The company doesnt really like you having bars


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This was the reply my CDC gave me when I asked if I could try a couple of bars during my 4th week next week, as I hadnt had any yet

Is it true :confused:
ummmm - that sounds a bit suspect :rolleyes:

I know you're only supposed to have them after week 2...and only 1 per day but have never heard that CD doesn't like us to have them...why make them then :confused:

maybe one of the CDCs will be along in a mo to help out :)
Thats what I said to her,
If they dont like you having them why make them in the first place,
Shes let me have 2, 1 cranberry and 1 peanut, and she said try not to eat them in one go, space it out by breaking them up and having them over the day

Im confused
Official advice is no more than one bar per day, you can have it when you like and at no point do they recommend you don't have them!!

My CDC said that she didn't recommend the bars because some people then can't control themselves and eat more than 1 in a day. She said that the best results come from shakes?
As many of you know, I live for peanut bars, I am never tempted to have more than one per day, and last week I had 7, one every day and lost 6lbs, I have also tried to cut down on them before and couldnt cope without them as they are my "treat"

Doesn't sound right to me at all
I suggest you go back to your CDC ask for a selection of CD bars next week, if she cannot supply please either email me or contact CD directly 01536 403344 xtn 221 and ask for Donna.

My email is [email protected].

It is in the code of conduct that CDC's offer a full range of products.

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I have heard that CD charge less for the shakes than the tetras and Bars( bars being the most expensive). Cdcs therefore, if they sell them all at the same price, make less of a profit on the bars. Could this be the reason she is not keen??

This is true yes but every counsellor under their code of conduct is obliged to off the full selection.

That is!

5 flavours of soup
9 flavours of shake
6 flavours of bar

I will answer this logically, ethically and as fairly as possible.

In the new code of conduct CDS's are urged to offer all products supplied by Cambridge Nutrition Limited.

We are all self employed and at the end of the day we offer the service we wish to, as long as it complies to the Code of Coduct, this also applies to price charged, there is a RRP, however, counsellors can charge more it they wish as the wholesale price is more per pack for bars and ready made packs, tetras. This also applies to the hours we work.

So the advice I would give is contact your counsellor and give give her/him the opportunity to supply you with the product you need at the price you are happy with, otherwise contact CD direct on the number above or contact me and I will do my utmost to sort things out for you.

[email protected]
Thats interesting to know CDC told me she doesnt get the soups at all cos people dont like them...must check that out next time I see her!!

Even if her experience is that few people like the soups, she should still offer you the full range - as Mike and Linda state, it is part of the Code of Conduct.
And believe me now that weather has crashed in I am selling soup by the bucket load! (well not literally!)
I like soups...not so keen on the spicy anymore:rolleyes: but it is okay.

Love all the bars....tooo much:p
By the way I love your pickies and avatars!! Do you design them yourself?