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The Douwe Egberts Flavour Collective Coffee Appreciation Society

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Dougal1983, 2 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Dougal1983

    Dougal1983 Proud Mummy

    Someone had to start this haha! And who better then me, a self confessed hazelnut flavour addict?
    Just for a bit of fun, tell everyone your favourite flavour, where the offers are and how much of it you drink and how you drink it!

    I drink HAZELNUT flavour, black, at least 3 cups a day and its £1.50 a jar in Asda at the moment! (A warning: there will not be any of the hazelnut flavour left in Asda Colchester after tomorrow as I'm going there! :))

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  3. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Member

    I love the caramel flavour, taste really sweet even though I only drink black coffee. I dont think I'l be paying £3 a jar for it- so have stocked up on £1.50 a jar also from Asda.

    Yum, tad to late for me to have another cup
  4. nettie

    nettie Gold Member

    I have the vanilla and hazelnut jars at work and the caramel one at home but my favourite is caramel. i get them from asda they have been on offer for ages, I have a very lovely midwife to thank for introducing me to them as she brought a jar in work when they first came out.
    CARAMEL all the way :D
  5. ShellLouise

    ShellLouise Member

    I've only tried the caramel flavour at the moment. It's my fave coffee now and I drink it black. I didn't know Asda had them on offer. I'm having my Tesco delivery today and I've ordered a jar at £2.99. Might have to give it back to the driver and send hubby off to Asda to stock up!
  6. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Member

    definately make driver take it back and stock up. currently having one at the moment, tastes indulgent- like its got syrup in- love it!
  7. timtim

    timtim Gold Member

    My tesco don't sell it :( think I may have to take a trip to the asda next week!! Dying to try them :)
  8. dudette2001uk

    dudette2001uk I will be a Princess!

    I love the caramel flavour! I thought I'd prefer the hazelnut flavour to be honest, but it just hasn't got enough of the hazelnut flavour once it's made. No way am I even trying the vanilla as just the smell of vanilla has the tendency to make me feel sick (I blame those awful car air fresheners shaped like a tree!). I just wish it wasn't soooo expensive as my local Asda doesn't sell it at the moment :( xx
  9. fillymum

    fillymum synful soul

    I feel a twerp cos I don't like it. When I was in England I bought one of each flavour and don't like any of them, but then I don't drink coffee at home, just fruit tea and options.
  10. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    This made me laugh, why would you try flavour coffee you don't drink coffee:rolleyes:

    Anyway, I bought one of each flavour in Sainsbury's yesterday @ £2 each, which I think is a bit steep & I only bought them because of all they hype on here & felt the need to try them. Mmmmmmmmmm I drink them black & without sweetner, not too keen on the caramel one, but the vanilla & hazelnut one are ok. I'm not sure I'll buy them again. Personally I like the flavoured ground coffee & I've currently got Double Choc (yummy) & Xmas Pud on the go a them moment.
  11. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    I like the hazelnut one in warm milk, tried the caramel one it's ok but not that fussed on it haven't tried the vanilla not sure I'd like it
  12. fattymcfatterson

    fattymcfatterson Full Member

    caramel for me and hazelnut for my partner! oo love this coffee and I love a bargain too hehe. I will have to be taking a trip to Asda! Thank you x
  13. Dougal1983

    Dougal1983 Proud Mummy

    This just in: Tesco have got the coffee's 50p off, making them £2 a jar! Still makes them expensive but every little helps!!
  14. timtim

    timtim Gold Member

    I have it :) mum got me a caramel one from asda today cabt wait to try tomorrow :)
  15. nettie

    nettie Gold Member

    I dont think the price is too bad, I would pay £2.99 for it if Asda stopped doing it at £1.50. But then again I usually buy millicano and that's more than £2.99
    I suppose it depends how much you drink, I only buy coffee once every 2 months or so as I only have maybe 1 or 2 cups a day at home. I have taken 2 jars of the DE coffee (hazelnut and vanilla) to work and the other staff drink it more than I do :rolleyes:
  16. missblonde

    missblonde Full Member

    Slightly addicted to these :) I finally managed to find the vanilla flavour in Sainsbury's yesterday and it's lovely. Currently supping a cup now!!
  17. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    I've not tried them yet either but I'd love to try the hazelnut one mixed with some Alpro Soya hazelnut milk mmmm xxx
  18. Dougal1983

    Dougal1983 Proud Mummy

    Now there's an idea! I may have to get some of that milk- is it a HEXA?
  19. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Oh yes, you can have 400ml of the Alpro Soya hazelnut milk :)
    Or 450ml of the Alpro Soya almond milk as HEA xxx
  20. debsxdiet

    debsxdiet Silver Member

    hi all,

    For anyone who has tried the caramel one and didnt like it that i dont take sugar or sweetner in coffee i find it vile in normal coffee, however when i tried the caramel for the first time i thought it just tasted like normal coffee. My OH had sweetner in his and i tasted it and OMG it was lovely justvlike a caramel latte :) so for anyone who doesnt take sugar or sweetner in coffee like me try it with sweetner!!!

    Also when i was moaning about the cost of a tiny jar it was pointed out that i hand over over three pound for a costa coffee or bb's so really a 50g jar of coffee for three quid isnt so bad :)

    Debs xxx
  21. WinkOfPink_

    WinkOfPink_ Full Member

    I never thought of it like that, it's so true! xx

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