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The CD Meal Bars

Tonight is my week 2 weigh-in (very nervous) and my CDC said that i can start having the CD bars after the first 2 weeks.

I was just wondering if i switch to 1 bar a day will it affect my weightloss :confused: ? Are they higher in carbs and cals??

I am thinking of trying them just because i would like to have something to eat throughout the day so that i can keep my metabolism up. I did want to do this by making truffles from my choc/choc mint sachets but i think they have given me dioreeha :sign0131: (is this possible??).

I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you xx :)

ps, i am freezing my ass of today, is this nomal?? I feel as cold as ice alot of the time.
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Higher in calories for sure about 30 cal difference but it will not make a difference to your weight loss as long as you stick to 1 a day.

I recommend the Toffee... after 2 weeks its heaven... and its just like a big curly wurly!

If it affected your weight loss they wouldnt let you have them... go with the bars! And enjoy! xxxx
Bars are yummy, Icouldnt' live without them now.
even if it did make difference to my weight loss I would still hav them as it stops me being deprived.

I am freezing most days! But then I do live in Glasgow :)

But yeah, being cold is a side effect I am afraid, and I am cold ALL THE TIME mostly!
The same as the other packs. You would include them as your 3 or 4 packs a day. Each pack is £1.55 xx
Not necessarily, each CDC can charge what they like and although some CDCs charge the same price for all packs, the RRP is £1.55 for shakes/soups, £1.75 for tetras and £1.80 for bars, which is what I charge.

They can slow weightloss down a little bit, but I felt it was worth it as it was the highlight of my day, every day :) and I still lost a stone a month. They are higher in cals and carbs which is why you're limited to just one per day, but they are lovely and worth trying. I usually let me clients try a couple in week 2 and then have up to 1 per day in week 3 as ketosis is well & truly established by then.

Enjoy :)

Oh and if you're freezing, that's a good sign that you're in ketosis.


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The same as the other packs. You would include them as your 3 or 4 packs a day. Each pack is £1.55 xx

The price of the bars and other stuff has just gone 'up'.

They are £1.80 now, as far as I know.


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Be warned, if you had a mad tummy effect from the truffles you might find the bars do the same, sometimes they send me running double fast but not always. I couldn't live without them though, they are my 9pm sanity :)

oh and cold, celebrate, that's good old ketosis

which reminds me, some people who are super sensitive find that the bars knock them out of ketosis but if you are still cold the day after you have one then you are just fine!


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I love the bars! I was allowed them after week 1 though...is that right? Hope so since my second weigh in is tomorrow and I've been eating one a day! x
Officially its 2 weeks, but it shouldnt make that much difference so dont worry x


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S: 17st10lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st3lb(35.08%)
Thank you Vicky! :)
Hey all, thanks for all the replies :) . I had my first bar today, it was peanut. It wasnt super yummy but i managed to eat it. I cut it into 3 pieces, 1 large for dinner and 2 small to snack on. I did my ketosis test too and i am still in ketosis. So all is going well.:D

I was just wondering, do the meal bars make you go to the loo alot?? :confused: Because thats what i have been experiencing today.

Thank you xx :)


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I love the peanut bars but they give me terrible wind, I think it's worth putting up with...hubby may disagee!! lol I found the orange one REALLY upset my tummy, the others just give me the usual wind. The peanut & cranberry bars are the lowest carb bars, my CDC says they aren't much more 'carby' than the soups/shakes. Hope this helps.xxxx
I have chosen 2 peanut, 2 choc, 2 toffee and 1 orange for this week. I think the peanut is higher in fat compared to the others though. I might try cranberry next week.



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YES YES YES!! BRRRR.........I am freezing all the time, and was wondering if i am in ketosis as when i did my wee test it wasn't the palest colour on the side of the tube thing so thought i wasn't in ketosis - it was a reddy pink colour.

But I must be slightly as I am always chilly!!

Woo wooo hooo!!

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