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The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humour?

Apologies for the catchy title and NO its not a rant/moan post, I am in fact starting out on my dieting journey and am hoping to dispel that myth by keeping em laughing as I go.

This is my first post on here however I have been reading about the various diets for over a month, I have been trying to find the most practical and suitable for me. This has been very difficult as I have read and seen SO many inspirational posts and photos.... this is like the "Sweet Shop of The Dieting World"..... Ooops, did I say Sweets!! (Rule Broken Already)

Ok, no more mentions of food for a while because from now on I am dedicated to the SHAKE. This post will bring you up o today with my diet story so it will be long (I'm on Day 4), please bare with me as they will be shorter in the future.

As I said. I have considered ALL the diets mentioned on this site but decided on Lipotrim as the Key to me being successful is the ability to completely shut off from food and the thought of food. I would also need a support arm to keep me on track and the weekly trip to the pharmacy to weigh in added a level of expectation and accountability that I felt would benefit me without feeling like I HAD to lose a set amount ect ect. The thought process was that I would switch food off, report to the chemist every Saturday to "Weigh-In" and finally i'd use this forum to focus my challenge.

So I will use this thread if it is OK to report on my progress and hopefully it will help me to focus so the diet and give me a place to share my experiences, worries and hopefully successes.

Here in a Nut Shell (Did someone mention food again, it wasn't me!), is my first 3 Days....

Day 1 (Saturday) - Weigh In - 18st 6

I choose Vanilla and Strawberry shakes with a view to having the Vanilla for Breakfast and the Strawberry for dinner (The plan was to stick at this 100% and not touch the soups or flapjacks). I found the initial weigh in and visit to the chemist was an exciting one as it was like a real start to something great. They explained everything and gave me my initial drink selections without being overpowering, it gave me confidence that i want to impress them week in week out with my success.

I went home and fired up my new blender that i bought in preparation (A tiny cost that was written off by the Monday with zero takeaways being purchased) for this and I had my Vanilla Shake........ HMMMM it was ok, in the sense of not great ok but not YUK ok. I would need to do some work on that if i was going to be drinking that for the next 50years!

I began the watering routine and purchased loads of bottles of water to make sure there was one in every room so I had no excuses..... The one in the garage may stay full for a while but I cant risk it ;)

In the evening I had my 2nd shake and another 192 million liters of water over the course of the evening and I felt fine.

Day 2 (Sunday) - Weight (about 3 hours..... Sorry, that was the wait everyone in the house had with me in the toilet.. Weeeeeeeee)

I was a bit jittery but as a huge Coffee lover i guessed this was going to happen....

I made my Vanilla Shake but this time i thought i would add a tea spoon of coffee to it as i saw that black coffee was ok......... IT WAS DELICIOUS! It was like some expensive Mocha that you would need a bank loan for at your high street coffee shop.... and it helped with the caffeine withdrawals. Now this i could have for 50 years.....

Lots more water, 2 black coffees and my Strawberry shake and the day was done. I had a bit of a back ache at night that was unusual for me.... I read the net and it said dehydration so drink more water.... Ok... That's me on 298 million liters now.... Web Doctors orders!

Day 3 (Monday) - If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning.............

I woke up with THE WORST HEADACHE IN THE WORLD! When I say "The World", I can confirm that I contacted headache representatives on ALL the continents asking for their report on any daily headache epidemics and they all reported zero activity or nothing out of the ordinary however in my house someone had mixed Rock, Heavy Metal, Rave and added it to a Dub Step Track (Whatever that is, I heard some kid mention it once on the X-Factor) and played the CD on FULL volume in my skull.... ALL DAY! OUCH!

I took a painkiller and consulted the net... DRINK MORE WATER.... Ok... 392 Million Liters today for me! I search Ebay to see if there was such a thing as a "Flood Gate" for the domestic Toilet because with all this water being drunk they are set to REALLY Open.

I had my shakes and persevered at work with a few black coffees and another painkiller and went to bed with the headache there but not giving any pain.... I also had the slight back ache as well again.... More Water? Not Today thanks or my bladder will be asking for a divorce on the grounds of Expanding Circumstances.

Day 4 (Tuesday) - TODAY........ Shhhh, keep the noise down in case the headache is just sleeping.


I woke up, had my shake (with coffee of course) YUMMMM....

Today I decided to join here and post my story so far..............

So this is me and my journey so far, I will keep updating it if it is ok. Thank you for all your inspirational stories and testimonials, I have read SO MANY and it gave me the confidence and belief that the great things can be done with the right mind set.

My only goal in all of this...... Is to keep my sense of humour and maybe lose a bit of weight in the process.

Thanks for reading....


Living Life In The Fasting Lane........
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lol such a great post!
I feel like I am losing my sanity some days but thats probably just me, not sure I had a whole lot before I started. Really good luck and will be very entertained to read your journey x
Thanks Dizzy, the reply is really appreciated. Very well
Done on your own loss so far, I hope I will be able to show such amazing results.

I am entering unknown teritory as we speak.... I am sitting with fingers crossed waiting to see how a strawberry mousse I made has turned out. I've stuck it in the fridge for 10min and it could be a Gondon Ramsey or a Gordon Bennett momment.


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Thanks Dizzy, the reply is really appreciated. Very well
Done on your own loss so far, I hope I will be able to show such amazing results.

I am entering unknown teritory as we speak.... I am sitting with fingers crossed waiting to see how a strawberry mousse I made has turned out. I've stuck it in the fridge for 10min and it could be a Gondon Ramsey or a Gordon Bennett momment.

I hated the strawberry, so good luck with that one!


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haha what a fab read, good luck with your journey :)


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Great post, Sounds like you are doing great:)

Tom Red

Hi shakewarrior I'm sure you will keep your sence of humour looking forward to your updates (and a laugh) Tom

Ms R

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What an introduction, welcome to the family Shake Warrior. I thin you'll find we've all gone through what you've experienced but not documented it in such an entertaining way as you have. Looking forward to your future posts. Good luck with the rest of the week.

P.s. Why not update your profile with your start weight, height, goal weight & goal date, it helps us to see where you started from and we can track your process. Its easy you just go into edit profile :)

DAY 4 (Tuesday) - Continued.........
There's a moose loose aboot this hoose.............and its Strawberry!

Obviously this is not the ACTUAL mousse that I made, everyone knows that Lipotrim shakes are antler free! No, my mousse was on a culinary scale unknown to the world. Now I am a half decent cook usually, I watch a lot of cooking shows and usually get frustrated with them for reasons like this:

"Hello and welcome to 'Pointless Cooking That Has Nothing To Do With Anyone's Actual Life'. Today, we are making a very complicated recipe, using ingredients you don't have, utensils you have never heard of, and in a kitchen that is bigger than your whole house."

My culinary masterpiece was more basic.... I crafted a Michelin Star Mousse out of a packet and 100ml of water. I opened, I emptied, I poured, I whisked (Manually) and I refrigerated for 30min..... Applause!!!!!!!!!!!!

The result was real food... and that was such a break from the shakes albeit I had only been on them for a few days. It was heavy (I used less water) but the 30 min chilling made it more of a smooth paste with taste of a Strawberry porridge. Far better than I expected and it will now form part of my regular diet, I may have one 3/4 times a week in the evening. I may get some Chocolate shakes this week and see what they taste like.

So that was Day 4 done... No Headache and a nagging back pain which I think could be my bladder slowly tunneling its way out to avoid the constant punishment I have inflicted on it over the last week... Just an idea but has anyone every mentioned drinking more water??? ;) So all in all it was a good day....

Thank you for your replies, for me it makes the whole thing easier knowing I can come on here and spout my diary in this random way and read others experiences to help me along the way. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
I posted my diary at 10am but is said it needed to be moderated??

I am guessing that I messed up because I put an image in it?

Is there anything I need to do or is this normal for new posters?
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Thanks For approving Tuesdays Diary Mini... I never was good with the small print, I'll go easy on the pics while I'm new. :)

I better get started on Wednesdays............


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Ooooohhhh might have to give that moose a try, how did yesterday go?
Give it a whirl Annie, remember that my shakes have more in so start with 100ml of water but you are looking for a pourable but sticky ish paste before chilling it.

Day 5 (Wednesday) - "I want you bacccck for goooood"

Shake for breakfast (Vanilla with Coffee - Cold) and I was set for the day.

I had this nagging pain at the base of my back so I have ruled out a Bladder Protest and I am now wondering what has caused it as It has only been happening since Day 3 so it was a fairly uncomfortable afternoon.

I had my afternoon Shake (Strawberry) and that was the day done............ or so I thought.

That night I woke up with an extreme numbness in my right leg and the base of by back. I tried lying in every position and direction possible apart from hanging upside down from the ceiling like a bat but it didn't help. I woke up a further 3/4 times through the night and it was just very weird as Ive never felt this before.

This type of pain is the reason I chose the non "working out" route because I live by the philosophy: No pain, no pain. Exercise is also a sore subject in my family because my grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is.
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Ms R

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Hi Shake

I wonder if the pain could be bowel pain???? This diet can cause constipation hence I take a heaped teaspoon of fibreclear in one of my shakes everyday to help keep me moving but I still suffer sometimes despite this. This is a bit of a personal question, but.....have you had any movements recently? If not then you may need to drink lots of water and try the fibreclear and if all else fails, try a laxative. I may be way of course with my diagnosis but if not, I hope this helps you, nothing worse than that type of pain, makes you feel really miserable.
Ms R, You may well be right......... Day 6/7 diary will include an update on the current movements in the movements movement...... Or something like that. :)

If I expose the shocking truths in that department, will it make me a Stool Pigeon?
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Exercise is also a sore subject in my family because my grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is.[/QUOTE]

Haha I like! Thanks! Needed a giggle! I'm on day 5 and having a complete sense of humour failure!!!
Your diary made me smile, I'm not sure how long my sense of humor will last (but only on day 1 and i feel it's evapouring already!). Looking forward to your next entry - not necessarily for the 'movement' update! x

Whatever negative feelings or side effects we suffer we all know the end result will give us such a great feeling of success and confidence that it makes it easier to push on through the bad days, I really just want to get to my Weigh in to give me another reason to be cheerful.

Laughter is the best medicine - unless you're diabetic, then insulin comes pretty high on the list.