the biggest loser


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there is something about that programme which really inspires me and gives me added strength and willpower.
one thing that always amazes me is how they get people in my position (seriously overweight) who can exercise like they do.... i swear they would have killed me off in episode one if i were a contestant, lol. i can barely walk and they are running like cheetahs on treadmills.:D
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I find it inspiring too, have had such a bad day and in one hour I'm feeling more positive again! That's going to be my Monday motivation to spur me onto Wednesday weigh in's over the next few weeks


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The US one is worse! They have them doing all sorts. I love the programme though (I know it's only tv and I shouldn't aspire to their losses!) and it really inspires me to exercise.

I applied to be on this year, but didn't get through. As it happens I'm managing okay on my own, so quite glad I didn't make it!


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Yes, you should definitely not aspire to their weight losses, I read an article from a previous contestant that they are MAJORLY dehydrated on the weigh in day, spend ages in the gym with no water, then ages in the sauna until it shows on the scales (quite like boxers do if they are over their weight limit) I know they must lose fat each week, but I wouldn't be surprised if the big 'losses' are 80% loss of fluid. The contestant in question ended up bulimic too. It's way extreme I think!


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Is it just me or does this programme seem hugely... contrived?? And gimmicky to the point of ridiculous :confused:
All of those "dramatic" build-ups to weigh-in times, the emotional music that changes when something sad/happy/exciting is happening... the way the numbers on the scales slowly creep up with the "dramatic" music in the background and the ridiculously over-acted expressions on the trainer's faces - I can't help but feel it's all a bit of an insult to our intelligence.


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I hate the way the scales go up and down. Really bugs me!! I'd rather it just dramatically increased until it hit the right value- the up and down is just annoying!

Other than that you are right - way too dramatic - ut I kind of like the "pantomime" feel it gives the show!


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Yeah I wouldn't read too much into what happens on The Biggest Loser, at the end of the day, it's a television programme and they're designed (mostly) to entertain so I wouldn't be at all surprised if some parts have been edited, etc.

I prefer to watch the documentary type weight loss programmes like Half Ton Man / World's Heaviest Teenager etc as they are more true to life and show the struggles that many obese and morbidly obese people have in their quest to lose weight and keep it off, really inspiring stuff!


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Love, Love LOVE The Biggest Loser. UK version is on MOnday (god bless Divina) and then the US version with my new best friend, Jillian Michaels is on Tuesday. With X-Weighed on during the day ( not so great) life is all about weight loss. A great time to glug the water!

S xoxo