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The Camels Hoof


try, try & try some more!
Ok guys, bear with me here... :rotflmao:

I was having a giggle with the gals at the weekend and one of my friends (a large lady) was talking about wanting to go swimming except she was embarrassed.. we were intrigued.. so she put on her cozzie and came through... telling us that when she wore a cuzzie she looked like she was smuggling the 'ol meat and two veg!' If you catch ma drift!! She is a little chubby down there.... :rolleyes:

I can assure you she is a female... anway, this got us talking about the hoof and how padded it might be... if you follow!!

Anyway i told her even though i am overweight i don't really carry fat on that nether region... but a skinnier mate said she did....

So what i was wondering was have people who have had a chubby bit got thinner when losing weight or is it more to do with how prominent your pelvic bone is etc...

Good news is my friend is starting CD in jan!! But i was hoping to put her mind at ease about this before then!! :D

Sorry for the ramble and explicit nature of post... god :eek:
My friends are are funny old bunch!!
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must confess to being a bit fleshy down there but it IS shrinking as the weight drops off lol

reminds me of the first time i went to the USA though and picked up a girls magazine ' seventeen'

there was an ad for some kind of diet in there but the big headline was:

do you have a fat fanny?

well we all know what a fanny is in the uk - what i didnt know is that a fanny is a butt in the US - - as you can imagine i was shocked! lol


Glamorous Gran
This post has woke me up and made me lift my head off the desk at work:character00148:. Cant stop laughing..... havent noticed a difference down there but then i wasnt looking or getting the tape measure out but will defo keep an eye on that region now LOL
must confess to being a bit fleshy down there but it IS shrinking as the weight drops off lol

Me too xxxx


please try again
cant say ive ever had the urge to get out a mirror and check out down there but am glad i wear a floaty cover thing to swim in so i have greater coverage
All i can say is :eek: but :D.
When i was pregnant i did notice that i was bigger down there but i put that down to swelling generally. Maybe it was the extra weight i carried:confused:
PMSL to all of the above, I have to say yes, I got thinner down there!!! Bony too!!!


try, try & try some more!
Thanks guys!! :D

I'm going round to hers on friday so will show her the forum page... might put her at ease!!

Worse case scenario, a little lipo!!! lol

Us women are a funny bunch :rolleyes:
What can I say. 1st it was your embarrasing toilet problems of a few days ago and now hooves! I feel we know you fairly intimately Rade.

I've seen my share of hooves (beauty therapist) and can say that defo we are all different and yes some people do seem to carry weight in this area. Can be abit of a nightmare with the waxing. Chubby bits make my life tricky.

Also as a therapist i've heard it called most things but this was new to me. Have i been living in the dark ages or are there regional differences!


try, try & try some more!
Hey Tshirt!! This forum is a CD lifesaver thank god we can find out all the juicy info we'd never DREAM of mentioning to our CDC!!

As for the regional dialect thing, well I am scottish maybe thats to blame!! lol :D
Rade. You're a breath of fresh air. Carry on saying it as it is!
I've heard of the hoof and I'm originally from Derby but Preston now.

I've been looking at my pushin cushin and it's quite bouncy, I hope it shrinks or I'll have to grow my tum again to cover it!!!!

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