will have home made chicken ticka masala *sw* recipe
S- muller light choc orange :) - grapes - apple- few strawberries

water water water :D
well, today is my day off work so i get to have a lie in :D yay 6am start instead of 4.30 :) so i got up, took the doggy for a 2 mile walk then had

B- all bran, strawberries, sliced banana, ss milk
L- going to have chicken fajita with onion n peppers
D- few actifry chips, mushy peas, homemade meatballs
S- Muller light, grapes
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been for a nice long walk this morning before coming to work, thankfully the rain held off for me!

B - All bran, strawberries, sliced banana, ss milk
L- going to have jacket potatoe with salad
D - Going to have 2 x 3% fat sausages with loadsa veg
S - Got a muller and pack of wotsits


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Getting up to go for a walk at 4:30 is dedication man, well done! I think you're totally mental, but well done, lol.
You're doing great, I hope that you see fab results on Monday :)
Best wishes.
Getting up to go for a walk at 4:30 is dedication man, well done! I think you're totally mental, but well done, lol.
You're doing great, I hope that you see fab results on Monday :)
Best wishes.

thank you :), its not easy on the days i dont get in from work till 11pm! but i guess needs must :rolleyes:
Started the day with a nice 2 mile walk, throughout the course of the week iv managed to improve
My walking time from 55
Mins to 35 minutes, I think soon il be doing more :)

B- all bran, strawberries n bananna
L- omelette n beans :)
D- jacket potato- salad -chicken

Time for a bath now I think before work :)


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Wow that's great, it's awesome that you can already see such a great improvement! Keep up the hard work :)
Well done fo not snacking as well, that's my downfall, lol.
Best wishes.
thanks for the kind comment :)

it is good that i can see such a change in a short time, gives me the boost i need just hope the scales go down on monday!

best way not to snack dont buy it in lmao! or just have healthier stuff, i have the orange n choc muller lights if i get a sweet tooth,

eat it slow n u can just taste the chocolate lol.
As Pink says well done on your dedication for getting out of bed at 4.30am!

I am a huge fan of those new Muller Lights with the bits of chocolate, they are a life saver for someone like me with a sweet tooth!
well first week down and i weighed in at a -3lb :D

16st 4lb / 228lb

yesterday didn't go so well so im chuffed with that result and back on the ball now, no fault of my own. was suppose to be finishing work at 1pm so didn't take dinner with me and ended up having stay till 10pm! with no food so soon as i finished i went to the devil food places! :(

anyways onwards and upwards :) day off today just gonna go for my walk, may add a little extra in now 2.

B- all bran - bannana
L- Fajita chicken wrap
D - Homemade steak pie, with lots of veg
S- muller light orange & chocolate

thats gonna be my plan today and hopefully il stick to it :)
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Crikey, that was a long old shift you had to do, I'd be miffed if I had to do 9 hours impromptu overtime.
Well done on the loss, I've no doubt you'll kick those next 2lbs.
Best wishes.
unfortunately my job sometimes gives me no choice in the matter :(

anyway i have not had the long walk yesterday or today!
however i have had 2 days off work and been continuasly digging and shuvveling gravel in the garden so i think it should pay off,

B- crumpet with marmite
L - going to have spag bol with side salad
D - Fruit & yoghurt as having late dinner and been very busy

just started a new ticker and set my first goal :D


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Sexy ticker :) lol.
All of that gardening will definitely help! I did that when I was at my dad's, and despite having two meals out I still lost 2lbs.
Hope that you get to move your ticker along soon :)

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