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The dreaded "E" word!


No Coffee, No Workee
I mean Easter, of course. :D

So - what is everybody doing for Easter? How are you planning to cope with the Ghost of Cadbury's Present? :)

My husband and I have given it a hell of a lot of thought over the last couple of weeks. In previous years I would have simply said "To hell with it!", gone off plan for the whole of the Easter weekend and filled my face with chocolate, hot cross buns and all manner of other crap.

This year, I'm not doing it. I took the time to look on the Sainsbury's website and see what was available in terms of Easter eggs made from really nice, organic, good quality chocolate, rather than the usual Cadbury's or Nestle fare. I then went and worked out the syn values. Once I'd been revived, I thought about it a bit more.

A Green & Black's Organic Butterscotch Easter Egg comes in at 47.5 syns for the whole beastie. I get my Sainsbury's delivery the same day that I go to SW - the start of my SW week. There's absolutely no reason I shouldn't have one of those and deduct it from my weekly syns - then eat it over the course of the week in bits (or all in one go, whatever!).

I'm going to try doing this, and do my level best to not deviate from plan at all as a result of Easter. If I manage it, it'll be a first, believe me.

Anyone else going to try something like this?
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Me and Hubby have never given each other Easter eggs and Im not really a chocolate lover anyway. My Daughter will have loads of eggs Im sure, but Im not even tempted by them.

I think your plan is very sensible though and you can still enjoy Easter, without going off course, so well done on planning ahead!



No Coffee, No Workee
Me and Hubby have never given each other Easter eggs and Im not really a chocolate lover anyway. My Daughter will have loads of eggs Im sure, but Im not even tempted by them.

I think your plan is very sensible though and you can still enjoy Easter, without going off course, so well done on planning ahead!

Thanks :D You're so lucky, chocolate is one of the things that I just can't leave alone! In fact, since I started SW again I've gone cold turkey on it, I haven't had any since I started. It really has been like breaking an addiction, which is sort of worrying. If I can get to Easter without having any, I'm hoping that I will have broken the addiction enough that I can have the Easter egg then go back to not having it and not be bothered. Here's hoping, anyway!
Its going to be hard in my house as my kids get them from family over Easter and they are only 3 and 4 years old and there is only so much chococlate I want them having, so there is loads of it left over normally...but i will have to be strong and say no thanks-Nothing tastes as good as being slim!! x


No Coffee, No Workee
Outstanding plan! :D Going somewhere nice?


No Coffee, No Workee
I think it's a lot harder when you've got kids, Jess - there's only me and DH here, so unless we buy them there are no eggs in the house! Good luck, hope it's not too bad for you!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Im leaving the country (i actually am!) and hope the eggs are all gone when i get back!!! :D


You may find that they are reduced when you get back ;) Lol!!!

Have a lovely time! Turkey is fantastic and I have been there 3 times now!


No Coffee, No Workee
Have a fantastic time, Elle! I'm very envious! :D
My OH and I are going to Nottingham over easter so will avoid it from his family.

I love Kinder eggs so have just said if he really feels the need to buy me one, he can just get me a little kinder egg for 5 1/2 syns. :)
That'll keep me sweet.... see what i did there?

OH and I have agreed not to buy each other one. I had a lovely G&B one last year as I'd given choc up for Lent, it was fab. This year we are going away for Easter so there will be enough food without indulging in chocolate!!
DD usually gets far too many eggs and they last her ages as she's not that fussed with them. Thankfully, this year she has had money from most relatives which is just fine by me (and by her too!)

I'm very much looking forward to a hot cross bun though - with butter. Just one. Ahhhh!

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
My OH and I are both on diets so we decided not to buy easter eggs this year for each other, besides last year he bought me the most amazing easter egg ever! So think anything this year would just be a disappointment anyways lol.
I never get easter eggs and all of a sudden now im ond the plan and planning a very strict diet all week my client buys me one to say thank you!! its got 3 little 19.5g malteser bags which r about 5 syns and then an egg gunna try break up the egg and spread it over few weeks but so hard not to eat it all at once!!!!
I also try to justify not having an egg by telling myself that, gramme for gramme, they are sooo much more expensive than a bar and bag of chocolates.
Also I feel guilty throwing all the packaging, a lot of which can't be recycled (although fair play to some manufacturers for removing a lot of the plastic!!)

And who needs a great big mini eggs/kit kat/creme egg mug anyway!
i love a bargain - when i come back if they are 50% off ive got to avoid them :D

I mostly shop online though so i think i will be fine! xxx
I'm not too bothered about Easter eggs. If my younger son gets too many, my older son will eat them. He's very active and lean and so will burn them off quickly. Also there's no danger of having eggs hanging round the house for ages.

I'm also planning on sticking to plan all the way through but I'll look for some extra special SW recipes to cook. If I have some very nice meals to look forward to I won't be so bothered about not having hot cross buns, etc.
I never really get Easter Eggs anyway! I remember my mum's friends bringing me some and her going "no she doesn't need those!" and promptly giving them back lol!! xxx


From Fat to Fab!
This is my first easter on SW and although ive cut alot out of my diet, im still going to have a small easter egg..I just love them! (thou considering I ate two large ones this time last year asmallone is pretty good) I gave up chocolate for lent so its going to be all the more amazing. Bought a small cadburys one, going to eat the egg after SW weigh in just after easter and then spend the week working it off, a bit more exercise. It will be worth it :D

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