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The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humour?

Ms R

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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hey Shakewarrior... Enjoying your posts although obviously the one with the report of numbness, which is a bit worrying... :( Hope it's improving... x

Im actually just curious about Lipotrim as never done it myself. But you say you have just 2 shakes a day? Is that the standard as I thought the 425 cals were from 4 shakes?

Its a minefield... ;) xx
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Pinkie, I am on 2 shakes as I am a fella but ladies get 3.... IT IS SO UNFAIR!!! (Kevin and Perry voice)

This is kind of a week 1 wrap up post because I got a bit behind on the diaries and I've actually just been for my first weigh in so I'm still buzzing over that and also typing on your phone is stooopodly awkward:

Day 6/7

Both were dominated by back pain and lack of movement..... Nice!

So I took some herbal help and let's just say that I sunk my battleship... :O

The back pain has lingered for a few days and I am starting to think it could be a back issue unrelated to the diet that may be connected to posture change or it could be sciatica. I'll go to the docs next week if its still the same... I'm 35 so I have to accept all those years of doing the Macarena and the Lambada may have finally caught up with me........

Anyway...... Weigh In....

I went to the chemist this morning and collected my shakes (I stuck to 7 Vanilla and 7 Strawberry) and the the dreaded step onto the scales of destiny.... Here goes!

I had lost 12lbs.........



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Well done that is fantastic!!!

Ms R

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Well done Shake, that's brilliant.m What a boost for week 2. It should start to get a little easier for you now.m Good luck with week 2.


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Your diary so far is hilarous....and very inspiring :)


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hi shake warrior ,your post really made me laugh, out loud , I was on lipotrim last november and lost 4stone ,kept it off im pleased to say ,then went on it again recently ,lost 16lb ....gained 10 lb , im hoping to start back tomorrow . im getting married on jan 4th 2013 ., not long to go but id really like to lose at least 2 stone by then .. i know what to expect , headaches feeling cold etc , but ive tried every other diet under the sun and this is the one that works for me . I ONLY DRINK THE SRAWBERRY SHAKES .... cannot drink the others , had my last meal for however long ,roll on tomorrow
tigger 22


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Loving your posts keep them up. well done on your weigh in


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Excellent loss!! Keep it up
Weekend Report: - Rough With Smooth………..

So, Saturday morning I have my weight in. The good news is that the scales show 12lb off from the previous week, the bad news is that I now have a permanent ban from ALL Lloyds chemists after fully undressing to stand on the scales in the middle of the shop to make sure I get the best result. Seriously, how was I supposed to know that poor Phyllis who had popped in for her weekly blood pressure tablets hadn’t seen a man in the buff for over 30 years and the sheer shock would flare up her 15 year old angina issues and send her into a comatosed state?

Anyway, once the police decided to release me on bail….. I went off to celebrate my loss…. And I done this by stopping off at McDonalds for a Big Mac………. NOOOOOOOO not really….

Saturday afternoon and night were sheer torture. I have no idea what happened to me but after being to hyped over the weigh in I just felt SO hungry. It was worse than ever and I put it down to my first real weekend without food. The previous Saturday was Day1 so there was still that excitement but as I sat there looking ahead to a Saturday night minus the usual treats I was devastated. I worked through every reason to eat something… “Go on, you done well”…. “A sandwich wont hurt”…. And then I went through the reasons why I shouldn’t “You just got through the first week and lost nearly a stone, don’t be a prat and blow it now”…. “Ummm you just spent all that bl%%dy money on shakes you fool!”…..

So I resisted…. BUT…. I am struggling with one concept and I believe that this is going to cause some debate and maybe outrage…..

We are on zero carbs (Apart from the shakes) and we are in ketosis… The water we drink flushes the ketones and as we are on the lowest amount of carbs we burn calories ultra fast…. SO

If I had say, made an omelette without milk and even put in a couple of slices of fresh cooked chicken or pork ect…….. and then never had my 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] shake of the day….. I would be having LESS carbs as the meal would have none and I would be only taking around 200 extra calories and the fact that I am in ketosis would mean that it would burn along side the standard shake burn and I would see realistically no difference in loss or at worst 1lb in the week.

Ok, you can all kick me now but my thought process on this is…. I never gave in BUT there must be so many people that throw away a good record on LT because they had a meal and feel that they have ruined it. I understand how it defeats the TFR meaning and it could induce cravings but would it not be better to have a plan for these emergencies if we could have to hand a solution that wouldn’t affect the diet and also not make someone “Give Up” through perceived failure of one meal?

Anyway………….. Sorry if that was a bad thing to say/mention, I am just interested in the theory as I just imagine there is a long list of people who have been in that situation. Note To Self… Pay Attention To The Rules from now on!

I remember my teacher telling me that looking out of the window wouldn’t get me anywhere.

Did I have a smug look on my face later in life when I handed him his burger and fries at the drive through. ;)

Sunday went well….. 2 shakes and off we go into a new week.

Ps: Back pain was better over the weekend so holding off on the doctors.
Pps: How did they not put that Rock singing guy Joseph Whelan through on The X-Factor…. Disgrace!
I forgot to say thank you for your kind words re the posts and my loss..... It is great fun writing them.

Tigger22, It must be hard only drinking one flavour but you have proved it works for you so if it aint broke and all that. best of luck with your restart.
Monday - "I don't like Mondays, tell me why................................"

So its a new week and a new downhill road to Saturdays Weigh In.

I was never a fan of Mondays.... BUT now they have a whole new meaning for me. As Saturday is "Weigh In Day", Monday becomes...... "Brag like hell to everyone you see at work day". I think the "Has anyone found £12 laying around?" joke worked well, the first 30 times...... "Where did you lose it?" was the most common answer and then they got to hear my good news.... To be fair, some still wandered around looking at the floor for money even after i explained that I meant weight. :mad:

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I was even headhunter last year and offered a managers job at the local job center but I turned it down. Could you imagine getting sacked from there and you still have to turn up the next day............ No Thanks!

I'm at the dentist today (Tue) so I am really looking forward to that (NOT). I don't mind the dentist really but I dread the thought that in the future I will need dentures, I have a fear that I would swallow them and as my old grandad used to say "Never swallow your dentures, they may come back and bite you in the arse"

Have a great day and special luck to all those Starting or Weighing In today.
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Ha ha glad to see your keeping your sense of humour!!!!


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ShakeWarrior your diary is hilarous and a great motivation to keep this up, I am in my first week and your loss is amazing :) x

Tom Red

Loving the thread Shakewarrior, well done on the weightloss now where did you say you lost that £12 thats about 15 euro!!:8855:

Ms R

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Sooooo how did e weigh in go??????
Sorry its been such a long time since my last post, I have been working away and I had a nightmare trying to post with an Iphone so i thought it best to just weight... Weight... See what I did there.... ANYWAY!

I shall catch up on all the details of my last week later but for now here are a few highlights:

Weigh In No2........... - 6lb

I was really pleased with that after the 12lb week one, I half expected for it to stay the same or it be a pond or two but six was beyond my expectation. 18lb in 2 weeks is just brilliant and I don't feel like I am on a diet now, I feel like it is a lifestyle change that is now in place and food isn't even an option..... I don't even think about it anymore.

While I was away I saw the most amazing thing........

I was driving down a fairly busy country duel lane road that twists and turns and all of a sudden I saw A boy who couldn't of been more than 10 years old standing at the top of a bank by the side of the road with a huge hand painted sign which said “Radar Trap Ahead.” I carried on down the road and just past a bend and hidden completely out of site was a police car with a camera.

I thought that was strange until I went further 100 yards beyond the radar trap and saw another boy about 13/14 with a sign reading “TIPS”. I pulled over to see what he was doing and he had a bucket full of money at his feet. There must have been £100 in that bucket...... Apparently they done it twice a week during the summer holidays and made a fortune. Now this may be wrong on so many levels but the sheer genius of thinking that up must be applauded. They will probably be the Alan Sugar and Richard Branson of the future....

Anyway......... Good luck with your week and well done on all your losses.


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Oh my god that is hilarious, the crafty beggars!! I admire the initiative, I really do. Well done on WI no 2 that is fantastic, 18lbs gone woo hoo!!

Ms R

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Ha well done to you and those boys, we could do with them all over the country!!!

Tom Red

Well done with your second weigh in Shakewarrior,keep up the good work Tom Red:)