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The Day of the Gannett!!!!

Hi Chaps,

I start CD tomorrow having been abandoned about 2 weeks ago by LL when the only office in my area closed without warning.

I have struggled on with the few packs I had left over and up until today I didn't do too badly given the limitations. But today was a total blow out ................... !

I ate like a Gannett - it wasn't even nice stuff just anything I could get my hands on. I could have bought some nice food but I didn't I just got stuck into the bread bin!

I had 8 slices of bread in total and four muffins not to mention the other stuff including two chocolate bars and some Angel Delight. A handful of Pringles also crept in as did a Magnum. :break_diet:

The odd thing is that even before LL I would never have binged like that - not ever but on the occasions when I have slipped off the LL wagon I have gone for it big time!!

I expect that the new CD counsellor will want to weigh me tomorrow. I will be devasted to find that I have gained weight which I think likely (it shouldn't be a lot given that I have been "good" in the main but even 2/3 lbs will really get to me :( and I will feel so demotivated).

Is a weigh in necessary on the first meet or do you think that under the circumstances (LL falling apart so suddenly and getting stuck without the packs) she would let me have a week of just packs and then weigh me next week?

Unlike most people finding that I have gained weight is not an incentive to try harder - quite the opposite. My "what the hell" voice kicks in and that is that for another day or so.

I know that if I can have a proper supply of packs I can SS for 7 days, do you think she would wave the weigh in for a week just to give me a chance to get back on track?
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Hi fatpossum,

Coming off a vlcd has to be done in a sequence of reintroducing foods and gradually carbs. Other wise you will go over board if you hit the carbs right away.

I think you could ask her not to tell you your weight as you feel it will not help you just now, especially if you see a gain in weight since the last time you weighed. I am sure she will happily do this for you.

It is more than likely you will be up a pound or two after carb loading on bread and chocolate. Stop now and you will throw this weight gain off again in a few days of SSing.

Good luck with CD.

Love Mini xxx
Hi fatpossom,
Aww bless I do know how you feel, I tried LL last year and cheated loads when I stopped in fact gaind another stone and a half in that year, but once you start on CD its totally different, you have a greater range of flavours which are all nice and you get loads of encouragement and support on here too, I didnt like the meetings at LL thats why I stopped going!!
Anyway back to you, put it behind you and start afresh when you see the CDC its a new start a new you, go for it.
All the best xxx
FP your new CDC will need to weigh you, so she can work out your BMI etc. but if you don't want to know your weight ask her to record it but not tell you. Also don't forget new scales may read differently anyway - in either direction!!

Draw a line under your little binge - drink plenty of water and start CD as a new experience. Hopefully you'll build up a good relationship with your CDC and get help and support from her, as well as continuing to get both from Minimins.

Good luck - and let us know how you like the new flavours!
Thanks Chaps,

I am sitting here with my tum on my lap (again!) and feeling like cancelling my meeting with the CDC until yesterdays binge has had an opportunity to work its way out of my system (if you know what I mean :eek:).

On my last LL weight in I was 9st 12lbs and just being into the 9s felt sooooooooooooo good.

From the bread, chocolate and crumpet bloat I have this morning I can tell it will be back in the 10s once again and I will just hate that. It is such a waste of time.

During my LL phase I gained a couple of times - 4lbs on one occasion and 2 on another but that went again (with a number of other lbs) by the next weigh in and that was good.

What I have yet to understand is why when I can now wear a size 10 jeans would I sabotage myself in such a way. I love the way I look now and know that I can shift the last few pounds necessary to get to 9st and yet I do that to myself. For nothing. It's not even as though I had been out at a party and fell off the wagon - I was just out and about at home and ate rubbish!!!!!

I feel like a buddah.

Will let you know how I get on but right now I know that I don't feel in the slightest bit motivated and I won't again until this bloat has abated! Oh Gawd - I have failed myself and I still don't know why. So much for LL 'counselling'.
Good Morning FP.

Hopefully the fact that you feel so crappy this morning will prevent another carb loaded binge. But you already know that whatever you have gained will only be your glycogen stores refilling and it will all be off again in a couple of days if you get straight onto SS. The only way to get rid of your bloat is to get back to the diet. It'll probably be gone by tomorrow if you stick to it today.

I think you should go for your weigh in. If you put off the meeting with CDC you might use that as an excuse to eat more (I know I probably would)
Thanks Sam,

I will go for the weigh in and am just in the process of ironing a set of clothes to wear - the 'lightest' set I can find - a pair of light linen trousers (size 10 - let's hope they zip up :eek:) and a very light top - every ounce helps. And eventhough I know I should be glugging the water I will wait until after the WI so as not to be any heavier than I have to be!!!

The scales are my enemy. That is the reason I don't have a set at home. I used to find that when I had a set they were 'master of my moods' - if I stepped on them in the morning and found that I was an acceptable weight I would be fine for the day and eat healthily but if I stepped on and found that I had gained weight - watch out the bread bin.

Aren't we wonderful, complex creatures - not?!!

Will let you know how I get on. I so want it not to be as bad as I fear!


Wants to be a loser!
Hi FP,

Just catching up on threads and wanted to say that I hope your first appointment with your CDC went well tonight. I am sure that you will be back on track in no time at all.

Hi FP, have you been, how are you feeling??
We have all been where you are .... probably several times ... But just think of it as "3 steps forward 2 steps back" - you are still winning, you are still losing .. your weight is on a general downward trend, this is just a blip....you have done so well so far and you will continue to do so, once you have stopped punishing yourself! Be nice to yourself - accept what you have done and forgive yourself - its not a sin, its not illegal, you haven't hurt anyone else.... and it is understandable as, after all, eating is a fairly basic human requirement of which you have been depriving yourself - so no wonder you cracked! I think its a miracle any of us can stick to this regime, actually - so bloody well done for doing ok MOST of the time!


Queen of the Damned

As has been mentioned, you can tell your CDC that you don't want to know what you weigh - I have clients who have NO idea how much they weigh, just how much they lose each week :cool: As for the binge - put it behind you. There's nothing to be gained from beating yourself up - you'll just make yourself feel worse.

Hope things went ok with your new CDC :vibes:
Hi Chaps,

The CDC was wonderful and I am now fully stocked up for the next couple of weeks.

She allowed me to sample the bars before I chose what to have(extremely considerate I thought) and I was well impressed! They taste like proper candy bars - what a novelty?. It will be so nice to have bars again - I have really missed them over the past couple of weeks and while my little (not so little) binge was entirely my fault I think that the absence of my bar routine didn't help as didn't the swift ending of my 'Lighterlife Journey'!!

But tomorrow is another day and despite my big bad binge I can still wear my size 10 trousers (a tadge tighter than the last time I wore them but they do up and no bulges - very important that!) and today I bought a nice little size 12 top. So all is not lost eventhough I have gained.

I am aiming for 9stone now and expect to be able to get there following 4 weeks of SSing. I have some time off work now and intend to use it taking as much exercise as possible. But don't panic I won't be doing anything I haven't been doing for years I will just have more time to fit it in and to get back into a routine.

Thanks for your interest and concern.

Will keep you posted.
You are a size 10 and feel fat ?
Yes - I do!! And believe me nobody checks size lables on clothes more often that I do. For example: before I buy a pair of size 10 jeans or trousers anywhere I first of all try on a few of the same pair to be sure that I haven't picked up one that has been wrongly labled. Then I go to at least two other shops and do the same. If they all fit I will buy them but only after my little "Can I really be a size 10 ritual" is complete.

I can hear you thinking - "Women"!!!

But I am not being dramatic but we can all tell when there is more there than should be.

Because of my binge fest recently I have gained 9lbs (though I know most of that is fluid and will evaporate after a couple of days of SS and lots of water) and I can 'FEEL THE BLOAT' and everything is just that little bit too tight (still fits :party0049: but a bit tight). I've even had to take off my rings as my fingers are all puffy. It was such a bad idea to binge on carbs after so long without. At the best of times I couldn't really do bread or pasta and I certainly can't after best part of 3 months on SS. So I have learned a valuable lesson.

I just want to rid myself of the bloat and then work on shifting that last half stone.

So it'a all relative I suppose.
So when you started did you have more than 3 stones to lose ?

I understand what you are saying, but I think the nature of a VLCD is that when you come off the diet it is natural that some weight will be put back on immediately once you start on the carbs again.
I did have 3 stone to lose and lost that a a little bit more while on LL. But I did weigh 9lbs heavier when I signed on for CD earlier in the week. So now I want to rid myself of the bloat and am looking to drop another stone - that will give me a BMI of 22. Before my binge I had a BMI of 24.4 (normal!)

It's interesting but I got rid of my scales years ago and until I decided to do LL never knew what I weighed from one year to the next unless I had to be weighed for some reason or other e.g. medical. I always went by how I felt I looked and how my clothes felt.

Back then I was quite happy to be a size 14 and thought I looked good then but now (eventhough I can wear a size 10) because I know what I weigh I want to be about a size 8 so that I can weigh about 9stones!!

I suppose there will have to be a stabliisation period after VCLD but I don't think that it should involve gaining 9lbs back. I know that most of that is fluid and that other stuff (the name of which I can never remember) but it must go.

I think I'm on a bit of a downer today but no doubt that will have lifted by tomorrow and things will seem more positive.
Makes more sense now, thanks for clarifying - I was a little concerned over your reasons for doing a VLCD.

Good luck.