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The Circle of Life and Minimins.....

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I was just having a look at some of the posts on the LT forum and thought I would post a thread on how amazing life is and how amazing this forum is....

When I started 14 weeks ago there was so many people I looked to for inspiration, I was a newbie and didnt have a clue about so much... I learnt so much from people like Gaz, Lille, Porgeous, Shazpaz, Nic, Howdy, Scazman...

I was full of hope and excitement about what was ahead of me and this forum made my whole LT experience so special.

Now the key active forum members have all changed, and people have moved on to their new slim lives... and lots of new people are here, but its lovely to see people like Rainbow Brite, Vickie, CuddlyFairy, MadhouseMum, and many others are leading the way and giving such awesome advice to all the new people...

LT is just like life... only the strong and those that take action succeed, and the best way to have success is to learn from those who do it, ask questions and copy what the successful people do...

I am going to keep posting on my refeed thread and still dipping in here, but it definitley is amazing to watch how dynamic the forum is, and it will be interesting to see over the coming weeks who will evolve from the new people who have joined to become the new inspirations and motivators of the forum.

Good luck to everyone... new and old! LT is amazing and make the most of this forum and make the most of the opportunity that LT gives you.

All you need to be a success is within you... you just need a vision of who you want to be and have strong reasons why you want to be that person... LT is the best way to get there once you have your head in the right place.

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A fantastic post from a fantastic lady, nuff said! xx

rainbow brite

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Awww sweetie, what a lovely post and also spot-on! :) We all love you and hope you don't forget about us ;) You guys are all such an inspiration and when I first joined was astounded by how helpful everyone was which is why I try to help people out myself - giving a little back as it were ;)

Lets keep the circle going! :D xxx

Oh, and Julzie, congrats on losing again!! Sooo close to your ultimate target, you're such a star doll!! xxx
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Yeah Rainbow I really notice how much great advice you are giving people, I think its awesome how supportive you are! You are helping a lot of people... its good karma babe! You reap what you sow and all that... Keep up the good work and good things will come back to you ten fold! :)

Thanks for ur lovely comments - ur a star toooooooooooooo ;) xox
Awwwww ickle wuvly Julz.......Bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Love The Lion King... I always get a lump in me throat at the crescendo at the end... the strings & swell as Simba ascends Pride Rock... African singing rocks my world & touches my soul :D

Totally agree about MM... it's karmic... one good deed goes around the world & grows & grows :D I know I wouldn't be where I am today without the support & inspiration of everyone on here & I intend to hang around like a bad smell long after I reach target :) x

rainbow brite

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Julz, wise and thought-provoking words - as normal!

I love this site. I didn't find it till I was over the first 3 weeks but have found it a good friend over the last few months. I certainly spend enough time on it! Lol! Some people seem like very good, close friends, which is weird coz I've never met them!

I am so pleased you are so close to your goal and glad to hear you plan to pop on here still, you talk a lot of sense and that is greatly appreciated.

I wonder if Pierce realises what a wonderful forum it would turn out to be when he started it for Mini!

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awww u guys! jeeeze ur all soooo cool! lol xox


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Julz, you got me all welled up! :wave_cry:
What a great, inspirational post. You could be one of those Motivational speakers and earn megabucks!
Thank you xx
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Thanks cathy! lol I like that megabucks comment :D sounds coooool! ha ha ha! xox

I wish you all the best with your journey... you can be a success and be one of the people on here who inspire others and keep the circle of minimins forum going... good luck babe! YOU CAN DO IT! xxx


Always welcome new m8's!
Wow! Im n like day 2 and i rely on this forum already for inspiration and a reminder that it can be done!

Thanks for the thread, im going to be reading it often for spirit!
lovely thread hun



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Im only on day 2 too, and this forum has saved me 4/5 times!


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Fantastic post Julz and you are inspirational yourself.:grouphugg:

Love Mini xxx
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb
Fantastic post Julz and you are inspirational yourself.:grouphugg:

Love Mini xxx

This place is awesome, you are an amazing person for dedicating your time and energy into such a positive place. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me.

The number of people that you have supported and who wouldnt be living a happy healthy life if it wasnt for you is really mind boggling.

You are doing something so worth while and productive, and the world is a better, slimmer, healthier place because of you. That is an amazing achievement for anyone to achieve in their lifetime...

I hope that something wonderful happens for you and Pierce. You are fantastic and what you have created here is so special.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Love Always,
Thefutureisbright (and it is u know! im so excited about the future and everything it has in store....)



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Awww i love ya Julz you are always so positive and give great advice your fantastic xx
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lovely thread.. and so true! xx

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