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The biggest mistakes I've made on CD


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1) Stopping coming to Minimins. I felt guilty because I cheated and ashamed to admit it so stayed away. I now realise it was a big mistake.

2) Forgetting that this diet is a CHOICE and not a punishment. When I am feeling miserable I should remind myself I CHOOSE to do this, no one is forcing me.

3) Not drinking enough water. I still struggle with this daily, but I am making more of an effort.

4) Setting too big a goal. Since I have broken my goals down into more manageable pieces, I have found myself thinking they are much more achievable. Ten stone seems such a MASSIVE amount, but two stone is something I know I can do.

Any others to add?
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Being a little too confident, that was my mistake last week, I had done brilliantly over the weeks and decided to have something to eat and a glass of wine, I was confident I'd get straight back on it, how wrong I was I forgot how hard the first week or so was :(
never beat yourself up over a slight blip to plan, As i heard yesterday from a friend, there 7 days in a week if each day was a rose and you started out with 7 and 1 wiltered would you throw them all away..... NO you wouldn't so if you had a bad day, put it out of your mind and look at the days you have been good, you cannot change it but you can more forward.


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Guru I am so with you on all of those points!!! I am about to try AGAIN to restart and I really do need to stop making those mistakes. I have set my target again to make it less daunting and that has made me more motivated.

I'm struggling here with you! xxx


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Welcome back Gem, it's nice to see a familiar face return.

I think sometimes it's hard to accept that we are only human and although it's FANTASTIC that some people can stick to this 100%, I suspect the vast majority don't and fall off the wagon at some point. Learning to accept it and move on is a big part of CD, and for changing our lives in the future. I am always pleased to see restarters! You can do it too :)

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