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The big question - Do I get a washer dryer?

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Hi my washing machine has broken :mad: so am thinking of using the opportunity to buy a washer dryer. I've heard a lot of negative comments about them but only from people who have never actually owned one! :confused: My sister was in halls at Uni for 3 years (same room if I remember rightly)and she said they had one between 5 people which was used all the time and they never had any problems with it.

Can anyone else share their experiences?

Thanks in advance! x :)
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No they always break! Invest in an LG built in drive motor like we have just done £595 from somewhere online discounts. It's £995 in comet currys.
It's silent! Motor guaranteed for ten years. It's super!
I had one for a while. They are fine but washing takes ages. You have to wait till the load is dry before you do the next load of washing, whereas with seperate appliances you can be drying stuff whilst other stuff is being washed. So it really depends on how often you do the washing i guess!
I've had 2 and loved them. Only reason I dont have one now is that we rent and the house didn't come with a washer dryer, just washer. Hardly ever used dryer though, just for towels and jeans in winter if they couldn't dry overnight.

Much prefer the combo one to stand alones.

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I cant agree. We had one years ago and it was awful, took forever to get things to nearly dry. Plus if one aspect breaks, they are both knackered. I would never have a combo one again. I would rather have a washer and a clothes airer.
MadameLaMinx said:
I would rather have a washer and a clothes airer.
That's what I have now and its fine.

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Thanks guys I'm really tempted to try one. I only really use my dryer for towels or if I've done a wash with lots of underwear in I stick just that in. We're in a smallish 2 bed house and at the moment my tumble dryer is in the spare room but we're hoping to need the room for a nursery in the not to distant future. I've not got a lot of space in the kitchen and the one I've got needs a vent so would have to use the crappy kleeneze vent system I've currently got (there isn't anywhere to put it by the back door or window) and the hose is constantly falling off the water box and steaming the room out! x


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i have one and think it is good mind you only use the dryer for undies and things but in the winter anything else that can go in, have had mine for about 3 years now


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I only had one briefly in a rented house but it broke after it started eating my clothes. Tbh Im so used to having no dryer now I dont personally see the need. Although I dont have any kids!!
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I have one and never had problems with it, the wash does take longer but I live alone so its not a problem as Im not doing loads of washes everyday. Not ideal for a family in that respect
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Awwwwwwwww I can't believe all the negative comments.

I have a washer dryer & have had for years. I don't use it on a regular basis, I also use an airer.

The reason I have a washer dryer is I don't have space for a separate washer & dryer. And when it's this time of year & I really want something drying I just pop it in the dryer. I very rarely use it to dry a whole load.
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OMG never again....... thankfully it broke last year and we now have a washer and a tumble........ If you like your clothes steamed dry and the feeling of damp then get a combo....... so many items struck in there ive lost count lol
I've used a combo a few times when we've been away as these seem to be favoured in holiday cottages. I really don't like them. The cycles take ages and the clothes never seem fully dried, and they come out quite creased after the drying cycle, unlike my dryer which pretty much negates the need for ironing!

I do have a dryer but hardly ever use it, it's for "emergencies", such things cost too much to run these days. I favour a windy day, an airer or lining the radiators with pants and socks!!!


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I have had two. First one was fabulous washed and dried clothes beautifully... then bought another which washed clothes left them soaking then took about 5 hours to dry them.Never again ! got rid within 4 months it was so time consuming. I guess thats why the reports on here differ so greatly some are fab some are awful. Could you look up the best ones on Which magazine

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