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The dreaded scales

I've read loads of threads about how you shouldn't weigh yourself every day but this is something different
I have a new hi-tech pair of digital scales that I use bought just for the job
They are on a level solid floor and kept in the same place ...
Now the fun bit
This morning I thought I'd check my half-week weight (Yes, I know I shouldnt)
My weight was 15 9.5 meaning I'd lost 2.5 lbs so far so I was thrilled
Not being able to control my excitement I had to have another look and I was back up to 15 11
Tried them yet again and got another different reading somewhere halfway
Question is - what reading would you take and how can I have three so very different readings in quick sucesssion
Scales have new batteries so its not that
I know I have to lose weight so it doesnt really matter but I do like to keep a track on where I am against the targets I've set myself
Any ideas or thoughts
Andrea xxx
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I will do this...
You aren't weighing on a carpet are you?
Weigh yourself once a week preferably in the morning after a pee , that way your body has emptied out excess fluid and you haven't had your morning cuppa, put scales in same place as well... Throughout the day our body loses and consumes fluid ( god we drink enough !! ) basically don't go on them everyday and most certainly not 3 times as you will get different readings....scale hopping I sometimes feel is what makes us turn to food , cos if we see a result we like we eat to congratulate and if it's bad we eat to drown our sorrows , so come on put em away !!!! Xxx
My bathroom scales do this too sometimes and I have to move them about a bit to find a patch of floor that 'works'. I'd be cheeky and just go with the lowest. Home scales are only a guide anyway, really and are unlikely to ever be 100% accurate. The ones that count are the doctors scales.

I'm not doing weekly weighs though, just aiming for goals instead so I don't get too upset/ecstatic about weekly losses, so am weighing every 2 days roughly.
Thanks everyone
To answer the question the scales are on a solid floor
With regard to weighing three times - this isn't over the day but within a couple of minutes in the morning which is why I don't understand the fluctuations in weight
I'm not getting hung up about it - I know I can't fail if I stick to the diet x

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I will do this...
Maybe they are faulty? Mines fluctuates due to a floorboard that's a bit wonky so I just move it until I get the same weight 3 times in a row. It's a bit of a comedy act each morning me rocking back and forward in the bathroom whilst trying to her if I can find the slightly squeaky floorboard. I've almost cracked it placing the scales on the right place away from it lol.


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lol, I have a particular tile in the bathroom that I need to use as the weight changes from tile to tile. I'd love to leave them in the same place but dd plays with them so I have to put them away. I now get on them 3 times in a row & usually find 2 measurements are the same so use that as the official one. If you can't leave them in a completely flat place then try weighing a few times in a row & take the average or most seen. Happy weighing! (Oh & I think the Beck book says daily weighing is fine if it keeps you on track. I actually find staying away from the scales can be worse for me than weighing more often. Never more than once a day though)


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I'm with Star and cupcake - I have a particular bathroom tile I place the scales on, I stand with my toes to a certain point on the scales, and stare ahead until the scales flash their reading - I can then step off and read the result :)

....of course I have a wee, take off all unnecessary jewellery, clothing,etc too!!! LoL

As they say "every little helps" .... oh and I only way once a week, but that doesn't necessarily mean every 7 days as it depends on my sh*t, sorry meant shift pattern! ;)
Oh yes I weigh after a pee in the morning before any packs/water & in the nude :) Well, you'd be surprised at how much things weigh!

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